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  1. These are great, thanks for sharing.
  2. Alex

    Colin Hinds

    Amazing track, thanks Quilp. I never met Colin but my husband played with him and has always raved about him and what an amazing musician he was. RIP.
  3. Interesting. Amongst the docs on that planning app is an email dated 26 November 2018 stating that: "The works have now been pushed back to next summer we can only carry out the work between July and September due to DEFA fisheries restrictions." So the timing seems right... Makes you wonder? Part of the reason for it also seems to fit (1700471B Officer Report): 2.1 Manx Utilities Authority seek full planning approval for repairs and to reconstruct part of a weir and weir face within the Laxey River. The works are a continuation of the works approved under 15/00502 the include infilling of the existing fish boxes on the weir, installation of 3 groynes with stone infill and a fish passage from the weir to the last of the groynes.
  4. Which can be found here: https://services.gov.im/planningapplication/services/planning/applicationsearchresults.iom?SelectedUPRN=000115065788&SearchField=Address&SelectedAddress=Laxey+Woollen+Mills+Weir+Adjacent+To%2c+Glen+Road%2c+Laxey%2c+Isle+Of+Man
  5. "You won't believe what happened next!"
  6. Alex

    Manx wills

    Someone sitting on serious assets would be unlikely to worry about an (unnecessary) £200 advocate fee. For most of us, writing your own will is fine.
  7. I was hassled to death by these guys (prs) a few years ago . I finally gave in and paid,then got a visit from ppl! Prs had passed on my details. Well i never paid ppl and never paid prs again. I told them that i only played my local radio station & that it was for news purposes. Eventually they stopped hassling me.
  8. Alex

    Manx wills

    Agree with cambon,just write a will & have it witnessed by two people in front of each other. No problem. Myself and my husband have done this, leaving everything to each other, then our respective siblings if we don't survive each other. They are signed, dated, witnessed. And free! Many people do this & if you're worried about what details of the witnesses you need to include, just include all to be sure.
  9. Get a mate to report it to DOI. Two days later, you report your car injury. Sorted.
  10. Yes there is Thomas. Very nice apartments there, but I'm quite happy where I am at the moment. Thanks all, the Palace it is.
  11. Hi all Can anyone recommend and/or list the options available, I am looking for a swimming pool with gym, preferably in the Douglas Prom/coastal Onchan areas. I know the Palace has a gym/pool combo, is it any good? It is quite expensive to join, the monthly fees are £39… Any other options people are aware of? Thanks
  12. Manxy i think you're a bit mental. Where is any evidence that decriminalisation would lead to people selling drugs to children? You’ve already mentioned in your own posting that kids as young as 9 have been caught dealing to their friends, and that’s happening now whilst these things are illegal. So the current laws are not working. I was offered ecstasy & cannabis in my first year at Ballakermeen by someone in my class & this was over 20 years ago! However, I was never offered anything that was actually legal (ie cigarettes/alcohol/lighter fluid etc). I think everyone would agree that children shouldn’t be able to buy anything that is legalised in the future, and it should be over 18s only in line with alcohol/cigarettes. But there would actually be more protection for children if these substances were legalised & their sale properly regulated. As someone else has already said, dealers are unlikely to ask for ID!
  13. "Nor did anyone go blind"???????. Well you've managed to get that wrong!! I'm not overfond of dogs, or cats but object to selfish folk like you who think that your right to own an untrained dog (which you cannot be bothered to clean up after) should not be questioned , you really are an arrogant soul, with the brains of a rocking horse. LOL. My dog is very well trained, and I do pick up after him. Just saying (a bit like Gladys is) that all this hoo-har is way over the top, there used to be dog poo everywhere as no-one ever picked up, dogs were always off the lead & they weren't banned from anywhere. Now there's only the odd bit here & there yet people are whining more than they ever did previously. I think it's just people who hate dogs making a fuss over nothing. It's like litter. There will always be some people who can't be bothered taking their litter home, just like there will always be people who can't be asred to pick up after their dog. There is no such thing as a law that everyone obeys.
  14. There were a lot of goats up at bulgham but quite a lot have been shot recently.
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