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  1. I know what ISO means, it means nothing once you have got the accreditation whereas monthly audits by a Peer means much more, in case of Brewing Labs http://bit.ly/3p19AD1
  2. ISO is just meaningless paperwork. If you are a Lab you are given samples to analyse from the Govt Chemist (UK) and send your results back, they then analyse said results, then send them back to you with how you did to compare with other Labs, in the Brewing Lab case was 375 worldwide. This is Peer analysis means much more than any ISO paper can ever
  3. You might be surprised. Brewing Labs do have such a "Labometer". It is a scheme called BAPS run by the UK Govt Chemist and they also run all sorts of others for different type Labs. Whether such a thing exists for Genomic Labs I have no idea.
  4. They do not want to understand or the lot of them are incapable of understanding it
  5. But It won't do her any good because no one will employ her
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Halloween-Black-Funny-Breathable-Cosplay/dp/B07RBXVKDV
  7. I know all about him and have respect for him except for his lack of respect with titles, not honorary ones, but real ones earned through hard research which he again implies does not happen
  8. No they are not the only person who has that knowledge is you guessed who
  9. Well personally I think you have lived a very sheltered life surrounded by "Law" people who really have no idea how reality , academic research and the world really happens. The tone is obviously disparaging to anyone with a Ph. D as you are always attempting to make light and poke a slanted version of Dr. Rachel Glovers comments
  10. Well that surely can not be entirely true, if you were hearing evidence which involved Forensic Evidence surely the Scientist with a Ph. D after his name in the said subject is going to be giving more credence than a lay person who has learnt Forensic from the Internet
  11. You Sir are an idiot who does not know anything about Virology, Epidemiology or anything come to that
  12. Good job Banker is not the Iom Epidemiologist, oh wait a minute
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