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  1. Well my BC didn't cost me so I could not care one way or the other
  2. And I was in a pool sharing
  3. Well when I said when it first started I meant when I heard about it around 20013 that satisfy you
  4. Nope I have not forgotten the password and I'm keeping them they will reach 1 M each eventually
  5. still have them sitting tight
  6. I mined 3 BC when it first started so no cost except for electric
  7. My NHS app only shows the first 2 topics ie Allergies Medicines Why is that do I need to do something different
  8. And how would they shut it down, that's tripe
  9. If you want a five star holiday you stay in a five star hotel nothing more simpler, so those holidays have not gone for the discerning few
  10. Om my scale not a lot probably about £200 in material costs plus overheads probably £300 , but I am producing only 100 Hl per Brew which is nothing compared to the big 3, Okells for example produces about 10,000 Litres per brew the other 2 a lot smaller but still bigger than me
  11. Yes I had my beer in about 5 pubs before lockdown the last was the sidings so probably never got round to selling it
  12. Exactly I was debating whether to brew last Sunday but didn't might live to regret or might not already had to pour 2 Brews away because of the lockdown
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