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  1. Put your head in the sand then or offer positive comments, or this is maybe a boat in the morning
  2. You probably think you work 10 days in your head
  3. What are you on obviously not just alcohol
  4. I do not have any at al now thanks changed it for a pick up truck and it is Porsche, just shows you really have had one now two two many
  5. I think you just might have had one too many
  6. You leave your WiFif open without a password then, jeez wake up
  7. Solar panels are not snake oil they work
  8. You can derail one certainly and the horses bolt occasionally as well
  9. The Playground has been removed and it's just grass there now, you obviously are not walking on the Prom
  10. Thats what he said, Market Town Taverns was bought by H+B a good few years ago and it was a disastrous decision, most Pubs were not freehold and when bought was a money sink
  11. Indeed Douglas Beach was all pebbles before the Groynes were put in and so to make sure that Douglas Beach would look even better DBC decided to remove the Groynes and what do we have now a pebble beach, that's surprising isn't it
  12. Could not care less I have no ill feeling, a lot better off now I run my own Brewery, just stating a fact
  13. There will be a lot more Brewery Pubs shutting for good soon
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