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  1. The counting bit is done by Auditors who are juniors in an Accounting Company, The complicated bits are done by "Accountants"
  2. I agree all I was saying that that the Crown Dependencies are not part of the UK and can not be incorporated into the UK without constitutional reform. The UK are our PayMasters and hold the whip. Unless we asked for devolution which would be granted but then we would have a massive financial Black Hole to fund the CS pensions with the loss of of the Common Purse Agreement
  3. Constitutionally the Uk can not make us part of the UK it would cause uproar. Of course whether it is desirable or not is a different matter
  4. But surely the road was one way so nobody would be oncoming on the right hand side
  5. Yea my Porsche has a body language alright
  6. Exactly what I do when it looks like it's going to be a Mexican Standoff
  7. No it isn't Scotland are shutting theirs down
  8. What you will find is that Vaccines are good and prevent epidemics
  9. That's the nature of the guy
  10. That's the nature of the guy bah missed the quote
  11. Your not very bright are posting in the wrong thread, you can go up what ever road you want
  12. No more pricey than everybody else's company car. How am I being unfair ?
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