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  1. You don't need any facts have you driven between Douglas and Onchan and seen a nice greenbelt separating the two its built up from Douglas Prom up Summerhill and into Onchan it is just one town
  2. It's all one big Conurbation now, might have been Onchan Village a 60-70 years ago but it is undeniable part of Douglas now, Douglas is not comparable to London with it's different boroughs
  3. Absolute rubbish, immigration has never brought wages down, that just a Racist Meme
  4. Apples and pears some one having a beer does not magically spread into any another person unlike smoke
  5. Most of the Prom walkway pavement has not been touched, I walk along it every night, so no different than before
  6. I think you are living in cuckoo land cases are climbing again the advice to wear masks is just been ignored by most people, really you need to get a grip life is not actually back to normal and wont be for years
  7. Yes you do. have you a degree in Microbiology like I do
  8. Indeed Ancient Neanderthal Virus DNA Found in Modern Humans https://www.nature.com/scitable/blog/viruses101/ancient_neanderthal_virus_dna_found/
  9. That is crap it does not affect the DNA at all, RNA might be similar to DNA but in this instance the RNA is getting injected into your blood, it does not insert itself into the human cells so can not affect the DNA. All it does is promote the body to produce antigens against it. I will list my Academic qualifications after seeing a later post, B,Sc Microbiology, M.Sc Brewing, Ph,D Biochemistry
  10. alpha-acid


    Thats what Stu Peters said on the radio as well
  11. Very good never noticed the spelling mistake, years of course, brain going faster than fingers once again
  12. I have used Twitter for tears it's good for a business to use it , there are loads of way out opinions on it just as there are on here
  13. Just a tad more expensive than MT though
  14. I also have never had a problem with Manx Telecom, never tried any others, no need
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