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  1. Nah they have stopped doing that these days it's the Russians now
  2. The start of Fascism as we are seeing in the UK
  3. You really are Observant it's been nothing like the planning for at least a year
  4. If someone speaks the truth it is wise to listen to them not try to belittle them . A shame for someone so not clever
  5. They have been in for 2 days at least not much of an Observer are you
  6. Skinny jeans on a fat fella, just need trainers next then
  7. You are seriously troubled aren't you about people wearing casual clothes, the days of office suits and ties have long gone, times are a changing, but you might not have noticed of course
  8. You obviously are not a grownup person then pumps are for school children, trainers are for Athletes, you need to learn to differentiate
  9. Try polishing Trainers/running shoes see how far you get
  10. Like hill walkers, fell runners, athletes of all sorts yes bang on
  11. H+B never ever brewed beer
  12. Polishing shoes, how many people wear shoes that need to be polished are you living in the 1940's
  13. Are you for real, Laxey Wheel is unique, you must be trolling
  14. If you don't have a garage or drive do not buy a car simple
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