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  1. When I did my degree in Bacteriology that was taught as standard that too much cleanliness does not enable you to build up immunity to infections from bacteria, however viral immunity is totally different , some infections with a virus leads to immunity for life but others like coronavirus does not , common colds are are caused by the same type of virus but you get it over and over again
  2. dill gaff is the worst waffler on here by far isolation obviously getting to him
  3. First person confirmed with Coronvirus see MANX radio or Energy cant be arsed with quotes
  4. How would you know, hows Okells going badly I here
  5. Yeah too late at night Im afraid spelling goes to hell
  6. Do you uinderstand Epidiemielogy, have you a degree in it, do you understand Microbiology, do you have a degree in it, I do , your posts are just nonsensense
  7. Twitter news that it is on the Island and a positive case
  8. But you don't have a clue do you deep in whatever out of the world experience you seem to be permanetly on
  9. I don't have any except for drinking a bit too much now and again as you do obviously quite frequently or may be it is something stronger these days with your imagination
  10. What on Earth are you on about had too many in the Rovers, better memory than yours obviously
  11. Obviously your human nature not everyone's
  12. The counting bit is done by Auditors who are juniors in an Accounting Company, The complicated bits are done by "Accountants"
  13. But surely the road was one way so nobody would be oncoming on the right hand side
  14. Yea my Porsche has a body language alright
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