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  1. Why can you not read English or comprehend it
  2. And would not you think a small minority is that exact figure
  3. That is happening already a lot of H+B pubs are shut Mon and Tues already, will be Wed, Thur next and only open for the weekend. They can't staff the pubs so look forward to a Pub less IoM
  4. Except they suddenly decided you did not have to wait after the Vaccination
  5. Or possibly can not work for medical reasons etc etc
  6. You reckon, look at what is happening in the Uk it is like the Winter of Discontent all over again, numerous Trade Unions threating Industrial Action.
  7. Mick Lynch is very articulate, no journalist stands a chance against him and these are supposed to be well educated non working class
  8. I knew Stan well was a frequent visitor to the Brewery Sample room with his mate Bernie who also lectured at the College
  9. It is a reminder to wear NP2/3 masks in indoor shops at all times to protect yourself. plus stay outdoors as much as possible while the good weather is here
  10. It is 28.4 I would imagine a metric conversion that did not work
  11. Go ahead invest yourself if you think it's profitable
  12. You mean make the measures what do you think, could they invest thousands of pounds to produce a small quantity for a limited market
  13. No he is nlo longer Chairman has not been for I guess 2 years, Chairman is an Ex Banker I am led to believe
  14. Indeed but they have no one in an Executive capacity, the biggest Share block I think are the Clagues, but it may have changed a bit since I left Okells
  15. Ted Drain was the best landlord the British ever had, sold more Okells bitter than any other pub on the Island, then H+B took him in on as an employer to advise them how to run their pubs
  16. I moved here in 1980 and pubs were open on a Sunday Evening with the restricted times quoted above
  17. It was never a Brewery, H+B ' s bought Okells which was the brewery but also had pubs of their own
  18. The culture goes back to when the Cowley's stopped controlling the Company
  19. I would predict that H+B might sell up this year as well
  20. Yes of course you are a slow learner and an Observer
  21. KFC was available in the street but it was filthy
  22. They wear them in Spar Sub post offices as well all belong to H+B
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