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  1. Been taken over by lad from "raise the bar". Probably lose some of it's "rustic charm"
  2. The bay was open this weekend
  3. The FA is skint.... all the money with premier league and they ain't sharing it with the grassroots
  4. I think UEFA pulled up the drawbridge after Gibraltar. Nobody else was getting in. Jersey tried pretty hard and failed and ended up going down this road.
  5. The RFU gives IOM a pot to help. More teams means less per club though. No such pot exists for football
  6. Think 10k might be a bit steep. It's only 1 night and initially squads wont be big or have big entourage. There's some very clever people behind this. They'll have done the sums and must be confident the sums add up. They wouldn't be allowed in league without assurances over funding.
  7. Participation at youngest level is great. However I think this causes problems at teenage level when they're played out. The rot kicks in with teenagers. What happens in the island teams kick in, which brings in an elitist attitude. All the best players congregate at 1 team and the "have nots" drift away (other sports, fifa,jobs,birds). These would have been your combi players of old.
  8. It's a great thing for football on the island which is slowly dieing. Money clearly an issue. But the lads behind it arent stupid and will have funding. If it fails then fair enough. At least they tried
  9. Having had the misfortune of him refereeing football matches this all stacks up. Weak and clueless are 2 words that spring to mind.
  10. looks like they're going from Larne to Stranraer, then Heysham and home now.
  11. I think that's part of the issue Albert, they have grown up. These lads are all over 30 now and seem to be starting families. They've understandably got a strong bond with Chris Bass, and i guess something had to give and they have chosen to make themselves unavailable. I think it's a good opportunity to bring in some new young players. Whether that will happen remains to be seen. I wouldn't be suprised if Hurt plays himself still though!
  12. Very interesting appointment that. I'd have thought he was outsider of the 3, guess Chris Bass being involved with Mifa ruled him out in the eyes of FA.
  13. Canada Life, moving to a new build in the business park
  14. I wonder if any of them are aware of the 100 or so workers that will be leaving Castletown in just over a year?
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