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  1. Hello all I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is going to be webcams for the tent this year and if so does anyone have a link to the webpage please. Thank you
  2. Ok,thank you for your help............I did do a quick search on the internet but it was only vague answers.
  3. I was just wondering if anyone knew of could point me in the right direction about manx understaffing laws for example if a work team of 5 was reduced to just 2 in a very physical job and the 2 employees were left doing the work of 5 people would they have any rights?
  4. Would just like to add to this........same goes for regular smear tests. One of my results came back abnormal last year and I have recently had treatment for this,fortunately the cells were not cancerous and they were easy to treat but I am so glad that I went for regular smear tests as I wouldn't have known otherwise.
  5. I recently got my home router upgraded to the Netgear DGN 1000 router,the internet works fine on my laptop but my HTC won't connect to the internet,it says that the wireless is connected but it won't load any web pages............please help
  6. Please could someone tell me where the citizens advice is on the Isle of Man,thank you in advance
  7. I might be interested in the CSI Vegas DVDs,will let you know next week if thats ok
  8. Ha ha, i watched about 10 minutes of that yesterday, its shocking
  9. I watched the phone calls program that was on on Sunday night,i was in tears all the way through
  10. Thanks guys,i did check on the MT website but i couldn't see anything about receiving texts
  11. I am going to Majorca next week and i am wanting to know if it costs anything to receive text messages,i am on Pay as you go.
  12. No i mean Msn Explorer This one : http://www.winsupersite.com/images/reviews/msn6x.gif
  13. As the title says really, have just got a laptop but all my favorites are on Msn Explorer on the home PC, i can't seem to find away or exporting them to the new Explorer i have just downloaded on the laptop.
  14. the_kitty


  15. Yeah, everywhere seems to close at 3 these days
  16. Im going to this with a friend, she said it was advertised in the courier but i couldn't find it so thanks for posting
  17. I think it is similar-ish. Although I think this is maybe aimed at older children with special educational needs. Is a similar thing though I think. My Nephew has learning difficulties and doesn't talk but my Sister has found the Cbeebies signing thing a really good way of communicating with him
  18. Is this the same kind of thing? http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/somethingspecial/signs/
  19. Got mine from Tesco,just your box standard box but is very easy to set up and i get a perfect picture. They are £16.99 if i remember rightly
  20. Actually it doesnt matter if it has digital, what size is the screen?
  21. Tuned my freeview box in early this morning, perfect signal in my bedroom now. My tv wasn't even worth watching before because the signal was so bad.
  22. Probably a long shot but does it have digital built in?
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