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  1. It's the same on aircraft - no Lithium Ion batteries unless they are installed in a device eg camera. If you have a loose battery, it must be in your carry on luggage - it is not permissible to have it in your checked baggage. I thought it was to do with a battery being damaged and leaking on an aircraft a few years ago, resulting in undetected corrosion and later structural failure.

  2. But you people are all so negative. All we have to do is built a new sea wall from Victoria Pier to Port Jack. Cruise ships berth on the outside, it can have a 6 lane highway to aid the daily commute into town, the Ben can still sneak into the harbour. We won't need to improve the current promenade and can leave it to the horse trams. We won't need to maintain the Tower of Refuge. We will probably attract at least 150 cruise ships each year, each putting £1/2m into the economy. With an estimated cost of build around £30m, we will pay for it in less than 1 year and we can all retire on the income generated ....

  3. I liked BigClives electrocutodapter video. I met a Norwegian on a UK site, and he pulled out one of those adapters. I used a fluke to show him the issue, and he looked a bit worried - turns out he had actually bought 5 of them - so his kids could use them also. He was pretty quick to get on the phone!

  4. To be fair, some of these yoofs don't have much in the way of role models when you look at their parents. Fat Freddie in his XXL tracky bottoms and XXXXL footie top chucks his maccy wrappers down on the floor 'cos he's too lazy to walk to the bin (despite all the sporting goods he's wearing!), and Large Liz (who has 7 kids to 6 different fellas, but only remembers who 3 of the blokes are), is too busy watching I'm a failed celebrity, or big bruvvas house, to teach young Wayne what manners and decency are. Hardly surprising the youth of today litters the place - they don't know any different. The root cause lies in the generation above!

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  5. Having done a traditional full electrical apprenticeship with an electrical engineering company, and subsequently worked in the industry for 35 years, I'm apparently not allowed to do electrical wiring in my own home because I'm not regarded as competent. And yet, ironically I wouldn't ever let a "Part P" electro-labourer ever TOUCH the wiring in my home.



    Similarly, I work in the Power Generation industry covering electrical and mechanical - I can happily short circuit load test an 11kV generator, or strip and rebuild a 90 burner gas fuel system, but can't do anything in my house .... :-(

  6. It has nothing to do with jealousy - I happily make room to assist bikes past when I am in moving traffic. As for statistics, i don't recall seeing any to support your argument, but they are pretty easy to manipulate to suit anyone's particular argument.

    My opinion is still that the bikes generally cross the line and effectively push their way in at lights. But that's just my opinion that I've formed over the years.

    ETA I think driving standards are much lower in most places now than they were 20 years ago, not just the IOM.

  7. Filtering? It has nothing to do with filtering - it's queue jumping, nothing else. And it doesn't speed up flow from a junction. Sitting fourth in a queue at the lights, with 23 bikes 'filtering' in front of you, means you don't get through the lights. I'm all for watching mirrors, keeping well left a d waving bikes by on the road, but your 'filtering' does annoy me.

    So there!

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  8. Exactly.


    The Racket has all sorts of investigations into why a sailing is cancelled, but the airlines don't have to explain a thing when they cancel a flight.

    They don't have to explain it, but if they cancel for a technical reason, you get 250 Euro in compensation :D

    Don't recall the steam racket offering that ...

  9. If it appears to work, but doesn't blow cold air, it may just need refrigerant topped up. Have you only been to one place? Might be time for a second opinion, but I have no idea who is good for that sort of thing.


    We have all seen empty 'disabled' spaces when we are driving round looking for somewhere to park, and it is very frustrating.


    You should try it in reverse - unable to get a disabled space because some non-badge holder decides it's ok to park there 'just for a few minutes'. Now that is frustrating :-(

    And it does happen. A lot.

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  11. Sorry to hear that, Gladys, was in the same position a few years ago when my I took my best mate in - still miss him, and felt so guilty with him in my arms and giving the nod, but still think it was for the best. Hard decision, but one that must be done on a logical basis. crying.gif

  12. Mt Road closed again.

    Presumably half of Cumbrian roads are closed for the same conditions, and all of the roads in the Highlands will be shut.

    It's ridiculous how often they close it these days.

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