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  1. Having met the uppitty girl from Captial I doubt it. What has that got to do with The Mailbox? Well at the time the Mailbox did not exist and in conversation staff at Captial were referring to the future restaurant as 'our' restaurant. But you have ties to the place obviously so will know the facts, and on reflection they did seem to be spouting all sorts of exaggerated bollocks. Having met the uppitty girl from Captial I doubt it. What has that got to do with The Mailbox? Well at the time the Mailbox did not exist and in conversation staff at Captial were referr
  2. Having met the uppitty girl from Captial I doubt it. What has that got to do with The Mailbox?
  3. Are you sure the owners were difficult and not the other way round?
  4. What high prices are you guys talking about? Guinness £3-00 Peroni £4-00 Wine £3.95 Don't call that expensive!
  5. The building is called Capital House which is the first clue and Capital International, Treasury Services, Fund Services et al are on the third floor so I would guess that Capital International owns the building. According to www.themailbox.im it is supposed to have something for everyone and the menu is centred on a cutting edge meat and seafood grill - not sure these statements are accurate!
  6. The menu's change daily and so you can't get an idea of what they do... I have eaten in there and after spemding £26 for lunch, and this was only my part of the bill, I left hungry! Mind you that £26 did cover £4.25 for a pint of lager!!! I never saw a price list with the beer on it which I think is a breach of the licensing laws... please correct Will not be eating there again in a hurry - Bar George can do me a lunch for two for that price and with a pint of Guinness, with change! Food is over-priced for my liking and portion sizes are far too small... A Queenie starter for instan
  7. How many times have you ever seen someone load a game onto a PC in a shop to prove the customer right or wrong??? It'll never happen... could you imagine going through a full DVD install or three CD-ROMs out the back in GAME? Resort back to the customer is always right, pack them off with a nice refund and they'll come back happy to spend it another day!
  8. This is interesting... Sale of Goods Legislation - DTI Consumer Guide (pdf) You don't need a reciept within the first six months and the retailer has to prove the goods are faulty not the consumer!
  9. It's not on the back, we've checked... They could have sent it out in a mailshot along with their regular updates to Reward Card holders, that would have at least been a start... Or perhaps actually making their posters a little bit clearer in respect to their returns policy rather than giving the impression that it covers all purchases... Or even something at the till or even an leaflet that they could put in with all purchases prior to the policy change... Any more?
  10. Sorry typo, Geforce 4 MX... 'We reserve the right' - not categorically deny... 'discretion' - where they see fit, not a blanket refusal... mmight it even include 'in the consumers best interests' My point is that if you make a policy change, from that which was in place previously then you need to inform the consumer correctly... and not at the till point when you have come to return a game that the staff at the time of purchase said you could... I was only championing a colleagues plight... And, thought people may be interested...
  11. Dear Customer Service Assistant, I fear that one of my points is being lost about buying PC games as presents, and those that are not technically minded that would't know the difference between an ATI Radeon x800 and a Geforce 4 MMX. Another is that in fact the information regarding returns is not fully on display in your stores or on the back in any detail on the till receipts, certainly not to any extent to offer advice as to this situation regarding PC software, and who ever reads the back of a till receipt anyway? I have opened this conversation up to a group of colleagues & G
  12. Not sure they actually care about "after-sales" any more?! ________________________________________________________ Dear Sir, Thank you for your email. As stated in my previous email, a PC game can be returned at any time if it is faulty. However if a game does not meet specification of a PC this is not a fault. Specifications are clearly stated on the outside of the packaging and can therefore be checked before the purchase is made. Also as stated in my previous email this policy has been agreed by trading standards. The policy is stated in all stores and on the back of the till rece
  13. Here is something that it would appear no everyone knows about Game _____________________________________________________________ A website user has submitted the following query: I was wondering if you can help me as I recently purchased Doom III at your Worthing store and a colleague of mine bought something recently from your Isle of Man store in Douglas and something was said to us, although nothing has been confirmed in writing, in your terms and conditions or in-store to say that this is correct. The situation is this, when I bought Domm III, I was informed that you do not
  14. Southerner

    Doom 3

    Got so infuriated with the flippin' torch thing, even with the duct tape mod it still got on my nerves... Looks very pretty, but too much running around in the dark!
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