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  1. There's only one "m" in omission you knob end. There's only one "m" in coma as well. Not entirely omitted - I'm going into one right now.
  2. B & Q? Screwfix? It's all Kingfisher to me............ ; )) Lol,lol........... ; )
  3. What, like John Inman and that?
  4. Sounds like a solvent abuser's paradise.
  5. You should seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions.
  6. Don't think you can take tyres to the Amenities - you have to pay to recycle them.
  7. Actually, that's being a bit harsh on KMC, who might well have a valid point. It could be worth investigating how many crashes occurred shortly after getting the hurry up from a board. A ban, although radical and hard to police, could possibly have a positive effect. As far as the poll goes, I have no idea what the entry requirements are so didn't vote. But like WTF says, there are many very experienced casualties so it might not make much difference one way or the other.
  8. Doesn't that concept kind of conflict with this one?
  9. Yes, you're both quite right, it was posted in haste while in a state of semi shock. My humblest apologies to anyone offended by my insensitive post. You misunderstand. It isn't me who believes the public should be shielded from the realities of road racing. I believe the consequences should be known to all who have a voice as to whether the race's price is one worth paying. I wouldn't want to see any more of Lee's pictures though thanks.
  10. Uh, just to clarify, it wasn't MY picture, it was Lee54's. For reasons best known to himself he PM'ed it to me.
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