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  1. Ah, filthy language, the last refuge of the intellectually bankrupt, I love it. More please.
  2. I only joined the forum yesterday. I suspect it's a little premature for you to be idolizing me. I am flattered though!
  3. Oh! I wasn't aware the roads were closed. Not as good an example then.
  4. Not sure what you mean by crock, but for examples watch Top Gear, on which he and Clarkson have an obsession with speed and the promotion thereof with resultant consequences, both social and environmental. I particularly remember the pair of them racing very fast cars over the mountain road at dangerous speeds, behaviour I feel we'd all be safer without.
  5. Indeed, but you won't look too great with them bungeed to your knees.
  6. You should all count yourselves lucky! I went to Craigend this morning for my 9 o clock appointment and couldn't even get in. Hung around till 20 past, phoned continuously till 10 and no joy. Where's the old Nobles again lol, lol..
  7. Of course to look great you have to dress like a motorcycle racer, even though you probably only get your bike out on the occasional sunny sunday. (and on the IOM sunny sundays are few and far between!) Don't forget your immaculate knee sliders! (which probably cost more than the op's bike).
  8. Possibly as in heterotactic? (legwise anyway) lol...
  9. Best of luck to him and especially his family. However, one has to chuckle at the irony of it all. Ironical that a man who encourages highly irresponsble behaviour on the roads along with (the highly anti-motorcycling)J.Clarkson on the ridiculous Top Gear should almost engineer his own demise with such behaviour. (Luckily no innocent third parties involved). And particularly ironical that the admins over on iomtt.com are banning users left right and centre for the slightest criticism of him and his behaviour. The same Richard Hammond who wrote an article for the Motor Cycle News in 2005 slating the standard of marshalling on the revered mountain course. Yes, the MCN that was supposed to be boycotted after another year of marshall bashing in 2006. All very confusing. Can we buy the MCN again now??? lol
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