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  1. And I suspect as long as 'there is a hole in your arse', you will continue to talk through it.
  2. Yes, I'd noticed that. I think it's simply a classic diversionary tactic. Like Lee54 has quite clearly stated, it doesn't bode well for the future of the sport for these things to be discussed by people who actually care little for motorcycle road racing and have hitherto had actual details withheld from them, but nevertheless have a democratically related voice as to whether the Isle of Man should continue to hold them. Maybe one should admire to a certain extent those people who are able to divorce themselves from the ACTUAL consequences of what a fatal crash entails. And on the island we are used to just getting a snippet of information on the radio telling us of the latest casualty, but do we really think them through in the depth that they deserve? I do, but I think if a majority of people who had a vote on the island did, road racing would be consigned to history. Look at the uproar resulting from Manx Radio's report of 'unsavoury', yet accurate details from that sidecar thing in the Southern 100. And the silly response of all those sloping forehead Neanderthals on iomtt.com when somebody tried to open a discussion of Mr Moyle's comments regarding the wisdom of racing whilst having dependents. And that is but one incident in hundreds.
  3. I thought that self explanatory. You're a dj aren't you?
  4. I really hope those babies are not offering extras. You know, for the discerning client and that.
  5. Really? Can't see the ADI approving of that........ ; )
  6. The fact that I don't liberally sprinkle posts with fatuous messages of empty condolence bears no relevance to my level of sympathy. That might make it a tiny bit easier for you to not have people dwell on these things. But not much. There's plenty on here who share my views in this area.
  7. Of course not. He can do what he likes. But it will take more than a proclamation of djness to convince me there is any merit in what he says.
  8. Well I guess sickness is in the eye of the beholder. I find the ability to brush real tragedy under the carpet and carry on regardless a little bit sick.
  9. I wonder if you could substantiate that throwaway remark with some apposite analysis of some Oasis music? I bet you can't. But I look forward to you trying.
  10. That's the problem. You're always knocking it on the head. And many find that abusive.
  11. Oh I get you, a bit of reverse psychology, eh, lol,lol........... ; ) See if we can somehow blame me for this fatal crash rather than those who actually get off on this sort of thing. Nice strategy, ties in well with Lee's total denial approach.
  12. Yeah, in your dreams, someone killed at Kerrowmoar today. 38 year old Richard Bartlett. The carnage continues.
  13. Plenty of leather clad pot bellies around. Desperately yearning for recognition of a rebellious streak. And a grot burger.
  14. I wouldn't mind your taxes going towards it either. I'd object to mine going towards it though. A complex like this political fantasy holds no appeal for me. If it can't be done profitably with private money, then why should it be done at all?
  15. I've never seen anyone with a pot head. But I did see this bloke earlier on with jug ears.
  16. Oh I don't know - you don't often see people defecating at bus stops.
  17. If music is considered to have no value beyond that of novelty, and thus when the novelty wears off, the artistic value becomes zero, then it is understandable that such a stupid statement can be first made, and then concurred with. But in my opinion, only a musical imbecile would adhere to such a shallow approach to the sonic arts. Although I would expect that of a dj, lol,lol.............. ; )) Maybe the cult of celebrity appeals to you more than music.
  18. Not at all you simpleton. I pride myself on my concise quoting. I rarely allow unnecessary baggage into my contributions. Unlike you, who posts little more than nonsensical excess. And that's before you start quoting. And this from a One Line Expert - Not Idiot.
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