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  1. Shop in Tesco - kill off the remaining Manx shops & your taste buds into the bargain!
    An interesting idea.


    Tesco meat
    Is by and large Manx.


    Tesco cheese? YUK!!!
    But they sell Manx cheese, the very same products that are available in every other shop on the Isle of Man, the passable but certainly nothing special cheeses that are churned out of the IOM Creameries in bulk. But they also sell much more than that which isn't so readily available. Their fresh Parmesan and gorgonzola for example are pretty good products, and are cheaper and more to my taste than similar Shoprite products. Tesco mascarpone is a good product which I regularly buy. There are plenty of other cheeses which I could extol the virtues of, but I can't be bothered simply to contest your silly (and impossible to substantiate) comment. You may be grumpy and you are a plonker.
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  2. Er....Compared to a lamb, cow, or even a pig a goat does taste like crap, its far too stringy

    You must be a terrible cook. And have you never sampled an exquisite West Indian curry goat? It's delicious and, far from being stringy, very tender. You shouldn't so readily criticise what you clearly have very little knowledge of you know.

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  3. I just wondered if a septic tank would work properly if a pile of builders tools and stuff was thrown down it.

    It wouldn't be as effective as a dead chicken. Or sheep. But a sheep might be a tad large.

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  4. Hiya, firstly a big massive stonking thank you to Lenny Conroy for wednesday night, he really knows how to run these types of events. He really does deserve a huge amount of credit, him and his Triskel team allowed the whole day to run without a hitch.

    As for the sound, yeah we've had people who loved it and other who said it was ropey. I've seen quite afew bands play the VM and in all honesty it seems to be a tough room to get the sound right. Can't say anything other than good things about the on stage sound, that was spot on for us. I thought the sound for the KC was very good, though i've noted that people on the KC's website forum have posted that they thought it wasnt a good a sound as previous KC gigs they'd attended. But hay, its all part of the great thing that is live music. I'd like to thank Anglin for doing the sound for us, we had a great first experience of playing the VM, its a beautiful room to play in.

    Thanks to anyone who gave us a listen and to those who bought EP's.


    It's not the Oscars you know.


    Funnily enough KB, I think he sounded much better at the VM. He wasn't trying so hard (and breathlessly) I suppose.


    Maybe the live experience and the proximity to some real celebs off of the telly and that allows the less discerning ear to turn a blind eye, so to speak, lol,lol, to a touch of unintentional atonality.

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  5. Just what is your problem keyboarder ???


    You don't know me, and you are certainly way off the mark with that little assumption above.


    Oh I'm just teasing, no harm done. I'm just ribbing your propensity to approach forum's mods to try to get posts removed which you disapprove of and often make you look an oaf. It's no problem,........... lol,lol...... ; ))

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  6. If every rider that was injured had friends raising money for them would only give the Anti TT brigade ammunition to try and get the races banned, why do you think the established charities keep a low profile towards fund raising.The amount of publicity that two side car racers were seriously injured while racing at the TT that this fund is using to raise money looks bad for the event.


    Classic! Has anyone got any photos of really gruesome motorcycle racing crashes on the Isle of Man? I'd love to see them. Lol, lol............. ; )) For every one posted on here I'll donate a quid to some fund or other.

  7. It was done in our village by the local bobby in the 60’s and early 70’s, and again, if you went home and told your parents, they would give you another.

    Gosh, it just goes to show doesn't it? I wonder if this upbringing has any bearing on how you yourself turned out as a leather clad middle aged man? You know, the sort of snivelling, snitchy sort who sneaks off to figures of authority and campaigns for punishments to be meted out on your secret behalf? A sort of slime by stealth if you like, lol,lol................ ; ))

  8. A 50" television set? Are people mental? I would hate to have a monster like that in my living room. I mean, that's just taking slavery to the set too far, how on earth would you escape the thing? Even with the sound turned down it would be the dominant feature of the room. Perhaps even turned off. How vulgar.

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  9. Well how about we earn our children's respect? You know, give them someone to look up to and a behavioural pedestal they can aspire to mount? And then, the very notion that they might have upset us would be more than cause enough to render them heartbroken and they wouldn't be able to do enough in order to atone for their momentary lapse in concentration. Of course, if you've already whacked them, it's probably too late to adopt this strategy. So you'll just have to incrementally increase the severity of your violence.

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  10. It has happenend to me, it is not only hitting that can cause a problem, it is seeing something in the road ahead and being forced to take avoiding action.

    You feel threatened by horse shit. You should slow down or take the bus.

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