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  1. Only solution for now is to manually change speakers location to some random address in UK.
  2. Had a google speaker for over a year now all was working well till 3 week ago. Now when I ask it to play music, we get message saying google play music isn't available in your country. Anyone with same issue?
  3. Used for a week, It just not for me. bought it for 260 looking to get 190 cheers
  4. Hi Had bo luck with finding anyone who could do that. Its something like this: https://youtu.be/M4POV5jnEQA Let me know if u can help. Cheers
  5. Got imac motherboard with faulty lcd connector that needs replacing. Any handy guys here?
  6. late 2014 macbook pro 15 retina i7 2.5 16 gig ram 512 ssd top of the range, worth 2k when new looking for 1.300 ono
  7. it seems that u could go away with killing someone without any problems lately.
  8. from Wimanx: Dear Customer, We have identified that some broadband users have been adversely impacted by issues on our underlying operator's network. The issues are not within the Wi-Manx network but we are working closely with the underlying operator to reach a solution. The underlying operator will carry out some out of hours maintenance this evening to improve network performance. We will continue to update you of progress as and when we receive updates from the operator. Regards Wi-Manx Support Team
  9. this shit is getting crazy, downloaded 15gig torrent at full speed but cant watch youtube in hd. Switching to MT tomorrow.
  10. not good here, 720p videos on youtube buffering badly(adsl2). time to switch to MT
  11. Check out my Ookla Speedtest result. What's your speed? http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/1209557642 Wimanx now on adsl2 rubbish
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