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  1. I would suggest looking at local kids activities. Depending on the age of your children there are numerous things your wife could get involved in and meet other mums. My wife has meet people through pregnancy groups, breast feeding groups, baby yoga (which then can lead onto other yoga groups). Just for starters, but again I don't know where you're moving too, how old your kids are or what your wife is into. In a nut shell, I'm sure if she gets out and about she'll meet loads of new people. After working in Brighton (originally aussies) we where really suprised how quickly we made friends here (vs Brighton which was very clicky) and within a month had a very nice social group who are still some of our besties.
  2. I don't think that you have to wait for the magical '6mths' to occur before solids are introduced. We started our boy a bit earlier (not much mind) through baby lead weaning as he was not being acasiated with breast alone (likes his food just like his dad ;P). It wasn't something we jumped right into, we looked at the options and weighed them up. He started by playing with food and exploring, then he would eat a little and this was evident in his stool. He's now 10mths, still breast feeds but also eats a varied diet.... oh and he doesn't have teeth yet either, but that doesn't stop him from biting and chewing. Ultimately I think it's down do the baby's development as a whole and when they show interest in food, not just teeth coming through (as we'd still be exclusively breast feeding) or chronological age (or we would have had more weeks of a hungry crying baby)... of course I'm not saying that you should be spoon feeding your new born solids, and I'm not saying to feed them junk. But every baby is different and the '6mths' is/was a guideline not a hard and fast rule. Some bubs will take solids earlier, some later. Food earlier made for one happy baby (and there by happy parents) in our case.
  3. Well done to all. Hope the venture into SemiPro goes well for Harry and Oscar, but unfortunately I will most like ly not be around to see it as I am back to Australia after the completion of selling our house. Crazy Monkey Isle of man will still exist under Joey Smith and Steve Booth. Again, well done to the BlackDog Lads. Cheers
  4. A big congrates to Ben. Thai Boxing has given Ben focus, drive and has changed his life for the better to no end. Well done bro.
  5. you could send me a PM aswell, or just post it the relevant contact details up here... seems a few people are interestd
  6. ...What Andy (Lao) said. We run classes Monday and Wednesday. Crazy Monkey Kickboxing 615-730, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 730-9pm. We are a non competetive club focusing on the everyday guy and gal looking to engage in Functional martial arts, fitness and fun. Should you require any further info or have some questions fire me an email on chris@crazymonkeyiom.com Cheers
  7. Contact 'NathanWind' on these forums. He's just started a gardening business, so I'm sure he's up for some work. Cheers Chris
  8. such a small ring for two big fellas. .... there's just no messing with Floyd's scarf hold. Well done.
  9. messing around with the new layout

  10. Very true, is there a specific example you are pertaining too?
  11. Best of luck to them. Hope it all goes well.
  12. It'd be interesting indeed. I am partial to a wee dram.
  13. Andy, Congrates again on achieving something you set out to do. Sponsors/Purchasers of advertisement will want to get something for their money, not just a banner. As this could be purchased pretty much anywhere and for far less than £1500. HOWEVER, you are talking about the lifetime of the equipment, but I would suggest you ensure that their banner/logo would be present for a preditermend period incase the equipment breaks after a year (so you could say 'at least five years or as long as the equipment lasts. Which ever is longer'. Secondly I would approach companies that your target audience would actually buy from. I would've thought approaching Intersport - as you are a sport, and things like medicine balls, kettlebells etc can be bought from them... you never know they may start stocking MA gear. You could also try 'the Gym' in Ramsey. An airline you frequent for off island compeitition (as they would get their money back within a year from you anyway), and when you hold on island you can promote this as your choosen airline for off island compeititors. A phone company, probably Manx telecom as you are a manx team and they will always be here (most likely), and everybody has a mobile phone these days and contracts are constantly up for renewal (you maybe able to swing some sponsorship for your club mobile)? Perhaps a hotel like the Hilton or the Sleep Well group (kinda goes well with a rear naked choke )as off island competitors will stay with them... give them exclusivity on bookings. Maybe a local security firm? I know one of the security firms put money towards our flights when we used to compete in kickboxing tournaments in Ireland. Perhaps you could strike a deal with one of your trade suppliers. All Blackdog MMA gear is bought exclusively through them. You've got to give them something more than simply advertisement on the cage if your wanting them to part with cash. You've got to remember that you need them, they don't need you necessarily. Sweeten the deal! Best of luck Andy.
  14. I actually agree with both of you funnily enough. If you don't want to be fined, don't speed. It's simple. On the other hand, you can't deny the amount of money it brings in than previously was by manned operations, desptie what it goes too (more speed cameras etc). However, when you talk to US citizens regarding CCTV they call it an infringement of their rights, despite it being an aid to the pubic. police and courts. So the fact that they are against speed cameras doesn't suprise me, but that doesn't mean we will follow in their footsteps... just like CCTV.
  15. I get what you saying about it being a marketing gimmick, but the actually business idea is sound. I'll still give em a go, and what got me interested was the marketing. What will keep me coming back? Value for money. As long as they do a good job, or even exceed what I would consider paying for, then I'll go back. If it's shite, I won't.
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