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  1. Couldn't agree more!!!What is this pathetic,Poncey flag we have today.A limp legged (instead of limp wristed) effort that's even turning the wrong way. Will someone PLEASE bring back the Armoured,spurred and spiked Emblem in a tight turn that actually goes CLOCKWISE ? Whoever heard of anyone running with their feet going back over their heads? Apparently,it was altered and reversed to the current incarnation by the Liberalist/Labour controlled Government we are unfortunately under today. Did the 3 Legs perhaps
  2. One in the garden on the Buddleia about June ,I think ,this year and one two years ago.Absolutely beautiful .I'm suprised there are any Butterflies at all with loss of habitat,weedsprays,flagged gardens and acres of Decking.Most species need weeds to survive and breed but you see the Councils,etc on a mission every year to kill every thing in sight that they think shouldn't be there. I actually saw one person wandering round killing single weeds in Ramsey this Summer.What a waste of time,effort and money,not to mention any species that might have hoped to use it. A place for everyt
  3. That was Count Morenzi wasn't it? Different dude, dude. No,afraid that was an Imported nutcase called Artinst...something or other......,certainly wasn't Count Morenzi Did anyone read what he put on the Boards outside the house .?.... HHmmmm !!!!The Chemtrails thing has been around a long time,M is a Local and very nice person..but tends to go overboard a bit at times....long term effect of Whacky Baccy.maybe? Gets everyone in the end when you stop.
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