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  1. Depends on who the existing landing stage belongs to
  2. & the residents of the new hotel planned immediately adjacent, to the south They won't appreciate the Manannan manoeuvring very close by, even if it as 5 knots
  3. Yes they should keep it at 65 permanently as Canada has
  4. Now that Manx pension has been separated from UK pension there is no reason why Manx women should not be paid their pension from 60 as previously promised I would like to know how many pensioners here would be considered to be living in poverty Would the Cabinet Office or the Tynwald Select Committee on Poverty know the answer?
  5. Huge numbers of pensioners - 1,400 I think - seek social security benefits on top of their state pension This has to raise the question as to whether the Manx state pension is adequate to live on to a reasonable standard in your old age
  6. Anyone running a book on how long she lasts?
  7. Personally I think the drug culture - along with football - drives the local economy in Liverpool https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/cocaine-city-how-liverpools-love-16113829
  8. You only have to see all the black range rovers with darkened windows hanging around the town centre to at least consider that this may be the case
  9. Someone in Tynwald surely has to challenge continuing turmoil in Nobles management? Probably the ladies in LegCo again
  10. I just cannot contemplate avocado on toast as a food experience
  11. I thought it better than 'wealth ridden', but in retrospect I'm not so sure
  12. Who have we got to do the job Roger?
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