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  1. Heysham port is badly served by public transport - you can walk up the hill to the village & get a bus fairly easily, tho' carrying a bag isn't great
  2. Scottish government offers subsidy to CalMac, which includes fares subsidy it would appear - tho' detail has not been made available https://www.gov.scot/publications/foi-17-02545/
  3. I think it was Terry Toohey who came out with this on the IOM, but it is a tourism industry accepted rule I believe
  4. It is pitiful really that government institutions are losing so much money that they feel private bodies can do the job better It automatically means they fully accept that their own management is appalling, & anyone else could immediately take it under control & make a bit of cash out of it
  5. You just wouldn't get this with an overhead monorail
  6. You'd lose your job in nano-seconds if you did that to a project board & embarrassed them in front of main board directors
  7. Can't quite understand why you'd support MLCs in Departments Roger, but I think there is a bit of an initiatve to do away with them (depts) so there is no need to explain [Hah, I see you have done so above]
  8. Did he? Being on scrutiny committees should help the scrutiny process
  9. Travelling times of two & a half hours or less are thought to greatly increase the number of people willing to travel to visit
  10. What is interesting about all these bodies is that few of them bother to issue an annual report of their activities
  11. It's normal practice for the Quayle Administration to adopt Tory Party legislation wholesale
  12. You have to wonder if it's normal practice for government to present initial costings for development projects on the low side to Tynwald so as not to shock the paying public Shabby politics if it proves to be the case
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