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  1. Only because IOMG still use letter post & snail bureaucracy They're the sole reason I still have a printer for the laptop
  2. There is a general election in the offing so #ClubTynwald activity may increase a little over the next year or so
  3. Bad culture Is the Tynwald culture to blame for meddling in leadership issues?
  4. I think Ramsey should be commended on the acquisition of the old Courthouse
  5. The building industry needs to be refocused on to 'green' retrofit for existing properties It is much less damaging to the climate & the environment
  6. More development (& traffic congestion) is likely to make the island less attractive
  7. We have to have a society that people find appealling
  8. I'm happy to see Mr Callister blogging - more MHKs should - but posting it on news groups is a bit much
  9. At the cost of the market for existing houses
  10. Maybe 3FM should move to the Ramsey Courthouse
  11. You'd think they'd research what the UK population want from #Brexit Much like IOMG researches what Manx people want from their politicians & public service .... Oh
  12. Thank you for introducing me to cabotage Bazza - it is new to me
  13. Personally I think Minister Thomas (& CoMin as a whole) is implementing the will of the CM on the Eastern Area Plan - maybe Quayle feels obligated to support property developers, who knows? On the issue of population, Minister Thomas is of the view that unless our society grows in numbers it will 'wilt'
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