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  1. I heard a lady on the radio complaining her neighbour had been out dogging twice already that day
  2. We'll be lucky if future govt investment in the heritage tourism sector remains on a par with what spending currently takes place
  3. Tourism nowadays is for business or pleasure Roger There's no difference between tourists or visitors
  4. The only big investment we're likely to get is new (or second hand) boat So we're going to have to make do with pretty much what we've got
  5. Tourism arrivals have been about 300,000 a year for a good while now I gather they plan to increase the numbers to 440,000 through motorsports
  6. It'd have to be based on what the next administration set as it's objectives The state must surely aim to become more entrepreneurial & end policies to the advantage of its own establishment above the ordinary members of the public?
  7. There is potential as a 'sustainable island' holiday centre but even the DfE 440,000 visitor objective is overly ambitious
  8. There must surely be options in the digital sector, building on the back of online gaming? I believe there is quite successful digital hosting business going on & there must be options for green hosting if some of our wind & tide resources can be put to work - if only modestly to begin with
  9. Every state investment should be required to show a return, including the most expensive shed on Merseyside
  10. It's Brexit Johnson's latest mantra Well, it was before he went down with it
  11. Taking an approach that will alienate the aspiring wealthy isn't going to work, no matter how sensible it might appear to be Redistribution has to be achieved through re-orienting government & the economy to climate change response and a 'sustainable island' plan
  12. You'd hope a good deal more than that was being discussed with HM Treasury at this difficult time
  13. Calm down - it's only Fridays So you can listen to Iggy Confidential from the start on Radio 6
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