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  1. Part of the solution is to give the voting public some say in who becomes CM & what goes into the programme for government Another part of the solution couild be limiting government membership to 11 Keys members at max, with the remainer forming an official opposition
  2. Wrong Dilli - I told you to fuck off years ago But your're still here & - in my increasing old age - I even enjoy your posts now & then
  3. The necessity of asking questions in Tynwald just proves how closed the Manx political system is Hope Mr Thomas will campaign for open government in his forthcoming re-election campaign Each department of the government we pay for should be obliged to publish a blog or diary outlining their decisions & actions, open for Tynwald members and the public to pose questions
  4. If a quick email to the department gets you the information you require, why did he ask 201 questions?
  5. I'd like to see the fucking square left as a fucking car park so the elderly & disabled don't have to struggle to walk from the other fucking car parks as they have closed off the fucking streets for fucking access Mind you, if there's no fucking bank they probably won't fucking well go out at all
  6. How so? it my experience IOMG sets itself immensely soft targets If it gets going at all (which it is showing absolutely no sign of doing when it comes to climate change transition)
  7. No, they can be asked to get on now with appointing the Climate Change Transition Team and spending the £10m Tynwald allocated phase one budget on greating green jobs, transitioning to a green economy & saving nature on the Isle of Man
  8. Why can't all those tables & the fussball machine be put in the Speaker's Garden - has the Speaker refused permission?
  9. If they could, government should order a moratorium on all commercial debt financing & let hospitality businesses close down for the duration if they don't have access to sufficient working capital to trade
  10. We're not connected with dead people by a few degrees
  11. Obviously there are genetic links for some of us with Ireland, but the IOM has had ties with both Merseyside and Ireland for over a thousand years through the Dublin Vikings, the latter given the Wirral peninsula by - I think - Queen Matilda of Mercia to protect against Viking raiding from further north The no doubt lengthy ferry journey from Ireland to Europe would appeal to those who'd rather lay up in a cabin than spend a day driving through England
  12. MNH are not a museum of museums, you know
  13. Who regulates holds them to account, the Tynwald Economic Policy & Review Committee?
  14. Wonder if setting up a through ticket to Europe via Ireland would attract much custom? There's now four ferry operators skirting round Cornwall to take Irish folks straight to the heart the heart of Europe - Irish Ferries, Cobelfret (CLdN), Brittany Ferries and Stena Line
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