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  1. They were mostly in shirt & tie order
  2. There is a claim cooking chocolate is a different product & carries reduced liability Probably has very low cocoa content
  3. Chocolate is a processed product and carries VAT surely?
  4. I walked passed the Thirsty Pigeon & it was admirably busy at 3.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon
  5. To mock the system entirely take away milkshares (which are actually made with ice cream - don't tell anyone) are zero rated
  6. Peter Karran had a hand in reducing VAT on accommodation to 5% There's lots of variety in Europe France only charges 10% on all cultural items including restaurant food theatre opera museums etc etc IOMG could have their VAT regime varied but it would create difficulties in the C&E Agreement I dare say
  7. Only a very few food items have VAT applied - preprocessed items mainly, like ice cream and cakes but not biscuits
  8. Try complaining to the bastard BBC It is like wading though golden treacle, waste deep
  9. Suspect many will put their prices up so the menu price remains the same & they don't have to print new menus - just put a 5% temp vat sticker on it
  10. But they purchase it at zero % Thus becoming unpaid tax collectors
  11. It is good for places that serve food as food purchases are zero rated & they just end up being unpaid tax collectors
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