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  1. There is surely much journalistic output created up at Manx Radio Towers which just never sees the light of day - I mean how many journalists work up there? Bet it's twice as many as work at IOM Newspapers
  2. Larger properties already pay more surely?
  3. There are recommendations not enacted into EU law A EU Framework for Online Gambling 2.0 https://www.egba.eu/uploads/2018/12/Manifesto-A-EU-Framework-for-Online-Gambling-2.0.pdf
  4. Wonder if it was the same bloke who had pigeon traps on the Villiers roof?
  5. It's in a special museum with the EdStone
  6. "Caruana Galizia's national and international reputation was built on her regular reporting of misconduct by Maltese politicians"
  7. The present Isle of Man Government believes economic development is a responsibility of the private sector, which it apparently faciltates
  8. Malta has had an e-Gaming strategy since 2012 and a government that appears really on board with a vision of where it's headed https://www.independent.com.mt/articles/2019-05-22/local-news/Government-launches-Malta-s-vision-for-video-game-development-and-esports-6736208521 https://www.maltaenterprise.com/sites/default/files/publications/adigitalgamingstrategyformalta_-_report.pdf
  9. Sorry, I didn't mean to suggest that you were HRH But Malta too is an island...
  10. Why is the cost of living in Malta - an EU nation - lower than that of the Isle of Man can you tell me Mr Quayle?
  11. What is it currently achieving for the taxpayers £1m?
  12. I think so gettafa Think there was disagreement between the houses/chambers so it didn't get the go ahead The subsequent debate on Manx Radio was lacklustre to say the least The proposal should be returned to Tynwald for debate again in consequence of the MR changes
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