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  1. Surely trees have to be thinned out once they've grown a bit?
  2. How has the Millenium Wood of Oaks fared Non-Believer?
  3. Whilst Quayle is literally hopeless as CM, he did stop Cannan which I now view as a good thing
  4. On a neo-Thatcherite path to self glory Has to be opposed
  5. Hasn't Mr Quayle promised to plant 63,000 trees?
  6. I think you will find that the empty headed dreams (or vague thoughts) are those of the Chief Minister - which are then passed on to Cabinet Office to do something about. Quite why Mister Thomas puts up with this is beyond me. He will surely be tarred with the Quayle brush "This is a government of action!"
  7. & do you do this by encouraging Mr Cannon to cut their benefits?
  8. By people do you mean Howard Quayle and the neo-Thatcherites in Treasury?
  9. I do know who you are & I don't see you doing any 'voluntarism'
  10. I don't see you doing any citizen voluntarism
  11. Mr Quayle is a good Chief Minister by offering nothing to the electorate, but standing aside & letting Mr Cannon & Mr Thomas exercise free will within the bloated goverment establishment? May be your idea of a good CM, but it's not mine
  12. Go on then, tell us why he is a good Chief Minister
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