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  1. It's the #Brexit state of the pound
  2. She's what they call 'a young adult' nowadays
  3. Could you read it for us please Roger, & provide a balanced response Ta
  4. Private caterers in schools should be obliged to prove they a provide balanced healthy meals to their customers
  5. Kudos to Prince William for flying his family to Edinburgh by EasyJet
  6. Some would say heating is a necessity (But they'll be told to insulate their homes better)
  7. I hope sensible folk in Tynwald insist that the meters are capable of coping with all utilities
  8. People who travel a lot in massively polluting vehicles should pay for carbon offset too
  9. I've the impression it's the parents who are unstable
  10. Think he possibly has a big old Range Rover too Should there be big carbon taxes for folks who indulge themselves with monstrously large engined vehicles?
  11. Aspergers is a neurological condition, not an illness
  12. Mr Quayle is Chair of Biosphere IOM so he should be Climate Change Minister
  13. Well he almost alluded to a part of the answer when he spoke about young people working towards achieving a carbon neutral island, tho' I don't know whether he realised it himslf Carbon neutral or carbon compensating green tech is the future of work & enterpise for the next generation, & possibly the one after This is the direction in which giovernment should be pointing business, tho' I appreciate the point of the Sultan who probably wishes they didn't involve themselves at all
  14. I could swear I heard Dr Allinson say they'd be multi fuel Perhaps I'm goiing deaf in my old age
  15. Why not? He's the most smugly entitled individual on this island Just the other day he was bragging that he's chair of Biosphere IOM
  16. Time to begin moving the TT into virtual reality
  17. I lay the blame for this at the door of Mr Quayle & his conservative with a small c chums in CoMin The laissez-faire approach of letting business do as it wants with 'facilitation' from DfE - rather than actively planning & developing the economy - is not really taking us anywhere
  18. Give lots of support to the various green movements on the island That should help a lot
  19. There are more cruise visitors because there are more cruise liners touring this area looking for places to offload their passengers for the day We've plenty to offer - as listed above - as well as a fairly unique status as a micro-nation with lots of independent & dependent history to rad abouit if you like that sort of thing Nobody should be allowed to waste £80m + of public money to help them come visit tho' They're massively polluting surely?
  20. Last night in Liverpool we were given coloured & lettered boarding cards which sorted us into groups - group 'A' got a great big scouse cheer when they were called to board It was almost like bingo! Massive contrast to security as you departed Douglas, which was frankly obnoxious
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