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  1. Quayle will like it tho' It's his kind of 'economic development'
  2. It's building just for the sake of building Pointless
  3. An interesting challenge for the planning people as the proposed hotel isn't financially viable in itself (ie the consultants have said it is operationally viable) So they will only get the proposed hotel there with the sale of the proposed luxury residences funding it Quite what the point of building an hotel that is only 'operationally viable' is I do not know Create jobs for people that would have to be imported?
  4. Well, that's what Dandara will be hoping for I agree with The Antiquarians, the developers are asking a lot of this smallish site
  5. My crap would never be as crappy as your crap, craphead
  6. I'm not complaining, tho' I'd be against permitting permanent residences in this area They do look small, but it is the Antiquarian Society suggesting that there is insufficient amenity area for permanent residents
  7. You need David de Gea to lose properly
  8. Ask them I'd say from a financial view it is undoubtedly the sale of the residential luxury apartments that makes the hotel at all viable However, as the Antiquarian society said there just isn't the utility space on the site for 40 apartments & MNH have said they don't want them using their site on St Michael's Isle, or whatever it's called You would expect luxury residential units to have more space than the hotel rooms, but it looks less on the plan above
  9. "A significant proportion of the hotel guests will be disappointed with the accommodation offering given that only 28% of the rooms have unobstructed sea views. " "The Planning Application should be refused due to an over-development of the site that is particularly biased in favour of the residential apartments to the detriment of the proposed hotel. The concept punted by the Applicant that the residential component will enable the hotel development is flawed. "
  10. F**k me "Data received from Isle of Man Government highlights that serviced accommodation (including hotels, B&Bs, and guesthouses) dropped from 56.0% in 2015, to 53.0% in 2016" Wonder what level it is at in 2019?
  11. Lots of planning info here https://services.gov.im/planningapplication/services/planning/planningapplicationdetails.iom?ApplicationReferenceNumber=17%2F01265%2FB Including a consultants report warning of the impact #Brexit will have on Isle of Man hotels & stating the development is viable FROM AN OPERATIONAL PERSPECTIVE
  12. & you believe Dandara will place a 40-bedroom hotel, 40 luxury residential apartments, a spa complex and swimming pool on the same footprint? This is physically possible but I'm guessing it would include underground or covered car parking & be significantly higher than the existing property So here it is, 4 storeys high & what looks to me like totally inadequate parking provision
  13. It's an Area of Special Scientific Interest as well as appreciated by most as a natural beauty spot You just can't have a residential development there Boot would be mad to approve it
  14. We always seemed to have a trip through a tunnel or two on our way to Pier Head Don't know how Dad managed it really
  15. A 40 apartment & 40 bedroom hotel development won't increase the existing footprint? You're normally more sensible than that
  16. Nothing special about Liverpool? Along with Newcastle it's one of the best cities in the British Isles!
  17. Yep, make it an urban zone Concrete over the lot of it
  18. Yes why not put residential accommodation in every ******* beauty/nature spot in this island Cover it with concrete Marvellous
  19. MNH should be transparent & state what the money has been used for Courts were wrong to decree that the donation could not have been used for it's specific intent
  20. It's never been a site for permanent residences Why should it be now?
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