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  1. Only a TT enthusiast hotelier would be bothered
  2. All they've done is stick the Climate Change Bill out to public consultation - like we're legal drafts people - & sent poor Dr Gell around the larger towns to talk to or at the plebs They're leaving it down to the next administration, by which time the planet will be richly roasted & there'll be no wild life left to stick in their park
  3. At Natwest, yes Thing is, with UK govt being majority shareholder in NatWestGroup big Tories like Boot could have been over there in their official govt capacity begging the third deputy Lord of HM Treasury or whatever not to allow the greedy banking twats treat the IOM so badly
  4. It's been specifically excluded from the new target of 'digital green safe haven'
  5. They'll just say they were overwhelmed with Covid responsibilities What irks me is that there is a Climate Change Action Plan with a £10m tynwald approved Phase One budget just sitting there waiting for someone to get up & do something Far as I can see they haven't even gotr round to appoining the Climate Change Transition Team If that is the case then they're just a political embarrassment
  6. I doubt it It's just Boot waving a bit of paper around like Chamberlain that is pitiful He should have been on the job for his electors before the second & final closing of the Peel branch
  7. I can assure you that the TT kills hotel trading for a week either side of the 8 to 10 day event This means you are overly busy for the TT period itself & paying staff to do little for a fortnight in total It's just pointless
  8. Boot is touting a letter he has written to RBS/NWG on his Twitter profile
  9. To be a 'significant' part of the economy it would have to produce at least 5% of national income I don't see that ever happening again
  10. I personally doubt that former hotelier Mr Robertshaw is a massive enthusiast for it's continuation
  11. Move it into VR Gaming 0.000001% ME!
  12. Except those owned by currency issuing sovereign states
  13. If it's a solely owned subsidiary of 62% UK Government owned NatWest Group then it's solvency can't be questioned
  14. What now for Ulster GP as £300k debt spells end of road for organisers? https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/motorcycling/ulster-grand-prix/what-now-for-ulster-gp-as-300k-debt-spells-end-of-road-for-organisers-39104781.html
  15. I wonder how small that proportion of the Manx public is
  16. I somewhere someone asking for the MERA numbers, which are posted in this months Tynwald answers: MERA
  17. The Festival of Ancient Motorcycling!
  18. There were some figures in ther 'Road To Recovery' presentation yesterday
  19. I got loads - you can have one of mine
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