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  1. Health & Social Care issues are now 'at arms length' with ManxCare
  2. & others that do stand once more may well not be re-elected It's going to need a greener, brighter, more progressive CoMin than this current lot to deliver the implementation of the Curran Report in a 'radical for the Isle of Man' new programme for government
  3. That is what Mr Robertshaw is doing now with his report, echoing stuff others have been promoting for a decade DfE don't take a blind bit of notice of recommendations & are permitted to potter along doing their own thing I don't agree with you on heritage and beauty
  4. We have reasonable lowish level tourism activity in a normal year which could be increased with targeted promotion by IOMSPC It doesn't really justify significant investment by private operators tho' Government could help increase bed numbers with grant aid to develop eco-lodge type accommodation at the Castletown Golf Links & funding for MNH to provide tourist accommodation in their unused or underutilised sites Not much growth potential right now otherwise, apart from maybe camp/glamp sites Number of hotels & guest houses in Douglas needs to be significantly reduced to make operation more viable for those who have invested in their properties
  5. Time for a new government with a different attitude!
  6. There'll be financial patching up along the way but it's pretty much all being left to the next government I feel
  7. It's now being left to the next general election for a new plan, it would seem Don't think we're going to hear from the four groups
  8. "We are trying to get more money into people's pockets"
  9. Cannan always speaks well It's what he isn't saying that you have to try & elucidate
  10. Minster Cannan: "The problem we are facing in this uncertain time is the uncertainty" You can't argue with that!
  11. I'm afraid it is the constant arrogance of IOMG that they know the answers and will not listen to exterior voices, even if they've been heard in a paid for government or Tynwald report
  12. Cannan: "We do need to develop a longer term economic strategy"
  13. National Broadband Strategy to be accelerated, which has to be a good thing
  14. This needs the addition of the word 'egalitarian'
  15. The economic recovery plan: (Focus will be on trying to capitalise on opportunites for a green, digital & safe future)
  16. Active NI Fund again being included in "reserves"
  17. Longer term financing requirement under review, & potential of a government bond scheme under scrutiny "Bond for capital financing project"
  18. Doesn't look as though access to support schemes was quite as high as might have been anticipated 'Prudent' £250m bank revolving credit facility available if required
  19. Jobseeks down to 945 from over 1,000
  20. "Clear that the economy needs support and a boost to help it transition and recover"
  21. IOMG open to buying strategic business if problem is emerging
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