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  1. That is the thing tho' innit? You shouldn't have to resign from govt to do a good job for your consituents & ask probing questions of those who choose themselves to lead us
  2. Treasury are launching a preview of their recovery plan next week to the business sector From what I've seen government appear to be mostly on the right track to establish the IOM as a green digital safe haven in a parlous world They need to introduce elements of 'fairness' into this vision & they'll have to invest considerably in digital infrastructure + developing the green economy Can't stop spending now or the economy (& society) will fall flat on it's face
  3. The thing about getting rid of the Speaker - if that's what you mean - is that that role does have a historic democratic mandate The President is just an in house appointee, a good number of whom don't have a democratic mandate either Anyway, the lady may not wish to contest this & we'll end up with a preening conservative in place for a decade when much progressive change has to be brought about to accommodate 'just transition' to net zero carbon
  4. Presumably try & establish when the present gas supply is to end & pressure home owners to make movement to heat pumps etc over that period Won't be easy at all
  5. Oh come on - it's not as though she's being asked to preen & posture for the rest of her Tynwald career Not even sure it would take her that far away from legislating It'd be a case of assessing the role in situ, establishing whether it has a necessary & genuine function with value for money & democratic accountability, using her authority & that of the role to make recommendations to colleagues for reform A Tynwald session at most
  6. One on Just Transition to affordable domestic heating (away from fossil fuels) This will surely be a literally immense issue on this island over the next decade or so?
  7. Investors Chronicle: "UK Government under pressure from green lobbying groups to bring forward the deadline for phasing out new petrol and diesel vehicles to 2030."
  8. A legislator may form the view that the role is both unnecessary & without a democratic mandate Would a posturing politician?
  9. I see Mrs Poole-Wilson as a legislator not a politician, & I'd be keen to see someone with that background & experience in the role to reform it rather than a politician who'll use it for grandstanding
  10. Howie is exasperated: https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/cm-calls-loss-of-bank-branches-and-jobs-as-unwelcome-news/
  11. & I think you underestimate Ms Poole-Wilson
  12. In Peel they won't give you cash back unless you buy at least two pints
  13. Thing is the shoprite payment system is erratic and at times won't accept the card you present, so you're left with no option but to go to the ATM to get cash to pay for your shopping If IOMB are to remove theirs then one at the top Shoprite would be desireable
  14. I doubt it'll return next year - I see Germany has extended it's furlough scheme to December 2021 When it does return it'll need to come up with a net zero carbon plan like what Formula 1 has https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.formula-1-announces-plan-to-be-net-zero-carbon-by-2030.5IaX2AZHyy7jqxl6wra6CZ.html#:~:text=Formula 1 has today announced,zero carbon footprint by 2030.&text=The plan comes after twelve,ambitious%2C yet achievable delivery plan.
  15. It does appear Jersey recognises the need to get cash into the economy I await the IOM Treasury briefing on 15/9 with keen anticipation
  16. I'd have expected Harmer and Boot to have been in discussions with IOMB over the Peel & Kirk Michael branches when they last closed them Foolishly I thought it had been their efforts that had achieved the reopening of the Peel branch
  17. You'd think Boot & Harmer would've been deep in negotiations for months with IOMB That it appears to have come as a surprise to Boot speaks volumes
  18. Because we're unlikely to see much in the way of reform from the one declared candidate
  19. Maybe a wise Tynwald member will nominate lawyer Mrs Poole-Wilson MLC for the role of President, with a mission to reform it
  20. Apparently it's 'Froot Loop' I was corrected by an American just the other day
  21. Wish Boot would spend his time obtaining banking rather than baking facilities for traders in the west instead
  22. Not sure the Barclays ATM is still there at the PO How on earth are traders in the west now supposed to get change & bank their trading income?
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