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  1. It's an expensive (to us) role, it's not democratically elected, It serves little obvious constitutional purpose, the holders tend to enjoy dressing up and gadding off around the world to pontificate at meetings of various Commonwealth bodies which we're not rightly members of, damaging the environment as they go It's a position that has had it's day & should be disposed of
  2. We don't need a high profile president Unless the island becomes a republic
  3. That's what I said, why does Tynwald need two presiding officers and a deputy speaker?
  4. Depends whether we get a Just Transition on implementing the recommendations of the Curran Report
  5. I wonder how did the House of Keys manage to survive - prosper even - without a President of Tynwald to sagely guide them along the difficult path of parliamentary representation in a legislature that sits once in a blue moon . . . .
  6. Yes but they have a national debt two & a half times GDP and really know how to make money work for the nation as a whole Here it will be grants for landowners to help them get by
  7. Really the title of President of Tynwald should be an honourary one going to the longest serving popularly elected member Quite why we need two presiding officers (& a Deputy Speaker) is beyond me
  8. Yep, I'm all for an independent housing association to take on responsibility for both social & affordabe housing
  9. Will we see 'user pays' carbon taxes?
  10. Ideally it will be arranged for DBC to be abolished & it's magnificent arts & crafts building to become the islands national art gallery
  11. Did they not charge you at St Johns for bringing stuff in a van? It was regarded as 'commercial' at one point
  12. Quite right Derek This is an appalling example to set when the next government should be looking to implement the recommendations of the Curran Report in full Certainly hand it over to a green community enterprise to run but charging for it is hardly 'Just transition' is it?
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuffi#:~:text=Tuffi (born in 1946 in,into the River Wupper underneath.
  14. It'll surely come under review with implementation of the Curran Report
  15. What's worse than calling everyone on MF liars? I know truth when I see it, & I'm not seeing it from you
  16. Talking - or writing - shite is one thing Calling us liars is quite another
  17. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Being_There (Not that I suggest DF is a simple man - he has a very high IQ)
  18. Christian and Quine live at mid-day https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/two-new-mhks-have-both-local-and-national-priorities/
  19. I see Comrade Mezec on Jersey is following them - I'll look to see if he proffers a view
  20. The 'Guernsey Partnership Of Independents' have got a pledge: Pledge together to act independently?
  21. Voting on Your Phone: New Elections App Ignites Security Debate https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/13/us/politics/voting-smartphone-app.html?auth=login-google1tap&login=google1tap
  22. They've used it to ensure the public who pay for it no longer learn how they're voting
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