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  1. The Chief Minister should be directing Treasury to put those without work into paid employment NOW
  2. Nothing wrong - I suppose - in operation of a private wing going out to tender, but a sale of part of a hospital built with a raid on the NI Fund is absolutely unacceptable
  3. Is it? Lengthy wars in Europe and the Far East have seen huge human loss of life, but I don't know of a single event that has been the cause of such great combined global economic disruption and human mortality in a contracted period of time
  4. Have the Nolan Principles been adopted on the IOM Derek?
  5. There's a UK Institute of Government paper here on 'Accountability In The Civil Service': https://www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/sites/default/files/publications/IfG accountability discussion paper april 2018.pdf Doesn't tell you much! My view each department should have a daily updated blog of it's actions open to public view
  6. How can they be held to account to the taxpayer?
  7. No idea but the lady has a political voice that has surprised me
  8. Is it impossible it was co-written with Mr Malarkey?
  9. Quite possible the good lady had a deal of input into the original
  10. Is there a Liberal Vannin position on economic recovery for the island as a whole?
  11. What's your plan for post-pandemic economic regeneration?
  12. It's the only submitted manifesto that doesn't mention the economy (tho' to be fair there is a reference to an economic multiplier)
  13. Maybe he sees it as a debate that he'd like to see happen on the IOM I certainly would Guess the Treasury team are working on a business as usual future for the island
  14. He has said that sustainability is the overall driver of his manifesto The manifesto was released just before the Climate Coalition published their recommendations for a green recovery plan It may well be that the IOM Green Party will adopt much of it But then again, they may not https://www.theclimatecoalition.org/recoveryplan
  15. Are they by any chance the same people who won't wear facemasks?
  16. Lisvane was doomed when he recommended a committee of very special people to choose very special people to be MLCs We now have some excellent MLCs but it would be far better if they had a genuine democratic mandate
  17. Climate change is ambiguous? You're in a different world to me
  18. I believe there was an enormous amount of local input into the Curran Report, & to fail to implement it would be both daft in a context of a rapidly warming planet & an insult to those very best government people who contributed to it significantly Of course I believe that an IOM government would be capable of doing exactly that But there would surely be public outcry if they did so
  19. I'm not sure he did - as I said, I believe government's top talent contributed a huge amount of time into writing what is known as the Curran Report. It is issued in his name & he must have had an editing role
  20. Off island experience is the best thing they can get Return when the want to have a family and/or escape the rat race
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