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  1. It's time they stopped adding to their own massive establishment, & accepted responsibility for sponsoring green jobs in sustainable enterprises in the wider community
  2. How does the Bluewave new 40m tower/mast feature in the great 4G/5G/6G scheme of things?
  3. Jessopp - showing wide cross sector experience - calls for a fair economy for all https://www.gov.im/media/1370047/ajplusshortplusmanifestoplus-2300-17aug20.pdf
  4. Not a mention of the word 'economy' in the Josem manifesto https://www.gov.im/media/1370033/douglas-south-manifesto-michael-josem.pdf
  5. "Trying harder" just leads to candidates making stuff up to have their CVs suggest they're more interesting people than the reality But there again, it is a measure of one's creativity & presentation skills
  6. I have to keep one of those museum worthy printer things solely for fulfilling the immensely old fashioned requirements of the Companies Registry Given the huge amounts the taxpayer spends on Government Technical Services, it really is time they got the form filling completely online We're supposed to be developing a culture of digital enterprise on this island
  7. Concentrating on creating an environment for a private sector enterprise to fill in the middle of the biggest crisis in hundreds of years suggests a lack of real purpose IMHO If jobs aren't available then government must work on creating them
  8. Government should work harder to create sustainable jobs outside of it's own massive establishment
  9. Government officers spent a significant amount of their valueable time in contributing to the Curran Report, the islands vital reponse to the climate crisis - to reject it and adopt a different path would be an affront to IOMGs top thinkers. That's surely no route for either success or deliberative climate change reponse?
  10. Because the Curran Report should serve as the basis for the next programme for government
  11. Best thing he could do straight away would be to cajole government departments into beginning work now on incorporating the recommendations of the Curran Report into their operating plans for the duration of the next government Somebody tell me they've already done it
  12. They've had this sort of thing before Highly unlikely they'll take any notice at all of anything any member of the public suggests
  13. All Jessopp's declared intentions do appear to be in response to research & there's 18 of them in total
  14. I might He's already not popular with me for voting Quayle in
  15. Landowners, property developers, & the Chamber of Commerce - they may have the ear of the group? Being a product of this conservative government It's highly unlikey that they'll be aiming to create a 'social economy canvas' to reset enterprise on the island following the paralysis brought about by the awful pandemic https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/fpfis/wikis/display/SEC/Social+Economy+Canvas
  16. It was notable how quickly UK govt reacted to mental wellbeing issues of UKs young high flyers denied the A Level grades & Uni places they believed they deserved If you're articulate & with articulate parents you can do wonders for your own corner
  17. Dilligaf's man of distinction David Christian?
  18. I certainly wonder if Mr Harmer will as he's digging up Peel quayside for the next year - he isn't going to be popular
  19. This administration are now just treading water 'til the next general election and paying scant attention to the vital issues of today
  20. If they were genuine about helping those with mental wellbeing issues they'd provide access to online CBT sites
  21. So it's not an 'economic recovery' group as such - more a selection panel for who to give taxpayers money to?
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