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  1. The main function rooms are unaffected so hopefully they will still be able to have functions for anybody who has booked. There is also some accommodation in the main block, so they may also still be able to provide rooms (don't know how many though). I hope for all the people who work up there that they can still keep the place running and that jobs are safe
  2. I lost the sound for YouTube and any other videos in my web browser, but it was working fine for any games etc. After a quick Google the answer seemed to be to clear my cache of all Temporary Internet Files and at the same time clear the History and any Cookies. I did this and the sound came back.
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2317061/April-Jones-trial-Mark-Bridger-breaks-dock-mothers-harrowing-999-played.html The trial has started, very sad
  4. http://www.segway.im/tours.html £30 - Off road Segway Safari's * A more exciting trip, taking place inside some of the Island's forests for approximately 50-60 mins with coffee / tea and cake to warm you up after your adventure
  5. Saw this article in the paper today http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2235236/Josh-Sargeant-Teenager-bought-upmarket-house-500k-win-McDonalds-Monopoly-game-handed-ASBO-subjecting-neighbours-wild-parties.html Seriously though, well done for the Manx lads who won, and I wish them all the best. Just hope their friends stick with them and they don't have a hard time from jealous people.
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20265125 HSBC bank says it is looking into allegations that criminals have used offshore accounts at its Jersey operation for money laundering. The bank issued a statement after the Daily Telegraph newspaper said it was at the centre of a major investigation by HM Revenue and Customs. HSBC said it was investigating "an alleged loss of certain client data in Jersey as a matter of urgency". But it added it had not been contacted by HMRC or any other authority. According to the Daily Telegraph, the tax authorities have obtained details of "every British client of HSBC in Jersey" based on information provided by a whistle-blower this week. It is reported that the 4,000 offshore account holders include a well-known drug dealer living in Central America, bankers who face allegations of fraud and a man once dubbed London's "number two crook".
  7. There were two boys outside Shoprite this afternoon doing Penny for the Guy (with a home made guy, not another child dressed up). They weren't hassling anybody walking past, didn't actually ask for any money, but if somebody did give them something they were extremely polite in their thank yous. I gave them a bit of change because they were so polite.
  8. I'm think I've seen them in the Wessex garage as well
  9. I thought that the trial was set for January. Perhaps they are keeping certain things out of the media to avoid speculation which could affect the judgement of potential jurors, so would assume that it would go quiet between arrest and trial. Weren't the details of the Jo Yates case kept out of the media until after Tabak's trial?
  10. Apparently the Wessex garage pumps do not stretch round - I did this one day when it was very busy and got told by the man serving in there that I wasn't allowed to do that.
  11. No - just pictures of people pointing
  12. Minxie


    Large pod of dolphins in Douglas Bay - they have been there for a couple of hours now, up near the Port Jack end of the bay.
  13. Maybe as it's a new venture they might only do a few to start with to see how it goes and add in more as demand increases?
  14. I doubt that any of the tours would take place along cliff tops, and if a Chimpanzee can ride one, as in Declan's video, I'm sure most members of the public could manage without any incident
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