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  1. I am trying to find a "listen again" link for the emergency Tynwald debate that Alf Cannan requested and which took place later yesterday. I can only find the Handsard dealing with Shimmin's statement, the CM's Statement and the initial questions flowing from the CM's Statement - I can't find the later special debate. There are a couple of links on the Tynwald website but they only seem to be snapshots of the debate that took place which went on for ages but I only caught a bit of. Is there any way of listening to the full special debate and can anyone help me with this? Thanks PI
  2. So very sad, what a tragedy. RIP to the little lass and prayers for her family and those affected.
  3. Thanks Stu, I will remind myself of that next time I am quaking in my boots ready for take off
  4. Thanks Albert, that makes me feel better. I'll just man up. I need to get over these wobbles related to flying...
  5. I am due to fly with CityWing soon (to Gloucester) and have to say that I am really rather scared now after reading this thread. I didn't used to be a bad flyer at all but have become increasingly nervous over the past few years. I have an engagement in Gloucester and flying directly there seemed like a no brainier. However, I am wondering if I should consider an alternative route.
  6. Yep. Linky: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2257942/Bankers-hundreds-questioned-Isle-Man-offshore-tax-avoidance-scheme.html
  7. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/election-trial-sentencing-buster-lewin-jailed-1-5236175 3 and a half years for Buster...suspended sentences for the other 2
  8. http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=62950 Names released. Hope the guy makes a full recovery.
  9. of course, I'm unbiased. Yes, I have a view, I'm not on the fence. But I do not know Peter Karran, I have never met him, I have no interest in supporting him or being against him. I simply do not think that he is an effective Minister.
  10. I am neither a troll nor a hater of PK (as a person opposed to him as a politician) or LibVan. With respect, just saying he doesn't have the intelligence gets my exact point across which is "he does not have the intelligence" required to carry out the role of Education Minister competently. If you have a different opinion, that's fine, but an unwarranted personal attack against me gets you nowhere in putting your point across. You clearly seem to have some kind of link or connection to PK. I do not know him, it is purely my unbiased view having observed him over the years.
  11. Karran - proper opposition? The guy is a waffling clown with no credibility. All he's missing is a big pair of clown shoes and a clown car (though he's got a red nose). I do hope Alf Cannan becomes the opposition. There were a couple of good speeches yesterday, from him, Beecroft, and Hall. Karran needs to retire. We need serious solutions - not that idiot. He is just a waste of Tynwald's time as well as our time - and despite all his waffle - he consitently achieves NOTHING other than being laughed at and not taken seriously. He is also destroying his own party IMO. He should be kept in the LV attic. I entirely agree with all of this. Peter Karran in charge of education was a complete joke. Peter Karran as a minister of anything was a complete joke. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of him being sacked specifically in these circumstances, I am glad that the result is that he has left this position. He simply doesn't have the intelligence or strategic nous to be able to be effective. It is about time that this is recognised. How the government can ever be taken seriously either locally or on an international stage with whoppers like him running the show is a mystery to me. If he did fall on his sword so to speak, as some other forum members have speculated, then he has done the right thing. He was out of his depth.
  12. I am now in favour of a national speed limit. I have wavered in my views over the years but I have finally been convinced that the time has come. I am a supporter of the TT in general. I think that it is beneficial financially for the Island and I am also very proud of its unique qualities. I find watching the organised races exhilarating and I enjoy trotting down to the beer tent to soak up the buzz. I would not want to see the TT disappear and I would not want other posters to wrongly assume that I am a TT/petrol-head ‘hater’. I’m not. However, I am not ashamed to admit that I am absolutely terrified about driving around our island at this time of year so much so that I do avoid driving outside of the confines of Douglas. I am Manx born and bred and have grown up with the TT but I now feel that the lack of a speed limit is compromising the safety of the general public. The speeds that the bikes reach these days are unbelievable. The place for these speeds to be reached are on the racetrack. When the roads are shut, the marshalls are in place and all controls/assistance on standby, it is time to race – not at other times. Any argument that the introduction of speed limit will discourage fans from attending the TT is a weak one in my view. Any true fans surely come to see the racing and I don’t see why this should change. The lack of a speed limit, like it or not, in my view is seen by many as a licence to drive recklessly. Yes, speed limits may well be ignored by the ignorant, cocky, reckless and stupid. I do not see that this is a good argument for not introducing them. There may well be valid concerns regarding the resources and efforts required to effectively enforce them but this is a different point. The law should be there in order to provide the appropriate backdrop to assist the authorities to enforce. Currently the reliance on dangerous/ reckless driving as an effective means to discourage driving like maniacs concerns me. The widely-held opinion that the some drivers can handle driving at high speeds and others can’t also concerns me. The element of subjectivity needs to be removed. I am waiting to be shot down in flames but this is my opinion and there is little that can be said to dissuade me of my view. Finally, I would add that in response to the people metaphorically rolling their eyes at the same, boring debate about speed limits rearing its ugly head again...I would happily have this debate every year if an acceptable solution could be found to make the roads safer whilst, at the same time, ensuring that the TT continues to be the well-run, exciting event that it has always been. Debate is healthy and there are some very eloquent posters on this forum. It frustrates me when people are criticised for revisiting a topic in light of current and new events. That is all.
  13. John Wright would have to confirm this, I believe that MR would have to make the presenters redundant first, pay statuary redundancy money, then offer the freelance contracts. Failure to pay redundancy would be a criminal offence? Also wasn't one presenter kept on as an employee? Who was that - Alex? I didn't think that it had been confirmed who was going to be kept on?? The only thing I have seen were the press reports saying that 1 out of the 5 or 6 people at risk would remain as an employee.
  14. Best of luck to all those athletes competing in the Commonwealth Youth Games from around the world this week. I hope that it is a fantastic week.
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