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  1. This. Do not be fobbed off with a transfer to the EZY LPL route or a refund and then leaving it down to you to rebook (unless either suits you of course!). EZY should cover the costs of alternative flights to the same destination - regardless of whether it's within 2 weeks or not.
  2. If FlyBe did disappear, my money would be on Loganair replacing the patient transfer service almost immediately. Already experienced in it with suitable aircraft - and a better booking system! As JW said, EasyJet wouldn't be interested because of knock on impact on other routes.
  3. But there's a misunderstanding here about how the CS works (rightly or wrongly). He may be an employee....but he is not her employee, nor is she his 'boss' in the strictest sense. There is a separation between the politicians and the 'executive' and in many cases this is well founded and dare I say...much needed (Graham Cregeen being in charge of Education I would say is a shining example....I rest my case....). So....let's just say that a Department had recently completed an open and transparent tender process to appoint someone to provide a service to the Department. That process had followed every detail of the guidelines and regulations in place to cover such things and yet a newly arrived Minister attempted to intervene to subvert that legitimate process for the sake of political interest and self-preservation. (i.e. without good cause) Hypothetically, of course, it would be the duty of the CEO (as the person legally responsible for the financial affairs of the Department) to stand their ground and make the case....potentially bringing them into conflict with the Political head of the Department. Not convinced that in such a hypothetical situation, you would want the Minister to remove the accountable CEO to install someone who simply laid down and rolled over at the slightest political whim. Of course, it might have just been a fight over the preferred type of biscuits they had at the weekly meetings. In which case, if it was anything other than chocolate hob nobs, not only should the CEO be fired, they should be taken outside and publicly flogged!!!
  4. Sefton don't own the Golf links do they??
  5. 14 pages........seriously 14 pages. (and counting) Dress it up however you like, this is a taxi service we are talking about. And one which is provided free (at the point of use etc etc......) If you find the 'free' service so inconvenient, or against your principles, then pay for your own cab. You could even use Bridgewater out of loyalty! Society in general seems to want service out of the NHS that was clearly never the intent when it was established. People need to get real....
  6. Why would anyone want to pay to see that, let alone pay for VIP seats. Indeed. Why would a bunch of Manx civil servants pay lots of money to an outsider with no experience of the Island to come over and tell them what will happen in the future based on guesswork, stating the obvious, and telling them what they want to hear? Am I missing something......what is the link here to 'Manx civil servants'?
  7. Rather than signing a petition, why don't those protesting just refuse the 'free' travel and support Bridgewater by booking their journey directly with them. After all, some things are more important than cost. (to use their own saying)
  8. Kind of this. There should be 1 sixth form 'college' which can provide first class A-level provision, using scale to drive adequate resourcing. The current College should be financed differently..... loathe to say 'privatise' as such, but the essence is along those lines. They should aim to be a technical college of excellence, providing vocational education and training that supports economic need. This will only be achieved if the funding model is changed. They should provide training in skills that are needed and current, rather on having a curriculum based on the capability of the teaching staff. The drive for 'University' status is utter folly and will do more harm than good in the long time. I cannot see a time, ever, when the Island will have a critical mass sufficient to have its own University. The change of name to University College Isle of Man is nothing more than an academic vanity project.
  9. Shower of shites, how the fuck are they still allowed to operate our of the airport? But of course they don't operate.....they are just a booking agent. Or some shit like that!!!!
  10. That means they will be paying more.....it's not an increase in their allowance.
  11. Define a number of years ago....to give some context.
  12. OMG I am in the same camp as AT I think. Why not have a farming subsidy linked to meeting the standards required to get on the shelves on national retailers?? I know that TESCO et al have a reputation fro driving down prices, but it seems when it comes to meat (unsurprisingly given incidents over the years), these standards are pretty reasonable. So, farm produce that can be of benefit to the Island or don't get taxpayer assistance. Seems pretty logical to me????
  13. Exactly. Easy to say I know......however, if I was a TT competitor involved in a 160+mph crash.....decapitation would likely be a better alternative than some of the other possibilities.
  14. I suppose it emphasises it was quick.....nay instant. If we accept that the TT has inherent danger, of which the riders and their families are fully aware, why then do we object to the details of incidents being in the public domain??
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