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  1. Judging by some of the comments on here, I would suggest the estimated figure is a bit on the low side
  2. Oh dear "I've been told not to bother with you".....How old are you? Thankfully I don't bother much with this little kids club site now. Only pop on now and again to see if any grown ups have joined. Once again you prove they haven't
  3. Thankfully the wannabe mayor did not get elected
  4. cash prizes for karaoke eh. Wonder why no other pub/club have ever thought of that
  5. Could be an ideal time to step up your security MDO.............the pillock is obviously besotted with you
  6. Yeah, being concerned about your empty threats is quite funny. Concerned enough to want to go crying to the police about them? Yes, I thought that was funny, and I remember challenging you to do so. You were too scared even for that. You are beyond pathetic Actually, beyon pathetic would be you and your "I'm dead 'ard" comments. A course of strong medication would be better suited to you than wasting police time
  7. it seems that the people who should stand never do. You always end up with celebrity wannabe's
  8. Hardly a pastime you bell end
  9. Maybe you are just getting old? (Don't take that the wrong way, I've been thinking the people in pubs/doctors/police etc, look far too young for ages now) Do you mean "don't the police look young" syndrome
  10. Can't argue with that John but you know as well as I do, the license trade is on its arse at the moment so all the promises by various clubs and pubs about not letting people under 21 in goes out the window. Not a lot of our age group enjoy a night out with drunken teenagers
  11. Think is is only temporary..It opens up as a stationery supplier in the not too distant future
  12. some lovely photos of Tholtans http://www.flickr.com/photos/irishwasa/6036013713/in/pool-tholtans it's a pity there isn't an initiative to allow restoration of these as they all seem to be in ideal locations
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