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  1. Judging by some of the comments on here, I would suggest the estimated figure is a bit on the low side
  2. Oh dear "I've been told not to bother with you".....How old are you? Thankfully I don't bother much with this little kids club site now. Only pop on now and again to see if any grown ups have joined. Once again you prove they haven't
  3. Thankfully the wannabe mayor did not get elected
  4. cash prizes for karaoke eh. Wonder why no other pub/club have ever thought of that
  5. Could be an ideal time to step up your security MDO.............the pillock is obviously besotted with you
  6. Yeah, being concerned about your empty threats is quite funny. Concerned enough to want to go crying to the police about them? Yes, I thought that was funny, and I remember challenging you to do so. You were too scared even for that. You are beyond pathetic Actually, beyon pathetic would be you and your "I'm dead 'ard" comments. A course of strong medication would be better suited to you than wasting police time
  7. it seems that the people who should stand never do. You always end up with celebrity wannabe's
  8. Hardly a pastime you bell end
  9. Maybe you are just getting old? (Don't take that the wrong way, I've been thinking the people in pubs/doctors/police etc, look far too young for ages now) Do you mean "don't the police look young" syndrome
  10. Can't argue with that John but you know as well as I do, the license trade is on its arse at the moment so all the promises by various clubs and pubs about not letting people under 21 in goes out the window. Not a lot of our age group enjoy a night out with drunken teenagers
  11. Think is is only temporary..It opens up as a stationery supplier in the not too distant future
  12. some lovely photos of Tholtans http://www.flickr.com/photos/irishwasa/6036013713/in/pool-tholtans it's a pity there isn't an initiative to allow restoration of these as they all seem to be in ideal locations
  13. thanks for that Tweek - tea now successfully gone up my nose
  14. Most licensees operate a 25 policy, if you look 25 or under you get asked for ID. Its automatic, avoids confusion at who is over 18 and safeguards their licence Most licencees operate a 25 policy eh. When was the last time you were in a pub or club over here John. You can go into certain establishments and the majority look as though they should still be in school never mind a licensed venue
  15. Gladys unfortunately it did happen as my work colleague knows the poor girl involved. She was named out of spite on FB by her "so called friends". Hope she has learnt a lesson in how to pick friends after this
  16. Is it the same guy that run it under the name Chris Burns Family butcher?
  17. She has the worst customer service I have noticed in a long while, which does genuinely make it a pleasure to go in appetites to experience it. Very amusing. If she likes you then your sandwich is normally slightly cheaper. I don't recall being charged the same price twice for the same filling. As you say though, it is the amusement value you go in for
  18. This is indeed correct. I know of several establishments that have been avoided in the past due to pillocks on the door. Again though, you will find it is not the door staff who decide who is coming in but the management of said establishment. Door staff will of course recognise total divs and will not allow them in but that is down to experience. The more you read into the initial posting and some subsequent comments, makes you think he was more than a little drunk and the doorman was just trying to do his job
  19. if it was that good, how come nobody else has bothered to comment
  20. Slinky, only the post office know how quickly they can turn it around. Why not wait until first thing tomorrow and call them
  21. Nice one thanks. You know, comedians are paid really well because, well basically they are professional and genuinely good at what they do. How come some posters believe satire and comedy is SO easy and show themselves up for what they really are.....simply sad. welcome to MF
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