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  1. My son's double cab pick up is for sale - its in really good clean condition and someone is going to get a bargain. Its got plenty of arf arf man appeal and yet can be driven by a girly if required. Drove it all through the snow last year with no problems at all. I attach some pics. If you're interested please call 07624 496906 - It's a steal and negotiable around £5K.
  2. Does it really matter that a participant did not know who was in charge? Isn't it supposed to be about the charity? Of course it matters. And it is all about the charity - Cancer Research UK. The Teams should know who is in charge of their event - for just what has happened. If the person had directed the complainant to the right person then we would not be having this conversation right now and everybody including the MHK knows this. We were all there, we could have dealt with this immediately and properly. I'm not going to say any more about this - it is really disheartening after all our hard work and the reason why the event was put on in the first place.
  3. If someone complains during the Commonwealth Youth Games that the lights are too bright is it ok then to nip down to the powerstation and get them to turn them off since they are the suppliers of the power? Or should you be contacting the organisers of the event? The whole point is this - 3FM were not running the event, they carry no responsibility like we did - we were and are responsible - and I thought that all the team members were awre of this - including said MHK who was himself a team member last year. This is simply stunning behaviour on so many levels. Instead our event has been hijacked, and I for one have been left with a very very bad taste in my mouth.
  4. "Just reading this for the first time. I was just outside the NSC Grandstand gate when Mr Corkish arrived. He introduced himself as MHK for the Ballabrooie area and said that some of his constituents had been complaining that the music was loud and that the same song was being played over and over again. I think he thought I was a doorman of sorts. I was just there to do some laps for Team Samaritans. I directed him to the 3FM stand." What time did this happen? Why didnt you tell anyone? Simply stunned. Do you really think 3FM organised the event?
  5. something which may interest you to know, however, is that I posted on iomonline at 1035 and it is still being moderated.......hmmmmmm
  6. I should just like to say that I am 'one of the organisers' of the Cancer Research Relay for Life event which was on at the NSC this weekend, and indeed am the person responsible for the Candle of Hope Ceremony. The first song once the 400 candles were all lit and I had said a few words by about 9pm was a quiet song called 'look for me in rainbows' by Vicki Brown to a piano accompanyment, there was then a song by Celine Dionne, a minutes silence and then SUBO and Time to Say goodbye sung by Sarah Brightman - hardly likely to drown out the MGP commentary on a still night. We know the rules - we're not stupid. At no point was I asked to keep the music down, and I am certain that had this been requested to any of the others then at some point over the next few hours other members of the committee would have told me. However, I will check and let you know.
  7. If anyone knows anyone else who is doing Movember this year, can you put them in touch with me please? I'm trying to organise a big Gala parte at the end of it all so the more the merrier! Grow a Mo for the month of November and raise money for prostate cancer and come to a big party at the end of it! http://uk.movember.com thanks
  8. Haven't posted for a long time so if I'm in the wrong place - just slap my legs hard!! Old timers and readers of my blog will know that cancer research is a topic very close to my heart having gone all the way with my daughter through 3 years of treatment culminating in a bone marrow autograft. Thank God for Liverpool Royal Hospital is what I say!! I'm helping to organise the Cancer Research Relay for Life at the NSC on the August Bank Holiday Weekend. There are already 36 teams all geared up and ready to go but i need cancer survivors to be our VIP guests and kick the day off with a gentle stroll round the NSC and then they will be whisked off to watch the proceedings in the upstairs suite with a choice of nibbles and soft drinks and maybe even some champers!! So far i have managed to round up 21 survivors and i KNOW there's many many more. If you know someone who might be prepared to show up and even stroll round the NSC I would be delighted to hear from them. Just get in touch with me here - or you can find out more and register here: > http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/relay/ways_to_take_part/survivor/?a=0 and finally to anyone complaining that the money goes off the Island - when my daughter went to Liverpool for her treatment they didn't say oh we cant treat you because you're Manx!!! When the cure is found we will all benefit!!!!
  9. There's 2 types of godbotherer story, one where the punchline is 'that was when I carried you' and the other ends with 'i sent a boat and then a helicopter, what more did you want?'Today I spoke to a lady whose partner is dying in the most awful way - I cannot even write what she told me about how he is suffering, truly indescribable. Her faith frightened me because it felt almost inhuman and devoid of normal outrage in the face of this apalling cancer, and I admired and felt humbled by her strength - she turned to go and for a moment she held my arm really tightly like someone drowning and I caught a glimpse of real agony and dawning horror in her face. I hoped that whoever was carrying her would be able to manage till the boat arrived. He might be out of pain by the time you read this, lets hope so.
  10. Tonto

    Meaning Of Life

    Does anyone know if heinz tomato sauce is pasteurised or not?New diet this time called 'neutropenic' normally i'd snigger of course....
  11. on weds last my daughter calls dhss patient transfer from the liverpool royal hospital to ask to be transferred to the last flight since she must wait to see a doctor. she is told why are you calling so late to request this and if you don't have a letter for the audit trail then no we can't transfer you. end of conversation. my daughter having just been told her cancer had returned and she would be facing more chemo and a bone marrow transplant not surprisingly fell apart. if herboyfriend hadn't called a friend of a friend and got it sorted who knows what would be the story? I was not there and had I been then there would have been a great story in the media the following morning at 7am. instead I had to listen to the dhss minister smugly telling his interviewer that people were patting him on the back and saying they were with him. well I would suspect that 98% of them hadn't been using the dhss lately. since when does someone in patient transfer talk about audit trail paperwork to a patient calling from a hospital? if they hv problems with their audit then that's not the patient's problem it is the management's problem. imagine that this was your child your grandchild, your wife, your son and tell me you would be happy with that response?I so want to take thee people on their worst sick day with a hangover shove them on the red eye make them wait for hours with no food or drink, belt a few doses of chemo throygh them, wait another hour or two then tell them to ring patient transfer and see if they can remember their name never mind where their audit trail is.as you can tell, I am incandescent.
  12. writing this on my pda from a ward in the royal liverpool hospital - guess what came back? there'll be more f5om here shortly sorry to say. hope springs eternal and all that.... more chemo but with more poke this time. fingers crossed everyone we're fighting again.
  13. excuse me? It was dark? You mean he didn't have his headlights on?!!!! I can just almost with a great deal of help and suspending any disbelief imagine that you might just possibly miss seeing a person in the dark cavorting about the road with no hi viz - but you come up or down that road with your lights on, not speeding and you miss seeing a CAR at the side of the road?!!! Heaven help us all.
  14. Here's something you can do, even if you are against troops being anywhere.... send a fiver via paypal to help buy and send a serviceman/woman a Christmas parcel this year: http://www.supportoursoldiers.co.uk/yellowrib.html Hope I've done the link correctly. I defy anyone to remain unaffected after reading the thankyou letters from last year's efforts.
  15. Tonto


    Found this on a forces website today: Although he could not say with words the love he felt inside, He treasured every moment and his heart would fill with pride, He never said I love you but he came to every game, Even in defeat his son knew he loved him just the same, He'd pat him on the head Or maybe ruffle up his hair, And tell him he was proud of him as long as he played fair, When he graduated college I love you wasn't said, He smiled as he shook his hand mumbling, well done my boy instead, When his son went to war he trembled as he spoke, And brushing away the tears he made a little joke, Now, his son's come home and he stands with eyes downcast, His hands stroking the coffin, saying I love you son at last.
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