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  1. I hope Rob's doing a maths degree. How can his department claim that where we live is open for business and that we're the Isle of Can when they have no interest to welcome big investment, create new jobs and are quite happy to see businesses leave in droves. Does this add up for the tax payer. We sell excess electric to the UK for around 5p per kW but they won't sell it to a local business looking to treble energy consumption for 7p per kW. How on earth will the MUA ever increase the amount of power they sell to local business if our politicians cannot do basic maths. Good luck Rob you'll need a few qualifications come the next election if we don't see some common sense.
  2. Here's one for Rob Callister and the rest of them. We use quite a lot of power but we could treble the amount we use. We would also create additional employment directly and indirectly as well as additional work for local CSP's. Sounds good? Nope. Callister and his pals are dillutional when it comes to what is good for the Island. The MUA sell excess power back to the UK for 4/5p per kW we could bring extra jobs and millions of pounds of investment if they would do a deal at 7p per kW for several extra mW's. We'd still pay our current rate for what we use all we're asking is to negotiate to bring this additional investment to the Island. Makes you think that nobody in government can count.
  3. Get your IOM British Cycling Championship 2017 Beer, T-shirts, hats hoodies all coming soon at most decent car boot sales.
  4. They have just advertised for a marketing position could be a tough job now they have raised prices. Saying that the salary was shit so they aren't going to attract a genius to the vacant job.
  5. Want to buy isleofman.tt Rob? You can have it for 10K,bargain.
  6. Yep quite right. Some would call it taking the initiative, those idiots have already bought domains relating to the TT and rather than learn from their mistakes they continue to make the same ones. So why not? If they are fool enough not to own the obvious they deserve to learn the hard way!!
  7. If anybody wants to make a few quid out of Rob and his pals at the DED, go and get yourself the isleofman.tt domain and sell it back to the DED let the fun and games begin, just a storm in a teacup when our so called government of the people try and sue Trinidad and Tobago
  8. If anybody wants to make a few quid out of Rob and his pals at the DED, go and get yourself the isleofman.tt domain and sell it back to the DED let the fun and games begin, just a storm in a teacup when our so called government of the people try and sue Trinidad and Tobago
  9. It could have been worse for him, he could have had his name released on Manx net tonight as quite a few others being named as part of the Ashley Madison hack. I guess there will be a few bags being packed as we speak.
  10. There were quite a few names released tonight on Manx nets classifieds, somebody trying to sell the list for 200.00 funny enough I knew a certain well known eGaming name on the list despite him having quite a nice missus.
  11. Just watched it and it is terrible, the IoM does not look good either, looking at the website of another operator from the IoM it looks like exactly the same thing is going on, not being responsible for crew, not being responsible for maintenance makes you think what are they responsible for, I certainly won't be flying with them.
  12. It's a big joke, at least Howard has more money to organise a trip to LA or Rio to check out a few of their hospitalities. Bring on the revolution please ASAP.
  13. Not too fussed about the tax he's done fuck all with NI for employers and the self employed.
  14. Pie, I'll be paying more tax for one as I'm not quite on the dole.Vat is still the same, I seriously hope Labour get in and reduce VAT as a stimulus for growth or increase the threshold for vat registration to a level that gives small to medium size businesses the opportunity to grow and make a small profit before they have to give 20% to the government.
  15. No problem Woolley, it's a right bumer as I love this place and those of us in the lower middle earning bracket 42 to 45 k for a couple are getting hammered while those at the top are ok thank you very much no tax increase for them and those who for whatever reason are at the bottom end are ok still if anything better off and those right at the bottom are even better of again and will possibly get a bigger tax rebate for not getting out of bed to find a job.
  16. 11 hundred take home, or less if the 15 k is from being self employed, rent or mortgage 700 a month, two kids, food 300 a month and petrol car tax electricity rates phone and so on. 15k is fuck all to live on and it certainly doesn't put you into the middle earners category.
  17. Woolley I'm local more local than most and it's not all about money it's about fairness. Plenty of places across that can offer the same if not better than what's on offer here. Be realistic on what have we got that can't be found in Cornwall, Yorkshire, Wales, scenery just as good, easy enough to find a good school, reasonably priced housing, cheaper manx lamb. ...yummie and cheaper flights to the sun and not everywhere is a crime hot spot. Grandad was a manxie kids are manx and I schooled here studied here and have worked here since 15 apart from a few years overseas. What's the USP for the island?
  18. Having now had chance to look at this its looking like we would be better off in the UK. Hardly any difference in tax and the slight increase is offset by cheaper houses, food and flights to the sun. Boat in the morning if it's working.
  19. So yet again the hard working middle income group get thumped cheers Eddie. I think I'll sack someone as you've done fuck all for the self employed middle earners.Not only are we paying NI at a higher rate for the privilege of all the headaches, pay employers NI and pay fucking vat because our turnover is higher than the threshold so we're left with fuck all. Better off closing shop, signing on and becoming unemployable. Fucking clueless twats all of them. As far as NEETS are concerned again they haven't got a fucking clue. Been there and done that waste of fucking time to do it again they would have to pay me and pay the NEET's wages for all the back chat and attitude you get for trying to give them a job. A few more coming your way Eddie for your unemployment figures.
  20. Moffatt was good on the radio today having a pop at Unite for their full support of Labours plans to get the island shut down if they win the election. Such a shame Eric Holmes hasn't got the balls to stand up for all his members who could lose their jobs courtesy of Unite's support of a Labour Party intent on destroying the island's economy. I think he could be running out of members soon because if Labour get in thanks to MaCluskey and Co there won't be many left working in the finance sector.
  21. Didn't like the man and didn't trust him. Spat the dummy out instead of working from within COMIN for change. I hope this isn't a coup de etat because Mr Bell doesn't deserve to be treated this way especially when he's off sick. He's not had a great pack of people to work with and he's possibly been CM during one of the difficult economic periods we have had.
  22. Cheers pie but how the hell do those twats sat in their cosy little office handing out fines and snotty letters know if you're going to pay it back. I know a few crafty twats who take a directors loan then have got their clever accountants to fiddle another loan to pay of the existing one. Your right it is a fucking rant because I'm sick to death of the little man being walloped whilst those smug bastards do fuck all except help the mega rich get richer. Bring on the revolution.
  23. Very true and they won't change the system because the majority of people who in my opinion are the engine room of the economy continually get shit on. Those people who don't rely on hand outs, who take risks in setting up their own small to medium size businesses get hammered for doing so. It's much easier to work for someone else or jack it in and sign on but if everyone did that we would be even more screwed than we would be by a few multi millionaires leaving. It's a fucking nightmare working for yourself with red tape everywhere and unless your doing really well not everyone can afford clever accountants you have to do the lot in the hope that one day you have a successful business. If these people are threatening to leave it's such a small threat in comparison to all the small business people threatening to close shop unless the government does more to level NI and tax for this group too.
  24. Mr Smelly eloquently said, and to top that one of our masters up in the wedding cake had the nerve to have a pop at the black economy rather than look at the legislation that allows the super rich to get even more rich. I'd rather see someone doing a bit cash in hand than being a sponge on the dole. It's not a big fucking deal a bigger deal is taking a fucking minimal directors salary paying fucking all in tax and then taking a million pound loan from the business with no intention of paying it back. These twats make me puke. All I'm asking for is that just as much respect is given to the grafters as those sat in their million pound houses as there are more of us than there are of them.
  25. Just back from the shit hole that is London which contains everything I hate about consumerism and globalisation, seeing the wealth that some of these city bankers have makes me sick however worse still it now appears that the treasury hmrc is complicit in picking and choosing when to turn a blind eye and when to finish someone. The whole system sucks that these twats get away with paying fuck all yet if your late. ..The hard working middle class little man, with a tax return you get fucking fined, late with a vat return fined but if you hide all your money employ creative accounts and have no moral conscience you get away with it. They can all jump ship if they behave like that.
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