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  1. Tim Glover fucking bleating to the Chief Minister at the Press Briefings makes me feel like he is Whinging fucking spoilt kid at school snitching for what he has heard by someone in his class. I am not saying he is wrong but if he knows all the things that are wrongfully happening why doesn’t he use the official telephone number to report such issues as opposed to wanting to be a sensationalist whinging twat. Dim fucker.
  2. I was under the impression that young offenders were 17+ before being held at Jurby??
  3. So what you are saying is let the Commissioners do what they want? Add the odd 'classic crab mentality' into your reply and that makes it better? Port Erin residents and indeed anyone has the right to question these type of Grand proposals and you're just saying let them do it, even if it is an eyesore and a blot on the Port Erin Landscape. Are you possibly a Port Erin Commissioner?
  4. Also the small road to this proposal, and as you say the car park facilities at present does not support such a large structure/establishment, the structure is not within keeping of the surrounding area and I have to question why such a grand scheme as opposed to a more in keeping facility would be more delicate to such a small seaside establishment. This is a very large structure and I do question who in the Commissioners are pushing for such a large eyesore or maybe they are playing tactics going for large and later accepting a smaller building. I also would like to know what the knock on ££ effect for Port Erin Rate Payers?? Anyway they have 9 Commissioners in Port Erin so one of them may come on here and help us out.
  5. Blinkin 9 of them! Thanks TheTeaPot
  6. Can someone tell me who are the Commissioners of Port Erin? it would be nice to email them and maybe point them to this forum. Also do we know who the Architect is as it maybe them that are pushing the Commission's in this direction. I may consider approaching the Captain of the Parish to see if he could call a public meeting with these Commissioners so we can actually question them on this proposal.
  7. So where is these clowns explanation as to why they didn't vote for this lady, 2 Ramsey members and 2 Douglas members! Like the lady or not, why did they nominate, second and support her, then dumped her!
  8. I suspect Minister Cregeen has been placed in a department with some very clever “Heads” who will make decisions for him, this is probably the safest place to put him at present and very clever of Howard Quayle to put him there, and I personally believe GC will not put himself up for re-election at the next general election, here’s hoping anyway, because he does not inspire any public confidence at all, in a nutshell his time in Government is up!
  9. Will this bloke serve his sentence at Jurby or be shipped off Island? Just wondered if a disgraced Copper will be welcomed by possibly peeps that he may have put there?
  10. Ray is no longer with us as he died a few years back.
  11. The Isle of Man Judiciary is an absolute disgrace at present and doesn't seem accountable to anyone, I wonder if it needs a root and branch overhaul? I would love to know the thoughts of our Chief Constable on this disgraceful ruling, so much Police, Courts and TT Marshalls time totally ignored.
  12. Such a very sad situation and I genuinely sympathise with the family of this poor guy and indeed anyone going through whatever issues they are having. I have to say after looking at social media last evening 3fm and IOM Police it was a frenzy of remove the post, don't say this and don't say that ffs no wonder so many peeps get confused especially with FB, one person was private messaging people about their comments and one busy body lady took to both pages to tell everyone to shut up (I really hate FB). Social media at its very best during a totally tragic incident.
  13. Hope everyone is OK, who's bin wagon was it?
  14. I wonder who were the interview team? Blame them!
  15. In fairness to the Cops (and I haven't got a clue who was at fault here) these Police vehicles are on the road 24/7 so statistically I am pretty sure they are more prone to collision incidents. Glad nobody was hurt and a bit of metal even in the form of Ferrari or Transit can be replaced.
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