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  1. Just catching up on some IOM Government moves and announcements I notice that farmer boy Tim Johnston MHK for Ayre & Michael has been appointed the Minister of Enterprise (even after stating twice in his manifesto that he would not take on a ministerial role) that aside, Tim did announce the very unpopular latest and massive price hike relating to our electricity charges which has caused lots of upset to many struggling at present. Now this is the cynical bit, Alf is also an MHK for Ayre & Michael and if the unpopular decision of announcing a massive price hike has to be made, well who better than his colleague/possible next opponent at the next General Election….Nice one Alf. I think Tim Johnston could have possibly been thrown under the political bus by his mate Alf… Just my personal cynical view and only time will tell.
  2. Last Ten

    Firm closing

    Thats a housing estate in the making, the big guns would get at least 200 houses on that place.
  3. I totally agree but he didn’t, he has lied to his voters and they won’t forgive him at the next general election.
  4. The poor people of Ayre and Michael’s are now f***ed as one of their MHK’s is the Chief Minister and now the other is a Minister, who won’t have any time for their electorate. My family will not vote for these clowns at the next General Election, especially Judas.
  5. Judas Johnston springs to mind…
  6. I think the parent group would agree with you there.
  7. There is one Politician that can sort this mess out in DHSC and Manx Care and that is Mrs Poole-Wilson, I don’t always agree with some of her policies but she is a very thorough and sound Minister. Her role in DHA is important but could be done by someone else as most of the heads in her Divisions are quite astute. Just my views which of course could be totally wrong.
  8. "How mental are you?" Such an uneducated and totally pathetic reply.
  9. ...You mean the 3 Witches of which Alf is obviously under THEIR spell... Alf is obviously a very weak leader and should have stood up to them, sadly he chose the easy way out by losing 1 not 3.
  10. I have a real desire to be able to Photoshop all these characters together in a picture with the grim reaper and knives being drawn by certain members, and the Chief Minister on the floor begging for forgiveness from Rob 🤣🤣 OK it won't happen but what a total disaster is this Government.
  11. Lawrie the fast talker will feed us with utter spin and very fast Bullshit over the next few weeks, Lawrie will be moved somewhere else very fastly, he is a fast moving Politician that takes some listening too. Lawrie FFS slow down man!!
  12. New Chief Fire Officer next or has nepotism been allowed to continue in the Fire Brigade by DJ Dan?
  13. This particular lady is sooooooo politically correct, she will not put a foot out of place without Alf's fully signed approval, I believe KLB won't either for some strange reason. Alf's little reign of leadership and rooting out the rotten apples in our lazy Government seems to be coming to an end as even his closest are deciding to desert his slowly sinking ship.
  14. Last Ten

    Isle of Pride

    I have just googled it and the page is gone but Google images hasn't 🤣
  15. Last Ten

    Isle of Pride

    So would I be right in thinking or remembering some of the Pride team were MHK's and Ministers? if so it's probably their political correctness that has had something to do with the ending of it. Maybe with them removed the Pride community can hopefully regroup with non political members and hopefully not with politicians, especially those associated with the IOM Constabulary!
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