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  1. The Isle of Man Constabulary need a very strong experienced leader with a proven track record to lead the IOM Constabulary into the future, someone who will listen but be firm and very positive and decisive, they need to get away from being told by politicians what to do (as the politicians are just literally people off the street). Gary Roberts in fairness is a clever bloke, but he tows the political line and his hands are tied into the Department of Home Affairs. Strong and fair leadership will bring a good team of members of staff with him or her. I personally believe an off Island Chief either male or female with no nepotism ties and no matey matey connections will fulfil this role.
  2. Do we know who the 3 Councillor's that voted for the motion?
  3. Write to the HBN Trust and ask them directly - https://www.hbnhealthcaretrust.org.im
  4. Maybe his family have requested his passing to be kept between family and friends!
  5. Perhaps you need to be an adviser on the Isle of Man Emergency Services forum, they are obviously missing something... like your opinion! #justsaying
  6. Maybe the Police need to view the CCTV footage of this place and knock on a few of the doors of these irrisponsible individuals..
  7. Because the tide could have possibly dragged the car into the Harbour resulting in the Ben my Chree being unable to berth, it doesn't matter how much it cost, all expenses will be forwarded to the car owners insurance company, and thats why this R plate drivers insurance will cost a fortune to renew, thats if his/her licence is still valid and not taken away before renewal!!!
  8. This amount of money would fund a small dedicated Gov department team to concentrate on footpath clearance on a weekly all year round basis, why have they farmed it out to some volunteers with a contract price as stated in the newspaper article?? Time for Tim Crookall to get a grip and either justify it or bin it!
  9. I wonder who will be the first to jump ship and and return to what they were elected to be??
  10. One thing that I really do hope is that Cregeen doesn't try his hand in trying to go via the back door to get into LEGCO, his history of massive calamities as a Minister speaks for themselves and I am sure the new and existing female MHK's will understand that he has treated them so bad in the past with his rather aggressive views and arrogant ways in the way he has responded to their questionoing. He needs to dust off his painters overalls and get on painting or even going back to being a Postie.
  11. I have one question: What does the Children's Champion and Onchan MHK have to say in all of this?
  12. Errrm have you seen the North West Area Plan? Things are 'not' fairly good, these existing and prospective candidates are deaf to the issues facing their constituents, they have no opinion to tell us about the issues facing the possible major expansion of these small communities. They at present are not fit for purpose as they are totally embroiled in the Ministerial black hole and forgotten us mere mortals. Baker and Cannan are not here for us at all, so our votes in my house go to anyone, yes anyone who opposes them.
  13. Alf is a nice bloke in fairness, will promise you all sorts, Mr nice guy, however he is totally sucked into the IOM Governments Ministerial black hole system and as such he is a total fucking disaster as a constituency MHK. You vote him back and you can expect exactly the same for the next 5 years.... Think hard peeps. iIronically Baker is the same, but I am not sure if he is standing at all? If the truth knows neither is he, to busy cycling and bible bashing. Vote wisely.
  14. Would you really expect this behaviour from a national politician? I really hope not, we're in a right mess on the Isle of Man at present and we could do with some really savvy forward thinking candidates, not these homophobic, silly jibe lunatics that are prevalent on social media at present.
  15. Mr Flint are you positively sure? Stand by your statement if you agree.
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