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  1. I think in fairness to Manx Radio, they can only report on what the emergency services send them in press releases etc, seems like this one is locked down big style by the Police and I get that, even if a reporter turns up at the scene the Police will tell them nothing, so Manx Radio or anyone else will get nowt.
  2. I very much like your reasoning here, it probably sums up LEGCO and these new women that are desperate to make a name for themselves. If you think about it they are holding up policy scrutiny and legislation by trying to introduce half hatched ideas. The public will not be fooled but unfortunately we are being misled in so many ways by them. These LEGCO lot must be the most unpopular unelected by the general public so far and sadly I put that down to the last intake of women (exception of Poole Wilson). By the way what’s it with all the double barrelled surnames on most of them? Jane Poole-Wilson, Katie Lord-Brennan, Tanya August-Hanson?
  3. The Manx Youth Parliament will no doubt have a group of precocious stuck up brats being coached by their yuppee parents encouraging them into becoming a future politician whereas Junior Tynwald gathers a few kids from ordinary schools and brings them to the House of Keys and lets them ask questions for one day only.
  4. Just read this on Manx Radio I personally think that if approved it will no doubt slow down our already slow process of Tynwald and introduce more bloody red tape in the do gooders (i.e. we better consult the children before doing anything further). Tanya August-Hanson MLC should get on with scrutinising legislation not making policy, that would be up to our present elected MHK's not an unelected person like her.
  5. Jason Moorhouse MHK another strange Southern member from the constituency of Arbory, Castletown and Malew. I have said this many, many times and I will say it again; Thank you to the constituents of Arbory, Castletown and Malew for voting in two absolute muppets, you get the two who you deserve (Cregeen and Moorehouse).
  6. Last Ten


    I wonder whatever happened to Mr Coole the Ballakermeen swimming teacher? He was sadistic.
  7. Last Ten


    Agreed but to do that you need balls, sadly the guy hasn't got any.
  8. Last Ten


    What do you expect when the Minister is Graham Cregeen! I always blame the electorate of Arbory, Castletown and Malew for voting him in as an MHK in the first place, you get what you deserve Arbory, Castletown and Malew however in this case he is affecting every IOM tax payer. Not fit for purpose springs to my mind everytime I hear of him.
  9. No doubt a few rooms will be getting prepared (without wifi) up at the Jurby Hilton, in preparation for an influx of peeps. Most of us on here could go down
  10. Mr Cregeen has got a terrible track record with heading Departments, have you noticed when he gets interviewed on the radio you can hear his frustration and slight temper at anyone daring to challenge his views, the guy is really a poor politician and I have said this many times on here that the people get who they deserve and Arbory, Castletown and Malew we can only thank you lot for electing this Painter & Decorator/Postman/Clown.
  11. Last Ten

    Cut & paste

    I am sure like most issues within Government, it will soon blow over and be forgotten about! However if this was a junior Civil Servant that committed the same Copy & Paste "crime" and was caught out, would they face disciplinary procedures?
  12. I notice the screwfix shop is not far off opening
  13. Anyone got any updates about Screwfix coming to the Island?
  14. One thing springs to mind here, one of the Fairy Houses were ironically set up in Skelly's constituency, I have no idea where the others are and if there are any connection with other members constituencies!!! I am sooo cynical.
  15. I think that this Government has more pressing legislation to approve at present, maybe the charity is wanting some attention and have chosen a sensational headline to get them recognised a bit more?! And I just wonder if there have been any prosecutions on the Island that would warrant this offence to be part of Manx legislation??
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