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  1. Last Ten

    Trouble at Okells

    This company is the second largest employer on the IOM so nobody in the intelligence house in Bucks Rd will want to rock the boat or upset them.
  2. Last Ten


    Or potentially suitable for someone called Ra who wants to be a foreman RA 4 4MAN...... Sorry very childish of me I know
  3. Last Ten

    When is the next "Mountain Road" closure planned ?

    I am considering a FOI request to see how many times the Mountain has been closed this year and last year for anything other than RTC's, lot's of Northern living peeps are so pissed off with the Mountain Road being closed at the drop of a hat.
  4. Last Ten

    Manx Radio

    Which MHK or MLC is leading this? It smells very much of Skelly!
  5. Last Ten

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    In similar words to you - Who really gives a flying f**k Glad you have found something though to keep you amused ;-)
  6. Last Ten

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Just looked at the IOM politics page again and there are some new Admins, how long before they get their heads chopped off and sent to the burning chambers of hell?
  7. Last Ten

    Slopey Shouldered MHK Cregeen

    Bit of an over reaction Declan!!! Were talking about students/pupils using mobile phones that interfere with their education not a Government blanket ban at all times, calm down a bit with your headlines.
  8. Last Ten

    Slopey Shouldered MHK Cregeen

    That is weak leadership to be honest Kopek, so school A can do one thing and school B something different! I think an across the board policy would enable a more rigid policy instead of a wishy washy spineless policy that this weak individual promotes. Yep I am happy to have a go at Cregeen, he is a very highly paid so called MHK that has a record of failure and weak leadership, he is supposedly in position to promote good policy and fairness across Government but chooses to sit on the fence and be everyone’s friend. As mentioned above his constituents have exactly who they deserve, in my opinion a guy that struggles to promote policy and fairness and a guy best suited to being a painter which he was originally and maybe delivering letters as a postman rather than a person struggling big style trying to head our kids Education system.
  9. Last Ten

    Slopey Shouldered MHK Cregeen

    You want him to give some direction?! Lol never happening P.K.
  10. Last Ten

    Slopey Shouldered MHK Cregeen

    Just heard an article on Manx Radio relating to Castle Rushen School restricting mobile phones during school time, personally I don't care if kids have mobile phones at school or not but sloppy shoulders Cregeen who cannot make a decision to save his life (and if he does its usually a balls up) has put the emphasise of blame onto the school with this issue. Via Manx Radio - "Education Minister Graham Cregeen says it's not up to him to measure if the new policy is a success or not". I thought as Education Minister he is ultimately responsible for EducationPolicy? He doesn't really want to upset anyone does he? If it fails he will blame the Head Teacher won't he? This guy needs to really grow a set and either direct a yes or no in his Department, rather than sit on the fence. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/high-school-restricts-mobile-phone-use/
  11. Last Ten

    Moorhouse and Castletown Square

    He maybe should!! Lol are you sure your not Mr Moorhouse, so is that a yes he should or no he shouldn’t?
  12. Last Ten

    Moorhouse and Castletown Square

    Did anyone hear this so called MHK on the radio today dithering over if the Commissioners should pedestrianise Castletown Square or not?! He was dithering so much and thinking it was a good idea sometimes and a bad idea at other times. The radio presenter tried to push him on whether he supports it or not and he said it's up to the Commissioners. Whoever put him in the House of Keys, you deserve him. How much is he getting paid again to sit on the fence?
  13. Last Ten


    Question - Will this guy be able to take legal action against the newspaper or Courts? Or is the newspaper allowed to report alleged offences and name people legally? (in this case an innocent man). This is a genuine question and this needs questioning and investigated by our elected members of the House of Keys as a matter of urgency.
  14. Last Ten

    Manx Radio Apology (29th June)

    Thank you, I was beginning to think I was hearing stupidity!
  15. Last Ten

    Manx Radio Apology (29th June)

    Cheers Gladys I think he said they unreservedly apologise for a Manx Radio intern using the word beginning in W at last years Tynwald Ceremony. If I could find it on a recording I would link it here. Thanks