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  1. I have a real desire to be able to Photoshop all these characters together in a picture with the grim reaper and knives being drawn by certain members, and the Chief Minister on the floor begging for forgiveness from Rob 🤣🤣 OK it won't happen but what a total disaster is this Government.
  2. Lawrie the fast talker will feed us with utter spin and very fast Bullshit over the next few weeks, Lawrie will be moved somewhere else very fastly, he is a fast moving Politician that takes some listening too. Lawrie FFS slow down man!!
  3. New Chief Fire Officer next or has nepotism been allowed to continue in the Fire Brigade by DJ Dan?
  4. This particular lady is sooooooo politically correct, she will not put a foot out of place without Alf's fully signed approval, I believe KLB won't either for some strange reason. Alf's little reign of leadership and rooting out the rotten apples in our lazy Government seems to be coming to an end as even his closest are deciding to desert his slowly sinking ship.
  5. Last Ten

    Isle of Pride

    I have just googled it and the page is gone but Google images hasn't 🤣
  6. Last Ten

    Isle of Pride

    So would I be right in thinking or remembering some of the Pride team were MHK's and Ministers? if so it's probably their political correctness that has had something to do with the ending of it. Maybe with them removed the Pride community can hopefully regroup with non political members and hopefully not with politicians, especially those associated with the IOM Constabulary!
  7. Stu is a realist and sees things as most normal people do, a small number of the other MHK's are like fucking sheep doing what the boss tells them to do, Callister is one of the sheep and wants to be involved with everything, no track record but just talks a load of Alf talk, his tenure has 4 years left and the people will decide if he has championed anything!
  8. Last Ten

    Garffs MHK

    Praise the Lord...
  9. Maybe look closer to the very feeble and weak political leadership, not sure out of these who this person was employed under their ministerial role i.e. Cretney, Skelly, Gawne, Baker, Crookall and now Thomas, but he beat the bloody lot of them and they left him to his own agenda... They couldn't control or tame this man, they went before him (except Thomas). Maybe look to their Ministerial leadership qualities, they created the beast and no one could control it. You get the MHK's you deserve, some freaking useless and some good, its in your hands.
  10. Last Ten

    Isle of Pride

    I have no problem with the Isle of Pride at all but I do question the amount of political members associated with Pride - https://www.isleofpride.im/meet-the-team/ Ann Corlett MHK, Claire Barber (MHK & Minister) Jane Poole Wilson (MHK and Minister of Justice and Deputy Chief Minister). Lots of Political clout there. Hope no pressure is ever put on Government Departments to do as they say!!!! #justsaying
  11. We went to see the Carnival today which was good, but after seeing Douglas Coastguards FB Post tonight can someone tell me how to join 🤩 In all fairness it was very good, just damp.
  12. More signs will promote sign blindness, there were 100's of signs on the Mountain course during the TT one way system and lots of peeps couldn't read them all, maybe more prudent to add some pedestrian signs on the promenade telling people that the idiotic uncontrolled crossings on the promenade are not there to step out onto the road in front of traffic thinking that they will stop for you. That would be a better use of tax payers money and a safer thing to do Mrs Maltby.
  13. Alf seems to be having a bloody good cull at present, who's next in his long list of meglomaniac civil servants??
  14. Ex Manx Radio DJ Dan Davis and Mrs Politically correct JPW - An agenda that will make the public think everything is so perfect. Keep spinning that wheel of fortune Dan the DHA man 😆
  15. I totally agree but some of our MHK’s are quite pathetically weak, afraid to challenge the establishment. I won’t name who I believe they are but I am sure some will agree.
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