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  1. Sounds like a man in the pub told us story. Tell us your source, where did it come from?
  2. The DHSC will build a few pop up GP booths at some central location and everything will be fine.
  3. A seeming daily occurrence in many Government departments of late!
  4. Close the border in total except for freight and medical reasons, we don't need freakin welders and the likes. Let's hope that this total calamity will pass. CoMin get some balls and shut everyone out now!
  5. Well Ramsey residents we are all being screwed over by Ramsey Group Practice during Covid and even now on a Covid free Island, what a truly disgusting practice who have let the residents of Ramsey and the north down, what a deterioration of our NHS. "Ramsey Group Practice provided only 38% face-to-face appointments on average during September. This compares with 90% at Finch Hill surgery." IOMtoday
  6. And maybe a sign of a deterioration of our once admired IOM Doctors & NHS where it now appears cost savings mean more to our struggling Government as opposed to the health and well being of our IOM residents!
  7. Yeah In some practices but not all - So not difficult but no continuity of Isle of Man GP Services!
  8. Which just goes to show they are all differing in there appointment system.
  9. But they are not standard, they are differing amongst IOM Group practices!
  10. Just reading the article on IOM Today about the abuse some poor Doctors receptionists at Ramsey Group Practice are being subjected to! - IOM Today Simple question, why are Ramsey Group Practice (and I believe Southern Group Practice) still only allowing telephone contacts with a Doctor before being seen, as opposed to other Doctors surgeries on the Island allowing face to face normal appointments, it seems a massive big discrepancy and wondered if our Department of Health and Social Care actually know there is a discrepancy where Ramsey and the South are still operating under Covid condit
  11. Get you, so you pay extra (dental plan) But what about the 1500 on the waiting list??? The situation is still here mate, there are 1500 people that cannot access the same dental service that you can. The main point of this post is that I presume these 1500 people are taxpayers and cannot get the services as everyone else seems to get! Still doesn’t answer why 1500 tax payer are on a waiting list!
  12. So according to 3fm there are more than 1500 peeps on the IOM on the dental waiting list! Don’t forget these people pay their taxes and deserve equality. Is it time the Government realised that the Isle of Man is at total saturation/breaking point with residents, it’s a similar story with people awaiting Hospital consultations etc, etc? We hear so much bullshit that the Government is working hard to address these issues but in reality we’re going backwards, our total infrastructure is at total breaking point, Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists, Mental Health, Police, Schools to name but a
  13. Will he be elected back into Onchan?! I do wish he would have been equally vociferous and forthright when he allowed the Gas Price hike a few years back when he was Chairman of the toothless OFT. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=57963&headline=Commissioners hit back at David Quirk&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2020
  14. I sometimes wonder what Douglas Corporations future vision is? They have got shut of the Horse Trams, Chester Street Car Park, now considering farming out the Amenity site! (I am sure there are more). Where is all of the rates revenue going? staff, vehicles and buildings I presume. Time for change in the Municipal Building, lots of senior staff milking the place dry.
  15. A good post for sure. The trouble being that a department is totally out of control with no firm leadership whatsoever. The leader (Mr Baker) is spinning plates in other areas like the Promenade and the war zone traffic issues in Douglas and elsewhere that he has inherited. it appears to me that many good MHKs that get involved in ministerial positions end up losing the faith of their constituents. Sorry to say that Baker is my MHK and he has fallen into the trap and as such my family will certainly not vote for him at the next general election as he has forgotten the people that put
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