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  1. Will he be elected back into Onchan?! I do wish he would have been equally vociferous and forthright when he allowed the Gas Price hike a few years back when he was Chairman of the toothless OFT. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=57963&headline=Commissioners hit back at David Quirk&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2020
  2. I sometimes wonder what Douglas Corporations future vision is? They have got shut of the Horse Trams, Chester Street Car Park, now considering farming out the Amenity site! (I am sure there are more). Where is all of the rates revenue going? staff, vehicles and buildings I presume. Time for change in the Municipal Building, lots of senior staff milking the place dry.
  3. A good post for sure. The trouble being that a department is totally out of control with no firm leadership whatsoever. The leader (Mr Baker) is spinning plates in other areas like the Promenade and the war zone traffic issues in Douglas and elsewhere that he has inherited. it appears to me that many good MHKs that get involved in ministerial positions end up losing the faith of their constituents. Sorry to say that Baker is my MHK and he has fallen into the trap and as such my family will certainly not vote for him at the next general election as he has forgotten the people that put him there. Mr Cannan is exactly the same, he has been sucked into being Treasury Minister and as such he has fucked his constituents right off, another 4 votes he has lost. LT.
  4. Let’s see what Mr Baker has to say about this over the next few weeks when double deckers will be needed for all the school runs.
  5. Don’t be a tit, not going to drop any of my mates in the shit, have you got any mates?? Idiot.
  6. A mate in the pub this week tells me that they have Bought 8 double decker buses that have recently arrived on the IOM and they cost us silly, stupid tax payers 250k each and they can’t be used as they don’t have Double Decker type approval, and the old buses that they have replaced have been shipped off the Isle of Man. Mr Baker won’t be saying much about this total calamity will he? Totally out of control longtail and Government department!
  7. I believe Mr Baker appears to be seeing through Mr Longtail, watch this space.
  8. Is the new Motor Museum at Jurby closed down? Or still on lock down? Tried to take kids over last 2 weekends and all locked up.
  9. Does this mean all the other places in Peel like the Kiosks on the Prom and Breakwater and the guy who sells sea food near the bridge can open??
  10. The Northern Civic Amenity site will be opening this weekend but the red tape is amusing, I understand the need for social distancing etc, etc but this is the Ramsey Commissioners at its very best, H&S will have led the Commissioners press notice. Just have a look at them bullet points, don't forget to book a slot and whats that all about maintaining access for the Emergency Services??! Love that NO help will be given on site, well fuck all has changed there! Link - https://www.ramsey.gov.im/services/northern-civic-amenity-site/?fbclid=IwAR1I2s4MdHbPdvt4Hu3jAuNreQh12niZdk125a1mBwygAB16MoSySF_hElg The Northern Civic Amenity Site at Balladoole will open this weekend. The site will operate its normal advertised working hours. However there are other restrictions that will apply for the foreseeable future. The site will open 8am Saturday 25th April 2020 to residents of the Northern Parishes ONLY. Last admission is 15 minutes before closing: Monday – Thursday and Saturday 8am - 4:30pm Friday 8am – 4pm Sunday 9am – 4:30pm To avoid the rush to the site and long queues of vehicles on the main road, and to ensure that we maintain access for emergency services beyond our site we are going to be operating a booking system, where people will need to book a time to visit the site for the first couple of weeks initially, however this could be extended depending on the pandemic. A slot should be booked by clicking here. In extreme circumstances it can be arranged over the phone during working hours by ringing 01624 810100. ONLY visit the site if you really need too; be considerate of other users around the North of the Island who will need to use the site as site access is going to be very restricted ONLY 3 cars will be allowed on site at a time You will be limited to no longer than 10 minutes on site, so do not overfill your vehicles as you will be asked to leave site after your time NO trailers will be allowed on site You must observe the 2m social distancing at all times We recommend one person per car per household Waste must be broken down in to manageable bags for one person to move, as help will NOT be given on site Waste must be broken down, compacted and separated prior to entering site. Due to the limited material that we are accepting the gantries have been re-organised for Household burnable Green waste – Cuttings only, no hedges or trees We will not be taking recycling items at this time, but this will be reviewed on a regular basis DO NOT turn up on the off chance that you can get access to the site as you will not be allowed on site Make sure that you give yourself enough time to get to the site for your slot Please remember that the staff are only following instructions laid out for them during the pandemic to ensure everyone’s safety, so be patient and polite.
  11. Gary Roberts is a good Manx Chief Constable dealing with Manx peeps and others and politician's alike, he knows the Isle of Man like the back of his hand, unlike Mr Culverhouse and Mr Langdon who didn't understand how a small jurisdiction runs and they never knew the difference between down North and Kitterland at the Calf! #justsaying
  12. Poor Buster, will really miss listening to him on the radio.
  13. RIP Buster, his eulogy would make interesting reading to see if he actually ever done what he told us on the radio that he done.
  14. So it appears MT have done a tiny bit but Sure nowt. Please remember this when things go back to some form of normality.
  15. Just a thought, what has MT and Sure done to help anyone during these lockdown times? I just seen an advert for EE in the UK and they were offering all medical staff FREE data up until October. I am with Sure and have seen fuck all about helping peeps out during this crisis.
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