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  1. I have one question: What does the Children's Champion and Onchan MHK have to say in all of this?
  2. Errrm have you seen the North West Area Plan? Things are 'not' fairly good, these existing and prospective candidates are deaf to the issues facing their constituents, they have no opinion to tell us about the issues facing the possible major expansion of these small communities. They at present are not fit for purpose as they are totally embroiled in the Ministerial black hole and forgotten us mere mortals. Baker and Cannan are not here for us at all, so our votes in my house go to anyone, yes anyone who opposes them.
  3. Alf is a nice bloke in fairness, will promise you all sorts, Mr nice guy, however he is totally sucked into the IOM Governments Ministerial black hole system and as such he is a total fucking disaster as a constituency MHK. You vote him back and you can expect exactly the same for the next 5 years.... Think hard peeps. iIronically Baker is the same, but I am not sure if he is standing at all? If the truth knows neither is he, to busy cycling and bible bashing. Vote wisely.
  4. Would you really expect this behaviour from a national politician? I really hope not, we're in a right mess on the Isle of Man at present and we could do with some really savvy forward thinking candidates, not these homophobic, silly jibe lunatics that are prevalent on social media at present.
  5. Mr Flint are you positively sure? Stand by your statement if you agree.
  6. Cannan and Baker have totally forgotten about Sulby, Ballaugh and Michael, they have been sucked into Ministerial roles and forgotten the people who put them there. My family will not vote for either of them, Mr Cannan wanted to be a Chief Minister 5 years ago, if that happens again, it's another 5 years of Cannan being out of touch with his constituents (10 years in total) What a total freaking joke. No matter what, anyone is better than these two YES men!! Live by the sword Cannan and Baker - Die by the sword.
  7. Last Ten

    Sure vs MT

    I am unlimited Standard and was wondering if I downgrade to the Basic, I can save a few bob, but more interested if the 3mbs max download is a step backwards and wondered has anyone noticed any real difference?
  8. Last Ten

    Sure vs MT

    I was going to change my plan to Sure with the unlimited basic for £20 but it says you only get 3mbs download speeds, anyone had any problems with this?
  9. Sounds like a man in the pub told us story. Tell us your source, where did it come from?
  10. The DHSC will build a few pop up GP booths at some central location and everything will be fine.
  11. A seeming daily occurrence in many Government departments of late!
  12. Close the border in total except for freight and medical reasons, we don't need freakin welders and the likes. Let's hope that this total calamity will pass. CoMin get some balls and shut everyone out now!
  13. Well Ramsey residents we are all being screwed over by Ramsey Group Practice during Covid and even now on a Covid free Island, what a truly disgusting practice who have let the residents of Ramsey and the north down, what a deterioration of our NHS. "Ramsey Group Practice provided only 38% face-to-face appointments on average during September. This compares with 90% at Finch Hill surgery." IOMtoday
  14. And maybe a sign of a deterioration of our once admired IOM Doctors & NHS where it now appears cost savings mean more to our struggling Government as opposed to the health and well being of our IOM residents!
  15. Yeah In some practices but not all - So not difficult but no continuity of Isle of Man GP Services!
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