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  1. Such a very sad situation and I genuinely sympathise with the family of this poor guy and indeed anyone going through whatever issues they are having. I have to say after looking at social media last evening 3fm and IOM Police it was a frenzy of remove the post, don't say this and don't say that ffs no wonder so many peeps get confused especially with FB, one person was private messaging people about their comments and one busy body lady took to both pages to tell everyone to shut up (I really hate FB). Social media at its very best during a totally tragic incident.
  2. I wonder who were the interview team? Blame them!
  3. In fairness to the Cops (and I haven't got a clue who was at fault here) these Police vehicles are on the road 24/7 so statistically I am pretty sure they are more prone to collision incidents. Glad nobody was hurt and a bit of metal even in the form of Ferrari or Transit can be replaced.
  4. It appears that every single department in Government has to run stuff through the AG's department which begs the question what are all these senior managers and CEO's paid for?? Top heavy departments and still shit scared to make decisions without someone from the AG's department putting a seal of approval on it..
  5. Who's in the centre of this staff unrest? you got it Mr Cregeen!!
  6. They will keep MOT's in house, they will build a new test centre, 50 new staff (pensionable of course) then after a year or two claim they need more staff and a bigger facility! Government are soo predictable.
  7. The trouble with this Rushen Spy is that some of the dick heads that are MHK's at present would be open to bribery/corruption and some of the dick heads would try and force through even more shit than what they are now (seagulls and tarmac springs to mind). I sort of agree with your reasoning but someone sort of needs to keep these loose cannons in some form of order, if not they will be like kids let loose in a sweetie shop?!
  8. As long as we keep paying our taxes they will continue squandering it, we voted them all in so we get who and what we deserve. All MHK's are a very PC lot and like to bow to the tree huggers and do gooders of this world and we will pay for it. Maybe at the next General election read their manifestos and tackle them on their ethics!
  9. Compulsory purchase the car sales place on the main rd and make that a 30 minute public car park for people visiting the half a dozen or so shops along there (is there that many shops?) There is a car park nearby (behind the old bank) but it is absolutely full most days. Simples, problem solved!
  10. I am going to buy a new iPhone, MT are the exact same price as buying direct from Apple UK, is there any benefit from buying direct from MT or are they much of a muchness?? Thanks
  11. Our Governments ability to get anything right this day and age are somewhat diminishing, no proper governance, no proper direction, just blagging everything that goes wrong, as Gizo says it was a cost saving exercise that will turn out to be a taxpayers increase. Longworth you need to go for starters and maybe take Black with you to name but a few!
  12. Has anyone heard how obnoxious the chief executive of the Steam Packet was to Manx Radio's reporter regarding the Ben going to Heysham, not Birkenhead at weekends! Well with his attitude what hope is there for anyone, he needs to find another job me thinks?! Worth a listen to - Manx Radio's interview
  13. Every bloody day we hear of Beach Buddies, this Manx charity will soon be running the IOM, possibly better than how it is being run at present, personally I am sick of hearing Bill Dale on the fucking radio #justsaying
  14. I am quite interested in buying a new car but all this electric/hybrid/low emission crap is just making me uncertain so I won't part with my money until I sure that whatever I buy is future proofed! Bet you thats why lots are holding back from buying new.
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