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    Isle of Pride

    I have no problem with the Isle of Pride at all but I do question the amount of political members associated with Pride - https://www.isleofpride.im/meet-the-team/ Ann Corlett MHK, Claire Barber (MHK & Minister) Jane Poole Wilson (MHK and Minister of Justice and Deputy Chief Minister). Lots of Political clout there. Hope no pressure is ever put on Government Departments to do as they say!!!! #justsaying
  2. We went to see the Carnival today which was good, but after seeing Douglas Coastguards FB Post tonight can someone tell me how to join 🤩 In all fairness it was very good, just damp.
  3. More signs will promote sign blindness, there were 100's of signs on the Mountain course during the TT one way system and lots of peeps couldn't read them all, maybe more prudent to add some pedestrian signs on the promenade telling people that the idiotic uncontrolled crossings on the promenade are not there to step out onto the road in front of traffic thinking that they will stop for you. That would be a better use of tax payers money and a safer thing to do Mrs Maltby.
  4. Alf seems to be having a bloody good cull at present, who's next in his long list of meglomaniac civil servants??
  5. Ex Manx Radio DJ Dan Davis and Mrs Politically correct JPW - An agenda that will make the public think everything is so perfect. Keep spinning that wheel of fortune Dan the DHA man 😆
  6. I totally agree but some of our MHK’s are quite pathetically weak, afraid to challenge the establishment. I won’t name who I believe they are but I am sure some will agree.
  7. A 'damage limitation' video brought to you by the Isle of Man Cabinet Office.
  8. So in all this crisis with Bus Vannin where is the highly paid Director of Transport Mr L???? What is his public take on this absolute shambles? I think the bus drivers are very clever employees and probably amongst all this there is a "statement". If the Bus drivers are taking the piss then the public will see through them and give them absolutely no support. If the Director is inflaming this national issue, well it's over to Mr Tim Crookall MHK the DOI Minister to sort it out.
  9. Same Department (DHA) and the Fire Service have appointed an Interim Chief for 6 months - Mr Davis said 'Recruiting an interim chief fire officer to lead the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service is an opportunity to provide ‘breathing space’. (whats that all about then Derek)?. The lad who has been promoted is local, his Dad was a Chief Fire Office and his uncle was also a Chief Fire Officer (keep it in the family Lol). After 6 months I believe they will open it up to a wider audience. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/chief-fire-officer-decision-will-provide-breathing-space/
  10. Here is my guess, there will be so much public distrust and backlash over this massive ££££££ Manx Covid handout scheme it will end up going to a Select Committee of Tynwald to report back on the findings or indeed the Public Accounts Committee. No matter what it has cost the Manx peeps a massive amount of Tax Payers money! Watch this space.
  11. Jacksons a newly registered IOM Company £473,192 ffs nearly half a million of tax payers money, absolutely piss take for a UK owned company.
  12. Its been a fucking free for all by the looks of it.... Isle of Man where you can!
  13. This topic will have some mileage. Look at the Salary Support Scheme 78.7 million quid in total with Airbase Flight Support claiming £1,451,263 and others claiming over a million quid.
  14. Simple solution here - Get rid of 50% of the Mercedes fleet and 80% of the management and bingo you have a happy bus service again.
  15. Lilly I am so very sorry for what you are going through, I have been there and I totally understand your mindset and your emotions that you are going through, there will be ups and downs and you will definitely find some help with the Hospice team. You will sometimes feel helpless but you are never alone, my family helped and supported me and music gave me some break for what was really happening. I wish you well and again I am so very sorry for what you are going through.
  16. And gets paid a nice £63,776 per year for doing so! Nice work if you can get it.
  17. Lets revisit her performance in 6 months time 👍 Thanks for the links
  18. Who is She? What has she achieved? Who put her in there? What is her background? What are her priorities? Will she stand again as an unelected person? Why has she been put here? I guess you haven't a clue!
  19. This role has been passed from one MHK to another, I think possibly Alf feels if she needs a role in Government as she has virtually disappeared off the face of the Isle of Man earth. I believe Daphne Caine, Tim Baker, Rob Callister, has done the role but with what achievement?? (who was before Daphne?). Anyway whatever happens she will no doubt make a good go of it on £65K per year, especially when the lady has been silent for so long! Source - https://www.gov.im/news/2022/apr/07/kerry-sharpe-mlc-becomes-isle-of-man-childrens-champion/
  20. Last Ten

    IOM Today

    IOM Today's website is absolutely a total waste of time, I now follow other local news media and have deleted my shortcut to their website. In a nutshell it is CRAP.
  21. Spoke to the bloke reading my electricity meter yesterday from the MUA and he informs me they are mega busy at present as they are training new guys up and the next thing on the horizon is water meters! Just a heads up this is another stealth tax heading our way ££££ You have been warned 🤷‍♂️
  22. Can someone please tell me/us has that the poor bloke been given some temporary accommodation tonight? This is not good for IOM PLC, if he needs some accommodation please message me.
  23. The Isle of Man Constabulary need a very strong experienced leader with a proven track record to lead the IOM Constabulary into the future, someone who will listen but be firm and very positive and decisive, they need to get away from being told by politicians what to do (as the politicians are just literally people off the street). Gary Roberts in fairness is a clever bloke, but he tows the political line and his hands are tied into the Department of Home Affairs. Strong and fair leadership will bring a good team of members of staff with him or her. I personally believe an off Island Chief either male or female with no nepotism ties and no matey matey connections will fulfil this role.
  24. Do we know who the 3 Councillor's that voted for the motion?
  25. Write to the HBN Trust and ask them directly - https://www.hbnhealthcaretrust.org.im
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