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  1. Tight wad Luckily there a lot who do fork out for good facilities it should be free for me as i pay for the place to be on my doorstep in my sky high rates.......now piss off if you can't be helpful
  2. cheers WTF.....you have been very helpful and i will be out later with my 3m tape measure ;-)
  3. Hi, does anyone know if any of the schools in Douglas or surounding area have a 400m running track marked out please ? I know the NSC is the obvious choice but I aint forking out 4 quid a time if I can find one that's free to use. Many thanks
  4. she reminds me of keira knightly only much fitter and with a much bigger rack......she'll go far
  5. i think its a pretty good line up to be fair - didnt think much of the charity gig lineup this year although Little Bit o Rosie were great as usual
  6. Has anyone else noticed how erratically these half-wits drive around town........I actually reckon they flount the rules of the road more than taxi drivers. I never realised smart cars and little red vans could go so fast but then if you dont have to stop at stop signs or are "allowed" to jump red lights then i guess you can build up quite a bit of speed in whatever you're driving. I got my revenge on one at the weekend, the little scrote was driving right up me chuff so I just jumped on the anchors and gave him the fright of his life......not very responsible of me either but I'd just
  7. Depends what it is really but if it's not to specialised then the boys at Marbree Motors are good, honest ad very reasonably priced......been putting our daily runner there for years.
  8. If anyone has two I will pay face value plus a small additional premium
  9. very impressive and they are amazing creatures but if they were to try that with a tiger shark or great white then i'm sure the outcome would be a blood bath
  10. Good luck.....at that price you will need it. I've just bought a 1yr old 17-40 in A1 mint condition for £475 cash locally.
  11. I ate in the new look Bridge on Saturday and it was really nice......simple food but done well and great service. The chap serving was no spring chicken but it seems his years have taught him what good friendly service is all about. Pat on the back for the Brewery on this occassion.......just need to lower your beer prices now. I hear the British is getting a re-fit so hopefully soon the Barbory Coast Saturday night sessions will be worth doing again.
  12. The same would be true of any Government...........if RBSI had gone tits up (& it came very very close 3.5 years ago) and was then closely followed by another then the UK Gov would have been well in the crapper. In the case of KSF IOM it didnt really fail, it became insolvent and unable to trade as a Bank without its parent which failed. I'm sure that in the next few months I will receive another payment which will bring my return to 90% and I'm hopeful I and everyone else will get all my money back and maybe interest within a few more years. The wait isn't ideal but I doubt a 100% re
  13. yep i'd like more details too......i'm trying to get some mates together for this one but I know they will want to see a bit more than just a manxforums posting before parting with cash
  14. Yep that's what im interested in too....it used to be called the fringe festival but following a year when the village was swamped and there was a bit of trouble they pretty much stopped it. you couldnt even camp in the site next to the school last year. it's a real shame cos it created a real buzz about the place but it seems laxey commissioners dont want outsiders spending money in their dwindling pubs.
  15. NW - I never found him to be at all funny BC - I'm old enough to be her grandfather, didn't even know who she was JC - Pond life GD4ELI - Wanker
  16. he sold this place many years ago for £5m so the current owners are taking quite a price drop kick. mansell currently lives in jersey
  17. well if its that shite then it should be shutdown surely and why do you use it.
  18. the IBIS is very good value and a short walk......its near the Liverpool One shopping centre there are also some excellent self catering apartments near the Echo Arena which are £60 per night
  19. I've just been to lunch with a few people I go to night school with and one of our group was missing. Seems he didnt turn up because he gets fed n watered in the Government Canteen. Seems the rest of us pay £8+ for a pub lunch once in a while whereas he enjoys 2 courses for less than a fiver EVERY lunchtime !! No doubt heavily subsidised by the tax payer. Is this true ? Any Civil Cervants out there care to clarify the situation and justify it ?
  20. 30 quid......what a total bellend you are at times
  21. its 120 per couple and we were allowed 3 courses each from the menu.........just drinks and tip to pay. i thought we'd be in a small room under the stairs but had one of the very nice aitrium rooms. breakfast is included too. its a cracking deal and still on i'm told
  22. when you do order some, measure it !! we have it delivered to our offices on birthdays etc and over the years and following extensive measuring and logging, have noticed "a yard" is now actually on average 30". It started out as a bit of a laugh as someone commented that our delivery was a bit on the short side and has carried on ever since. we're not that bothered as it's pretty poor quality pastie anyway and gives you bad heartburn and the smelliest farts ever......it's traditional and long may it continue but each year it gets shorter and a bit more expensive to keep up ;-)
  23. well i gave it another whirl on saturday and i would say the food way alright but the service still very slow and unattentive. I didn't complain about them but a few of our group did open our gobs and ask for more drinks and ask to order when we were ready. if staff don't pick up and learn from these gob openings then so be it........im not gona complain to the management about it. Bad food is another issue but the food was alright though nothing special and certainly not "cracking". The above newbie review stinks of someone linked to the place imo.
  24. i last went a few months ago so i'm not sure who was in management at that time - bad food i would complain about but I wouldnt complain about bad service......perhaps i should have but I know i never would. by "bad service" i mean not enough menus to go round, having to ask to order drinks, having to ask to order food, food arriving at different times, having to ask for desserts. i just generally put it down to bad training which is down to the management and something i wouldn't complain about. i didnt come on here slating the place, someone came on asking for views and I gave mine. my b
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