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  1. no one even got a accurare hygrometer so i can get a reading off i keep loads of rare carnivorous plants like Venus flytraps, sarracenias, nepenthes etc
  2. I just brought a SensorPlus https://www.amazon.com/SensorPush-Wireless-Thermometer-Hygrometer-Android/dp/B01AEQ9X9I/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 I need some help to calibrate it maybe someone has a accurate temperature and humidity that i can put the sensor next to then calibrate it. cheers Andy 382947
  3. Macker

    Guild Wars 2

    Yo Shill Yeah were on the stress test tonight Gimme a shout Shill if your looking for a good pvp guild m8 never know we might have some daoc fun!!!
  4. Macker

    Guild Wars 2

    Myself and some others from the island are making a guild for Guild wars 2 atm we have about 6 players from the island and the rest come from UK,Sweden,Greece and Norway and a few others. We will be on the Gandara server Msg me here if you are interested PS Shill you still here ?
  5. Sent you 2 pms and got no reply
  6. Looking to buy an old Camcorder that takes 8mm tapes Cheers
  7. If you have any i really need some Size doesn't matter or lids Ring me on 413708 i will come pick them up Thx
  8. Macker

    Silica Sand

    Well still no luck Went to a few builders yards today still nothing
  9. Macker

    Silica Sand

    Cool cheers I will try both i know Geoff that owns Blastaway aswell
  10. I don't suppose anyone knows where in the IOM to get this ? I have tried B&Q, Corletts and a few other garden centers but no luck Its used in sand blasting and in Pool filters Its also a lot coarser grade than normal sand I can probably order from the UK but the P&P would kill me Cheers
  11. I was playing Rifts Taking a break til a decent MMO comes out maybe Star Wars TOR or Planetside next
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