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  1. Woooo!!!!! Who called?
  2. The vast majority of weasel brow Manx can't think of anything intelligent or interesting to say so they spend the whole time rambunctiously complaining and moaning about the government. The standard of witty banter in the pubs is dire.
  3. There are plenty of 2 bed cottages in Peel for £100,000 - £150,000. Loads cheaper than a new house. People can't afford the deposit. Brink back 100% mortgages and problem solved. But we all know that would be a terrible idea....
  4. Use a bag for life and stop sending plastic to landfill. Your children will thank you.
  5. There are always going to be more for sale that sold signs because people don't want a sold sign outside their new home. People don't want shitty damp cottages when they can have a new property. Do you get it now?
  6. He knew that lap was doomed from the start.
  7. The Isle of Man - a nation of beady-eyed inbreds whose national symbol is a cat with an hereditary genetic defect. The irony.
  8. Those people can't really exist IRL. They gotta be actors right?
  9. From where I'm sitting GD's answer was tongue in cheek and you misinterpreted it. Chill your boots and don't be so quick to throw up personal insults; it's unbecoming of a gentleman. You did help a lot. I've sent my maths degree back to the university from whence it came; I'm now looking for a Treasury job. You live alone, don't you, I wonder why?
  10. Assuming they can use a telephone and a computer, they should have sorted a job before moving like any normal person. Unemployment is very low on the IoM, if they can't find a job it is because they don't want one.
  11. That guy is about 15 and still wets the bed. Not worth responding to.
  12. I've always like the food there. Tiny, tiny portions and we normally end up buying an extra meal and rice but what was it you didn't like? TDS
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