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  1. Reply to the original post, theres a guy in ward 8 beaten to fuck and stabbed by two guys from Liverpool.
  2. Mate, you took your daugh ter on a holiday gambling that she'd test negative and be allowed to go about her holiday. I think that was a stupid choice. Sorry, no sympathy here.
  3. Couldn't agree more, the safety bullshit is obvious. Perkins says there have been accidents in the area but the plans on the planning website show that no alterations will be made to the original so called "unsafe" junction so how the fuck is that going to make anything more safe? They want to create a new junction further down the road which can be the safest junction on planet earth but if you leave the original in place you haven't improved anything.
  4. Jesus Philwebs, try and keep your pots a bit shorter will you, I came on here for a quick read to suss out the general feeling towards cannabis and you're overloading me.
  5. Crap driving is top of your list there and I agree, but rich daddies buying fast cars has got to be in that list too. We currently rely on high insurance premiums to police that particular problem but its not working. IMO speed cameras won't stop accidents as people will know where they are and speed elsewhere. Plus there are numerous examples of people being killed by motorists travelling slowly, the poor cyclist in Kirk Michael springs to mind. I do highly value your opinion in these matters though.
  6. Derek, in a lot of industries all accidents and incidents are recorded and the data shared with employees to help them work more safely however motoring accident statistics are never revealed in a meaningful way to the public. Why is that and do you think it would help people better understand the problems so they could have an informed input into road safety? Everyone has their own theories on who the most dangerous drivers are and where the worst sections of road are but they don't actually have the data to back that up, we simply get told that the police think x,y and z should happen but we don't have the info they have to make up our own minds.
  7. No, excluding the entire DOI workforce seems a bit prejudicial. (if true) Obv I'd be happy make an exception for Jez Spake
  8. Why would that be? If true, it sounds a bit unfair.
  9. Rumour on the street is that Reynolds has walked.
  10. 😂, Sorry should have said, DA is speaking absolute shite, etc etc etc.
  11. OMG, I'm half an hour into DA's evidence to the PAC, he is a fantasist, lunatic. I can't understand why no one at the PAC has punched him yet, he thinks he's a technical expert ! I'd advise everyone to listen to his interview, its a glorious self destruction.
  12. I am currently listening to DA's evidence to the PAC with a seasoned health professional by my side. He is speaking absolute shite and talking about things way above his pay grade and completely outside of his level of understanding. He is a waffling bullshitter. His Ego has overtaken his actual ability. I do not want this imbecile to advise anyone about my health protection. He's a nice guy and I'd love to have a pint with him in the pub, I bet he's a great laugh, but most of the time I'd be laughing at him, not with him.
  13. I have made it clear that I have no faith in Henrietta Ewart's ability in the past and her latest comments have done nothing to change that. To say that "it has not been demonstrated to her that genomic testing would change our approach to dealing with an outbreak" is extremely frustrating. We will never know if genomic testing would influence our reaction to an outbreak because Henrietta won't allow, request, sanction the testing. Its feels like I'm living in some kind of awful catch 22 situation. DrG "can I do some genetic testing please?" HE "theres no evidence that it helps, so no" DrG "well can we do some testing to find out if it helps ?" HE "theres no point doing any testing as theres no evidence that it would help" DrG "so lets do some testing and I'll try and demonstrate to you that it helps?" HE "They don't do it across, so no" Round and round we go, stuck in Henriettas world where she can't see past her pension forecast. Henrietta, do us all a favour and just fucking retire will you?
  14. I've listened to the whole investigation, questions need to be asked. Ashford seems to have been lying to us all.
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