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  1. Having read the report it is obvious that the claims made by Mr Jones were solely for the purpose of improving the safety and efficiency of the MUA and protecting workers and the public. His honesty and diligence shone through and the tribunal recognised that. He would have won more of his points if he'd put them in writing but it sounds like it was not in his nature to do that. Rather he relied on face to face meetings and honesty, something which is obviously lacking in the MUA management and was recognised by the tribunal. Alfie Jones can hold his head high but heads should roll at the MUA.
  2. I would imagine that any employee under Reynolds will now feel they can't trust her! Her position is now surely untenable. Will anyone be able to hold her to account over her behavior?
  3. Ann Reynolds said the bill would be £3oo,ooo for this work, so that's ten years worth of revenue from the marina gone then! FFS you couldn't make this up. I love seeing my tax wasted like this.
  4. No mention in the Gawne/Ronan interview on manx.net of the 16o,ooo pounds worth of government owned dredging machine lying doing nothing in Douglas harbour. Or how they failed to use it to dredge Peel last year ! ?
  5. The people who allowed this situation to arise should pay for the silt removal. Ignorant, lazy civil servants.
  6. So that's 18,ooo tons gone. What about the remaining 82,ooo tons which still need to come out?
  7. Yes the water is full of sand, grit and stones when the Manannan is warming up in Douglas, so multiply that by how ever many journeys days and years and hey presto its not rocket surgery.
  8. Unless your involved in engineering I'd be wasting my time trying to explain it to you. I am certainly no conspiracy theorist never have been never will be. I am simply pointing out that I have first hand knowledge of some of these problems and understand modes of failure. I have not got any information from any one in the pub its all first hand experience. One thing I would like to say though is the steam packet may have made mistakes and may have communicated badly with the public but they have certainly had more than there fair share of bad luck and for that, I do feel sympathy for them. All I am trying to say is don't believe everything they say about what caused their problems. Bad driving is always a possibility isn't it? NOTHING WENT THROUGH THE JET
  9. I think your having a go at SPOOK for all the wrong reasons there fella. We live in the digital age and whether a bod is grumbling online or not they may still raise valid points and are human and could be voters. Forums, facebook etc are the modern way of communicating, look at the police on facebook for example, who would have predicted that a couple of years ago?
  10. So what you trying to say? in your expert opinion (which I'm not questioning) the first picture was caused by debris and the second was caused through metal fatigue (ie age and force of the engine) I've no idea what cause the first but it must have been a huge force and it could not have been debris going through the jet or the jet would have been damaged too. The second looks like erosion by a highly erosive fluid, just like sea water with sand in it that the boat manoeuvres in every time it enters a port.
  11. Yeah, those high pressure showers are lethal. shut it you ballon
  12. Just to put the seriousness of the power of the jets on the Manannam into scale, please remember it created a hole in the seabed where it docks that needed 645 tons of rock to fill it !
  13. Right, the top picture shows a massive force has cause the aluminium yoke to snap. The lower picture shows how steel can be eroded by having a fluid containing sand, blasted at it by a 4,ooo horse power engine for years. The other reversing flaps will be nearing the end of their useful lives now too Filters on the jets are not needed because nothing went through the jets to cause this damage. I have watched 4 inches of high carbon steel be eroded by fluid with sand in it in 15 minutes, so, please don't bother questioning my expertise.
  14. If the steam packet had been honest about their problems and not relied on the old "fishing gear story" they wouldn't be getting half as much flack. A stray bit of monofilament fishing net doesn't snap chunks off a boat and put it out of service for a week
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