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  1. Don't Burn the Pig - The Dave Matthews Band
  2. Bring her back! .......please......
  3. I know it's not easy, but just relax. Once you get into it you almost forget you're being watched.
  4. If you go with Edgewater ask for Steve Locking, he really will work hard to ensure that you get what you're after.
  5. If this project were to be successful would it not be the catalyst to change attitudes, or maybe provide a shove out the door for those commissioners that have held Ramsey back for so long.
  6. The marina has got to go ahead to try and get Ramsey development moving (and my house value). The only concern that you may have is that the marina will only be accessible to incoming and outgoing ships for very limited amount of time due to the fact that when the tide is out it can be about a quarter of a mile away from where they are hoping to have the boats moored. Terry's right in saying that the only way it could work is through a water retention scheme, but the above issue would still exist. However, quite a few people who own those kind of boats just use them as floating gin party venues anyway, so they won't be assed either way. Not that I would be surprised, but it would be yet another blunder if the commissioners did not allow this development to happen.
  7. Hmmmm, not so sure about this one. Maybe we all should have said yes to helping them with their research. That way the results might not come out as complete boll**ks.
  8. Swimming in the sea. I just can't do it, not knowing whats below me. Even thinking about it is freaking me out.
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