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  1. Interesting read. My car along with many others auto locks the doors over a certain speed, so my car would have exactly the same problem as the Tesla.
  2. As the owner of an electric car, I really don't think there's much sense to this. If I'm going away, I make sure my car is fully charged, if coming back, it isn't too far to get home and put the car on charge there.
  3. A Class Action by those affected by the flooding against the Goverment is needed.
  4. Glad to see they have removed the old sluice gate, that should have been done years ago. It had no real national importance. Next obstruction down the river will be the bridge going into the large stone building which used to house the MER Powerstation.
  5. Would make an excellent wedding venue.
  6. That one just seems to just heat up part cooked pizzas. You can also get vending machines which will make the pizza from scraych.
  7. I agree it will just take business from other established hotels, some of the larger Island Hotels will need to up their game and maybe smarten themselves up a bit. The Empress for example is looking very scruffy from the outside, they can't even be bothered cleaning off the accumulated cobwebs on that big piece of glass at the bottom of the main entrance.
  8. Did they have a dancing and music license in place for their original party, don't recall seeing anything in the paper?
  9. I'm sure it wont be thousands, but Premier Inn will do pretty well in that location. Most people who stay in their hotels hardly ever look out of the window tosee the view. Quite a few of their sites don't have the most attractive outlook.
  10. Surprised they haven't trademarked the map of the TT Course.
  11. Function room on the Ground Floor, with new kitchens. Bedrooms above, plans are are available on gov.im
  12. Judgement here: https://www.judgments.im/content/J1936.htm
  13. Anyone who uses Google sketchup to produce their 3D images obviously have no money behind them.
  14. Katman


    Three seems to be the number of posts, before a thread turns into a general slanging and mud throwing marathon. No doubt this one will be less.
  15. Katman


    Just had a delivery from Manx Petroleums and the oil was 59.5p litre.
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