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  1. Function room on the Ground Floor, with new kitchens. Bedrooms above, plans are are available on gov.im
  2. Judgement here: https://www.judgments.im/content/J1936.htm
  3. Anyone who uses Google sketchup to produce their 3D images obviously have no money behind them.
  4. Katman


    Three seems to be the number of posts, before a thread turns into a general slanging and mud throwing marathon. No doubt this one will be less.
  5. Katman


    Just had a delivery from Manx Petroleums and the oil was 59.5p litre.
  6. Mr Whipp must have had a very small part in this if he only got a suspended sentence.
  7. How do you get it to boil the kettle, don't you have to flick the switch on the kettle or do you have a smart kettle if there's such a thing?
  8. Katman

    TT Grandstand

    Years ago there were plans to move the pit lane to the other side of the road, with a tunnel underneath for access. The road was also going to be straightened. The idea for this was that the people in the Grandstand would get a better view of the pits in its new position and a straighter road would be safer and possibly quicker. Nothing came of it. Something will happen this time, the Grandstand and scorebaords are both down for redevelopment. We will also most likely say goodbye to the Scouts who have been involved with the TT Races for over a hundred years.
  9. It asks if you are happy with the free wifi, what free wifi?
  10. Details here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/manx-scouts-at-the-world-scout-jamboree-17311159768
  11. I'm surprised the admins of the Onchan Facebook Group, haven't booted Mr Lewin out of the Group. The man is a total waste of space and his posts and comments just seem to wind some readers up. The Group would be so much better without him.
  12. I watched the first series, but gave up on it half way through the second series.
  13. If the site is still owned by Isle of Man Enterprises (Shoprite) it will most likely be put up for sale, so the next use could be anything. Isle of Man Enterprises have recently put 6.5 acres of development land on Victoria Road up for sale, something they have sat on for years since it was full of holiday chalets. They might either need money to keep Shoprite afloat or are starting to off load valuable assets before the company goes bump.
  14. The pub would have been breaking the law if they allowed your son on licenced premises (which could also include outside areas) after 9pm, if their licence prohibts this.
  15. It will be a licencing restriction. I doubt if many pubs are allowed to have anyone under the age of 16 in them after 9pm and usually they have to be eating a meal.
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