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    Firm closing

    I think they have been at their present location now for around three years, they were in Wellington Street prior to this.
  2. I got an order from Amazon Prime yesterday (Monday), ordered Friday.
  3. Wasn't the hosepipe bans not due to lack of water, but the amount of water that could get through the old water treatment plant? When the new treatment plant went live a few years ago, the bans reduced significantly. There's plenty of water in Sulby Reservoir, but it's expensive to pump it over the hills to Injebrek.
  4. You can sort of do this, but you need an account with the Post Office, I print off address labels with the 'Postage Paid' stamp in the corner of the label. Once all packages done, I just enter everything into their Click & Dispatch system. It's a bit clunky, but it does work. Click & Dispatch will also allow direct printing of tracked labels through their system.
  5. Get them to bring in a 2nd Class postal service for parcels, small businesses who sell stuff off Island are paying way over the top for postage compared to competitors in the UK.
  6. Exclusion Order Act Exclusion Orders are still handed out by the courts, you see them mentioned in the papers on a regular basis.
  7. Katman


    Doubt it, China is getting expensive, more likely Bangladesh or Vietnam.
  8. Katman


    I used to like Regatta Clothing, it was cheap and fairly good quality, You could buy a pair of lightweight trousers in Newsons for around a third of the price you would pay for say a pair of Mountain Equipment Trousers. Unfortunately, they now cost about the same.
  9. Katman


    I see Venture Outdoors (Newsons) shop is up for rent or sale. https://www.chrystals.co.im/commercial/commercial-lettings/property/11569500-strand-street-douglas I think they were a bit daft, moving away from their core business and going into an market to compete with the likes of Millets and Mountain Warehouse.
  10. Katman


    Whatever Highways said about the project, and they always seem to have a lot to say about any application that moves traffic on or off the highway, it's down to the Planning Department and most likely the Planning Committee, as they can ignore such concerns if they wish. They must take responsibility for the mess, but they won't.
  11. Always thought the inside of the Villa Arcade should be just a food venue, with general seating in the central area and lots of different food establishments in the various retail outlets, some permanent, some run as pop-ups.
  12. Is this going to be just a seasonal restaurant, nobody is going to want to sit outside eating their steak and chips in the middle of winter and there isn't much seating inside.
  13. Looking at the planning application, which is available online for all to see, there does not appear to be any new walls, glass, brick or other type, it's just an external seating area, just like the café next door has. There's nothing stopping pedestrians walking between the tables under the cover of the colonnade.
  14. I see the Strand Street Post Office is turning into a convenience store, the foreign exchange counter has now gone, and you can now buy your lottery tickets and basic expensive groceries as well as buying a stamp or two.. Seems to be undermanned as well, three people behind the post counter, one working, one said she couldn't help as she was new and didn't know anything and the third had to leave the postal counter to go to serve someone at the shop counter, then realised she didn't know how to operate the lottery machine.
  15. I find the Government's own planning search map is pretty up-to-date and pretty clear. https://services.gov.im/planningapplication/services/planning/search.iom
  16. So is Shoprite buying Sainsbury's stuff at retail price, hence the reason for the large price jump, or do they get it at a wholesale price, which makes their inflated pricing even worse?
  17. How many Callister bashers (I'm neither for or against him), will pop along to his surgery and actually discuss the comments they have made in this thread directly face to face?
  18. Katman

    TT 2022 ??

    They have barriers and No entry signs at low level now. I was parked on Dukes Road on Friday afternoon and within five minutes there must have been half a dozen cars drive past going the wrong way.
  19. Katman

    TT 2022 ??

    Wrong, planning has been approved for the new Scoreboard, they just need to find the money to build it now.
  20. It's obviously being taken very seriously by the Manx public, as their Facebook Group has grown to five members, but no new members in the past week.
  21. I checked their website and didn't see anything on there.
  22. There was a group of around twelve people waiting for the 12:23 at Peel Town Hall yesterday (Sunday), the bus never turned up.
  23. I see there's an R Plate rider in the group, do they have to display R plates front and rear? Hopefully he kept his speed down below 50mph over the mountain too.
  24. I agree, the old Park Road site needs something doing with it, same with the old prison site.
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