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  1. I walked into the Manx Telecom shop yesterday, to pick up a new phone. There was a young guy in a pink poloshirt hovering by the door, holding some sort of tablet. His first words to me were "Are you alright?" Had I gone into a doctors surgery by mistake? Don't these places train their staff on how to greet customers, asking if I'm all right, Im pretty sure isn't the right phrase to use, maybe something like "hello, can I help you" could work better? Or maybe it's just me getting old.
  2. No doubt Mr Peters MHK, will turn up to his first sitting looking very smart and dapper as I remember selling him a secondhand ironing press a few years back.
  3. No real surprise in the results for Onchan. Cherry was seen as immature, Willers had too much baggage and Leather was a no hoper from the start.
  4. It most likely bought some money into the Island - which is good. It might make a few of them come back again - which is good. It might have raised a bit of publicity for the Island - which is good. Some of the locals had to winge about it - which is usual.
  5. The Onchan Hustings was held last night, in a hall that had around four hundred chairs, there were less than fifty in attendance, I doubt if anyone was below the age of thirty. All but one of the candidates were in attendance. Mr Willers was off Island due to a hospital appointment. Nothing really controversial or even mildy exciting came up, questions about the economy, pensions, environment, etc. All candidates were polite to each other, some went on a bit much, surprised that the Chairman didn't limit answer time. I doubt if the two sitting MHK's have much to worry about.
  6. I've seen hima few times over the last couple of weeks, Mr Callister is currently walking round Onchan delivering his manifestos. Regarding a few of the points above, rather than just posting on a forum saying he hasn't done anything in five years, without any proof one way or the other, why not contact him directly with your points and then post up his answers. I'm not for or against Mr Callister, but it all seems very one sided.
  7. The old cottage on the site, can't even be used, its too dangerous. The current tenants are basically using the outside area. You can't have a cup of tea inside the building if it's raining. Good on the Commissioners who are wanting the building delisted, knock it down and get something fit for purpose built in it's place. Too much attention is paid to the vocal minority on this Island. Case in point is the Horse Trams, a few people shouted that they must be preserved after Douglas Corporation decided they couldn't afford to keep running them, so Government steps in and god know how many millions have been spent since.
  8. James Cherry, nice guy, but didn't he stand down from the commissioners over being bulied? I doubt if he's made of the right stuff to be an MHK.
  9. Katman

    Car Leasing

    Yes that annoyed me at the time that MU wouldn't let me have the cheaper tariff. I have it now as I have a full electric car, but mainly use it to run the washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher.
  10. Katman

    Car Leasing

    I used to have a car that had the benefits of both an electric motor and a petrol engine. The electric range was around 35 miles which was mostly okay for day to day trips to and from work as long as it went on the charger every day. You could switch over to the petrol engine whenever you wanted or it would automatically change once the battery was low. I owned the car for around three years, did around 18,000 miles including one trip to the UK and filled it with petrol five times during the three years.
  11. Katman

    Car Leasing

    These self charging cars are a bit of a con, they say they charge up on braking and going down hill, but this provides only a tiny amount of charge, most of the charge will come from a generator connected to the petrol engine. There are signs that Toyota and most other manufacturers are moving away from these. I have a fully electric car and the display can show energy recovered from going down hill or slowing down, on a trip Douglas to Ramsey over the mountain, what you might gain going down from the mountain is used several times over going up hill in the first place.
  12. If any Estate Agents are being a bit shady, its for those who think they are being fed lies or untruths to make formal complaints to the relevant authorties or governing bodies. I read a little bit about it on Facebook the other day, but it just seems to be third hand rumours without any actual proof.
  13. Just finished watching the 'It's a Sin' series on C4, several characters in that, didn’t believe that HIV/AIDS was real until it started affecting those close to them. No doubt in a few years’ time someone will come up with a similar drama depicting the COVID deniers.
  14. I think you get a receipt when you have bought the stamps from the machine, but not used them for a couple of years. I can't understand how some people make money selling at low cost on ebay. One of my competitors sells something on ebay for £3.00, very simlar to what I sell on my website for £2.00, but they have ebay fees, paypal fees and postage to take out of that price, along with materials and time. I only have paypal fees plus materials and time and add postage on top. I don't see how on a sale of £3.00, theres more than 50p gross profit in it.
  15. I'm a sole trader and had no problem getting an account, give the Post Office Headquarters a call, if you have a fair few parcels going they may well let you open an account. I used to use the kiosks and never used the 'Safe to Fly' stickers (still don't). My go to one was at the Sea Terminal, but it was often out of order.
  16. We need a 2nd Class Postage service for small packages. I send a lot of stuff off Island to customers, some of it light and fairly low value, but if it goes over 25mm thick then the postage jumps from around £1.17 to £3.60. 2nd Class stuff could go on the boat, say two or three times a week. I also agree that you should be able to buy and print off postage paid labels on the Island. I have an account with the post office and use their 'Click & Dispatch' Service and print off my own address labels with the PPI (Postage Paid Impression) included. This works well for me as a business, but not for those who want the occassional label.
  17. I walked on a section of the Heritage Way the other day between Union Mills and St. Johns. I remember it when it was mostly mud and puddles. It has vastly improved and I thought the surface was good for walking on. I liked the weird chainsaw carvings and the sitting area with attached bike service station was interesting. I noticed that there was a water bottle refilling station next to the amenity site near St. Johns, a couple more of these along the way would be good.
  18. No doubt all tickets were issued within the rules, if they weren't then the receiver would have a good case to have the ticket cancelled. Are people moaning because they got a ticket for parking illegally?
  19. Ha Ha, are you talking about Manx Forums, Intelligent People and Rational Debate? those don't go together.
  20. I doubt if many Manx Welders would invest in the specialist machinery needed and probably more than just an afternoon of training required as said by someone.
  21. Katman

    TT 2021 ??

    A lot of Company's are dropping sponsorship of things like motorsport as it's seen as bad form to be laying off staff and also sponsoring expensive sports activities. Without sponsors many teams and riders won't be able to afford to come over.
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