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  1. They could also put trains on at a sensible time morning and evening and use them from south to Douglas and back
  2. Maybe celebrations bigger than those for Her Majesty's jubilee
  3. Why close them down simply because you don't agree with them
  4. Love the way posters want change yet the minute change is announced they are on here whining.
  5. You mean everything the current one is? No need to change.
  6. I think I recognise the Iraq one but what are the others?
  7. I would imagine if you canvassed the IOM, the greater majority would keep Tynwald day purely for the bank holiday. Nobody gives a toss about posers on the hill
  8. Jeez, bit rich you accusing somebody of not posting accurately...
  9. during his interview discussing Pincher, Toad of toad hall declares there is no place in his government for those who abuse power. The man's a complete buffoon. He seems to have forgotten his parties while we were all in lockdown
  10. Why are you bringing your girlfriend into the conversation…
  11. You’d have to be blind and deaf not to have known about it. Posters were everywhere.
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