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  1. that's usually how it works...
  2. Toddle along now sonny and go start an argument elsewhere...
  3. If they are on £75k a year then they are working an awful amount of overtime for that
  4. I used to collect fruit and veg from Liverpool fruit market and often saw the Robinson's buyer there. One reason I never buy fruit or veg from Robinson's
  5. Thanks Roger - I'm well aware of how pro rata works
  6. Couldn't agree more. Your nose will tell you if it's iffy. One of my son's throws food out if it's a bloody hour past its sell by date - lunacy
  7. Head of Finance. Part-time 22.5 hours per week. Salary c. £54,000 - £60,000 (pro rata depending on skills and experience). - not bad for a part timer
  8. Tesco car park half an hour - I'll wear a carnation in my lapel...
  9. quite apt that it was rumoured that American gangster and businessman Al Capone fought to have an expiration date, or "sell by," dates put on milk bottles, supposedly after one of his relatives became sick from drinking milk that had expired.
  10. Still doesn't alter the fact that it was stolen. I think plod use the acronym TWOC
  11. Don't be silly, far better option is to post on here...
  12. If somebody takes your car without your permission, they have stolen it...
  13. what do you expect - It's from Robinsons
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