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  1. am selling these tickets on the behalf of my dad, he wants 70 for them please pm me
  2. thank u teebees, soulden really butt in when i cant spell what am wanting to say lol
  3. They all know they are on a massive winner and that's why they will fight hard for it including striking - but they shouldn't expect public sympathy. I couldn't give a shit whether the buses are running are not and I think that with the exception of pensioners nobody else does either. Being paid close to £38,000 to drive a bus is simply not defendable by any stretch of the imagination in a global recession and the only people they should be angry with is Cretney the bus drivers' friend and a whole host of other gutless Manx politicians who have been incapable of standing up to the unions over the years. They have sold the bus workers false aspirations and false hopes. They have allowed them to buy houses and have lifestyles funded by wages that would be crazy in the commercial world. It is they who are solely responsible for this mess because they couldn't say NO to save their lives until it became clear that there is absolutely no money left to fund this madness. that wage is a joke, try living on the wage am on, what well over half of that, just for sitting on ur bum, no wounder the government is so f**ked up, so what if they cant afford there house, just sell up and get a cheaper one, simple
  4. i relay on this money to put my child into play school as iam on a law payed wage and paying for my own house, why pick on the children, this government is really going down the pan, taking the pre school of us and the people who are in benefits who get the lot, i cant remember the figer but we get a grand of like 300 pound to put are kid into pre school but people one benefits get over a grand, thats wrong
  5. is the xbox still for sale mate
  6. just scarped my clio the other week with alloys and good tyres on it up the foxdale scrapper
  7. i would like a monster truck, always wanted one of them lol
  8. they will go for alot i bet lol, well am just looking for any old cars really, ive got a good set up of track, am just wanting to add on to my collection, i like the older scalextric stuff from when i was a kid and the classic stuff, am not that into the new stuff whats out, condition wise, any really
  9. thanks for that, but am more looking for the older stuff, am not into the new digital kind
  10. bumpy, am not having much luck on this lol
  11. they dont have anything good in, am more looking for the older stuff
  12. am really after cars, but anything really, wanting to build up a good set up cheers
  13. am stil have cars and stuff if anyone got any, thanks
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