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  1. my ears were ringing until monday from lisa loud....but it was all worth it...id never heard of her before but she did a treats set
  2. im away in uni that week **sob** and also miss the DJ thats over that week as well (can't remember who it was)...lets hope freshers week measures up
  3. hmm thanx for the sarcasm!...makes me realise i sound 18 going on 80....but then again i couldn't see 80 year olds supporting people who use drugs
  4. well i wont try and change anyones opinions but if you think about it this way, drugs only do any damage when they are used stupidly, say in large amounts for example, but too much of anything at once is bad for you. too much;- fruit = the shits water= you drown exercise=muscle damage sun=you burn everything in moderation an ur sorted
  5. yeh wish id gone on saturday, but was drunkenly dragged to the venue where i spent most the night falling over looking like a tit!
  6. yup i kno sum ppl who had them one weekend and they made a few ppl throw up and the others just felt ill, same effects happen if u eat too many in one night so i think ur right thebees bout the strenth. warning was far too late anyway! and word has it the nasty little buggers have been destroyed now anyway!
  7. sorry guys have to agree bout friday nite, it wasn't good, the whole RnB thing ruined it completely coz the only place u could listen to the music was the dancefloor coz the seats around it were packed, think its a bad idea, i spent most the nite in the chill out bit despite hating RnB coz i couldn't get on to the dance floor, think its good 2 b able to dance to the main music anywhere
  8. i didn't really drink that much, and had a well smart night, hope she comes over again, thats easily been the best Life night this yr
  9. i agree with kelly, you see more deaths from alcohol and cigs. anyone who takes drugs knows the dangers that goes with it just as anyone who drinks, but drinking is more socially acceptable and people abuse it more thinking its safer
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