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  1. Got to justify an increase in budget and headcount.
  2. Would give a use to all the minibuses too, win, win!
  3. Jurby medical centre has been looking for a justification since being built, move it to there and make all the city dwellers travel?
  4. That’s what I said to my wife when she caught me with another woman!
  5. No mention of the one in Shoprite Ramsey!
  6. Pull the tracks up and make it a road for mamils and electric cars, they can argue with one another as to who’s saving the planet more.
  7. If it’s underused, maybe it could be repurposed as a dogging shelter?
  8. Save standing in the rain while waiting for the connect bus/taxi.
  9. The first thing to grow will be the number of admin staff and town clerks!
  10. When we’ve all got smart meters they can turn off the chargers to divert the power elsewhere 😬
  11. https://www.calmac.co.uk/faqs/on-the-ferry/electric-vehicle-information
  12. Not at all, I’m sure a few people have got rich.
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