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  1. Can you catch it from sheep? Asking for a friend 😚
  2. I think the cafe etc is the ex Paramount City on the Prom in the s******e.
  3. I see they're still advertising drop in sign on sessions for marshalls, I was under the impression (from reading press/social media over the past few months) we had more than enough?
  4. Eurovision isn’t that divisive, surely?
  5. What about a big catapult and net on Queens Pier?
  6. If Mr Long**** says it's ok, it's ok, end of!
  7. Someone at the DoI is a Field of Dreams fan, “Built it and they will come”! Or from the contractor, “Pay me to build it and I will cum”!
  8. There’s a sign on the left as you leave the village immediately before the garage that says 30 on both sides.
  9. It’s still posted as 30 on the sign before the garage forecourt as you leave the village, so it’s 30 past there if you leave the village, but 40 from the other direction.
  10. I wider why they have increased the limit as you enter Kirk Michael from Rhencullen from 30 to 40, it then goes down to 30 after the filling station. Me thinks someone may have ****** up?
  11. With exemptions for buses, taxis, the post office, Chelsea tractors, motorbikes etc!
  12. Given the diligence, foresight and good management of the DoI, I find that absolutely no b****y surprise whatsoever, but I think the Minister might!
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