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  1. Sorry if already mentioned/suggested, but what’s with fitting all the Kastel Keri’s, as all the normal buses have pneumatic suspension to lower the step, is this a cunning plan to increase the number of routes covered by minibuses, in order to justify there numbers?
  2. Whilst I agree that is the preferred option, I can’t see us ever having (as already stated) the police numbers/budget, and political gumption to do it. As usual, the vast majority of law abiding motorists will have all the fun taken out of motoring due to the actions of a few d*******s😡
  3. Would need to introduce speed cameras then, as there aren’t the bodies or political will/backbone to enforce the speed limits we have. Even on de restricted roads, vans, wagons, L and R platers show scant regard for the limits.
  4. A BMW snow plow, it’s German, trying to be British 😬
  5. It’s always handy to have an extra hand or two.
  6. Do we have any HNW individuals called Peggy, by chance?
  7. I don’t think Rob Callister could be left alone with crayons tbh.
  8. May have more to do with leather suits and shiny helmets!
  9. They sound like a firm of dodgy solicitors!
  10. Yes, don’t eat floaters😱
  11. Do Dandara do swimming pools? That would be a way around the issue.
  12. Converting the tram line between Ramsey and Laxey into a cycle/footpath seems like a good idea to me!
  13. This must be the first time Boris has pulled out before it’s too late😆
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