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  1. It was probably the thought of being put in handcuffs, works for me every time😗
  2. http://media.cdn.pagesuite.com/clipping/html5/5406a86e-97f0-4da2-95f5-5491e515bbe5/2/20220816214501001/clipping.jpg
  3. It’s a drop in the ocean on what’s already beeb wasted!
  4. Not while we have Manx Gas and the MUA 😢
  5. I read that burglaries are down by 40%, could this be due to people working from home and being put on furlough, rather than any action from the boys and girls in blue?
  6. With very little (and at the moment) no fallback.
  7. Given the area covered by RDCH it deserves greater investment to cater for this half of the island so we’re not reliant on one facility, especially given the recent pandemics the could potentially result in the scaling down and accessibility to Nobles.
  8. Does anyone know if her car is charged via solar power, or is it another pseudo electric car powered by gas?
  9. I do believe if they started charging for parking, thereby generating an income, the area would be chargeable for rates. But am happy to be corrected.
  10. The throttle goes both ways, or we’ll end up straightening out the hairpin next!
  11. Signage app for Vellikas there too https://services.gov.im/planningapplication/services/planning/planningapplicationdetails.iom?ApplicationReferenceNumber=22/00712/D
  12. No they didn’t, remember we’re not in the UK😬.
  13. Too many people drive from memory, not what the signs say.
  14. Can you catch it from sheep? Asking for a friend 😚
  15. Would probably work out cheaper!
  16. I think the cafe etc is the ex Paramount City on the Prom in the s******e.
  17. I see they're still advertising drop in sign on sessions for marshalls, I was under the impression (from reading press/social media over the past few months) we had more than enough?
  18. Eurovision isn’t that divisive, surely?
  19. What about a big catapult and net on Queens Pier?
  20. If Mr Long**** says it's ok, it's ok, end of!
  21. Someone at the DoI is a Field of Dreams fan, “Built it and they will come”! Or from the contractor, “Pay me to build it and I will cum”!
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