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  1. Why should they care about us, it's not like it's our money? Oh, hang on, it is!
  2. Who did you use, so I know not to go there?
  3. What about if/when the local authorities get control of their housing stock?
  4. With the news that the pier won't be looked at for renovation for the next five years (during which time any costs will skyrocket), why not cut up the metalwork and use it to replace all the scaffolding used around the TT course? Thereby saving money and recycling at the same time.
  5. Start with the fingers for minor offences !!!! I often give give minor offenders the finger, only to be given them back!
  6. Staff shortages are blamed as unit for vulnerable is closed THE Gansey elderly mentally infirm (EMI) unit in Southlands Resource Centre is to close from Tuesday. The news ‘astounded’ relatives of those who are resident or have respite care at the unit and also Rushen MHKs, who were all given the news on Wednesday. Relatives were told that Southlands is unable to recruit enough staff to keep the unit open. There are eight residents on the ward and at least two stay at the unit for respite care. They were told six members of staff are on long term sick leave meaning if one member of staff was off sick, the unit would have to close. This doesn't bode well for the new EMI Unit in Ramsey!
  7. I feel saddened to say in this day and age, the bus driver would have been told where to go if he/she had tried this, a sad reflection on society today :-(
  8. It would certainly encourage me to shop locally more, there's nothing more annoying than working Mon - Fri, having stuff to do on Saturday and then the vast majority of shops being shut when you've got the urge (to shop)!
  9. Give this a try... http://manxlimobus.vpweb.co.uk/
  10. https://www.gov.im/planningapplication/services/planning/planningapplicationdetails.iom?ApplicationReferenceNumber=12/01041/B This has the details of the latest app.
  11. Yes, buy local, they're getting our business, why not contribute to the local economy?
  12. Surely a breach of confidentiality is just that, whether it be a minor or serious matter. Obviously, given the recent COMIN situation, it could depend on how friendly Wilf is with Ding Dong?
  13. For the last general election, his highness Mr Bell got a banner placed on the wall of Ramsey Grammar School, on the evening of the requisition meeting. That being an educational establishment, is a definite no-no. So what's good for the goose(d) is good for the gander me thinks!
  14. "The lady drivers have better control with their vehicles giving a much nicer journey." I find the female drivers give a better ride too But considering the speeds the buses already do around 20mph and 30mph zones, God help us if they know they can go 50!
  15. It's all getting a bit close to the bone for my liking!
  16. I thought the Police were meant to wear name badges, or did this go out when Mr Culverhouse left?
  17. The Isle of Man where you can fool inward investors but not the locals who have seen the reality. Lord Street bus station, Lord Street police station,Strand Street, Summerland, Douglas Town Square, The Castle Mona, Peel Road, Port Soderick, Callow's Yard, run-down industrial estates, empty film studios, empty shops, empty offices etc etc Empty heads in charge!
  18. Maybe they could fit the bike with a pump, then it would have access to an ample supply of water that has collected in the 1,000,000+ potholes in the bloody roads!
  19. After many months planning my first budget, and countless sleepless nights about how to justify my reasoning, I thought "sod it, if more coins land heads up, I'll put up tax rates, if tails up, I'll cut personal allowances, and if they balance on their edges I'll do something to help the working men and women".
  20. If Ding Dong or any other members of our parliament were capable of making their owns decisions, we wouldn't be paying a f*****g fortune on consultants to carry the can!
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