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  1. And that is exactly why he might want to go for it. The CM post would be his political swansong.


    I did hear that he was all for not standing this time around, but changed his mind in the last 6 months or so. That could well be bullshit of course, but I was inclined to believe the source.

    If Allan Bell became Chief Minister, would the royal anthem (God save our gracious Queen) take on a new significance?

  2. Bell & Craine clearly supporting local businesses, surprised that Singer chose not to do so.

    John McDonough also got his stuff printed in Ramsey, I received mine through the door about a month ago!



    some of Anne Craines posters were printed in Douglas I saw them being delivered in Ramsey

    by a Douglas printing company.

    After listening to Manx radio broadcast from Ramsey it was obvious that Bell / Craine arguments had little foundation

    as there was panic in their replies when put under pressure.


    The big scary posters of Anne Craine I've seen around Ramsey all have'printed by Ramsey Press'. If not printed there, isn't that at best misleading, at worst a lie?

  3. I agree, MB - a complete waste of money. All so Bell can say he has done something for Ramsey! As if he hasn't wasted enough cash over the years.

    Apparently, Mr Bell thinks a lot of a well presented back passage!

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