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  1. The TT/MGP already cost the taxpayer an awful lot of money and inconvenience imo, further costs will be then end of it, I feel.
  2. You only have to drive along Station Road in Ramsey to see how good/or otherwise these contractors are!
  3. As long as the don’t get in the way of commuters😬
  4. Roses are red, violets are blue, I doubt we’ll see racing in June (20)22😱.
  5. Doesn’t this come under DESC responsibility?
  6. Looks like they still think something will happen in the future? https://services.gov.im/planningapplication/services/planning/planningapplicationdetails.iom?ApplicationReferenceNumber=21/01454/B
  7. It when you put in on yours face afterwards, when you remember, that it’s an issue, depending on your personal hygiene.
  8. For what it’s worth, spotting the local sites on the videos drew my attention to them and got me to watch them to see where and who (if anyone) I recognised, rather than just dismissing them as another campaign.so I think that got the message across. Good effort.
  9. What about Irn Bru and battered Mars Bars, it has them too?
  10. Just looking at the artist’s impression for the scheme, where is all the required parking for the proposed houses, I think that would account for half the green space left?
  11. We could offer anyone coming a discount, if they’ll muck in with the construction of the new terminal while queuing for the boat!
  12. As an aside, did anyone watch the Panorama programme last night, on the Cobalt mining for batteries? Quire disturbing.
  13. Looking at the combination of European lockdowns, shit roads, lack of hospital capacity I’d put money on it not going ahead.
  14. If only they hadn’t demolished the toilets on Old River Road😢
  15. Ramsey was the best place for a bang tonight, deffo👍
  16. I wonder if they offer a Bonny service, given the name of their co-founder/director?
  17. As I’ve said before, whilst we should show the way forward and do what is fundable, we could spend 24/7 farting fresh air and it won’t make any difference to the planet given out surface area. The climate change protesters blocking the M25 should go to the Canaries and sit in front of the lava.
  18. Perfect for Enterprise, as it’s all about helping people to make bread.
  19. New motto for the DoI, we’re under Crookall and achieve f***all!
  20. Allinson to Enterprise, in the hope of making some bread! May be a shot in the arm for Ramsey marina?
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