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  1. If only they hadn’t demolished the toilets on Old River Road😢
  2. Ramsey was the best place for a bang tonight, deffo👍
  3. I wonder if they offer a Bonny service, given the name of their co-founder/director?
  4. As I’ve said before, whilst we should show the way forward and do what is fundable, we could spend 24/7 farting fresh air and it won’t make any difference to the planet given out surface area. The climate change protesters blocking the M25 should go to the Canaries and sit in front of the lava.
  5. Perfect for Enterprise, as it’s all about helping people to make bread.
  6. New motto for the DoI, we’re under Crookall and achieve f***all!
  7. Allinson to Enterprise, in the hope of making some bread! May be a shot in the arm for Ramsey marina?
  8. Crookall to DoI, they’ll run rings around him!
  9. No excuse for poor/no maintenance of the road though.
  10. The DoI said treat them as roundabouts, but plod said treat them as uncontrolled junctions, I believe. Unfortunately, they’re all led by the same parliamentary and government clowns.
  11. Sorry, wasn't clear, prior to budget day if DA was in charge 🙂
  12. This year's budget has been shredded unfortunately!
  13. I'd make Cannan DoI Minister, he's got the ego to do battle with them and sort out their budgeting and performance.
  14. I watched one of the debates, think it was the MR one, I got the impression she’s singing Alfie’s praises in the hope of being remembered for it, if they both get back in.
  15. The DoI’s (non) announcement regarding the proposed flood defences may lead to some lively debate at Monday’s pre election meeting. I wonder if the good Dr A was aware of the plans, being in Comin?
  16. They’re more interesting to watch.
  17. Reading the candidate’s answers to the questions posed in today’s Manx Indy, LS has declined to answer any on the basis that some where “too personal “! How can the electorate gauge who they should elect if the they won’t answer questions that everyone else has 🤬.
  18. Having attended tonight’s meeting at the Mitre I’m convinced Simon Mann is living in the 1970s, the worrying thing is, a lot of the electorate are, and may vote for the fool!
  19. You’re forgetting the jet washing management team, supervisor, training team, and £300,000 machine!
  20. Took a stroll along the Prom last week and the nice light grey paving at the culture quarter and broadway already had pavement pizza stains on, and DBC are never going to have the money to provide the constant cleaning they will need.
  21. Why move them from a time/safety critical project to one that is already running late, what does another few dats more delay to the Prom matter?
  22. This is on the school’s Facebook page - Unfortunately the roadworks and installation of the crossing outside Braddan School will not be complete before the children return to school on Wednesday 8th September. Braddan Road will still be one way only. This will mean considerable difficulties for dropping off and collecting pupils. We have put the following plans in place which you will need to follow for the time that the roadworks are still in place. *WHEREVER POSSIBLE WE URGE YOU TO CAR SHARE* 1. Children travelling to and from school by bus will still be able to do so. 2. Drop off by car in the morning – parents will be able to drop their children at the bus layby outside of school where staff will supervise their safe entry into the playground. Parents will not be able to drive into the car park, park, or come in to the school playground. You will need to ‘drop and go’ – this is vital in order to keep the traffic flowing along Braddan Road. Children can only be dropped off from 8.45am. We will extend the registration period so that only children arriving after 9.30am will be marked as late. 3. Collection at the end of the day – all of the children (yr1 – 6) will walk to Ballafletcher Sports Ground (opposite Nobles Hospital) – they can be collected from there between 3.00 and 3.30pm. Any children who normally get the school bus home will be supervised at school until the bus arrives. 4. Walking – if your child walks to school in the morning – we would ask that they be accompanied by an adult as we cannot guarantee that the pavement will be completed, and the crossing is not fully installed. If your child walks home after school, school staff will walk with these children up to the point where the pavement is in place, but they may be home earlier than normal (as they will be part of the main group walking to be collected). For parents of children starting in the reception class, we will alter the start of the morning sessions to 9.30am, in order that you can park in the main car park. Morning collection times and afternoon start session times will remain unaltered. Afternoon collection times will be at 3.30pm where you can collect your reception child from the small reception playground. During this first week back parents (yrs 1-6) will not be able to park and come in either before or after school starts and we appreciate this is not ideal. However you will be able to contact the school office either by phone or email. We also understand that parents of pupils starting reception who also have older siblings will have additional difficulties. Thank you for your understanding and support at this time.
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