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  1. 4 hours ago, Donald Trumps said:

    Possible that no one else is willing to take up the role in the run up to the election

    Ashford is always Quayle's go to person

    Well, at least he’s  be used to running ridiculously top heavy departments!


    There shouldn't be any need for legislation on this issue, but unfortunately some people are too fucking stupid to use common sense. Overtake when it is sensible to do so. What is so difficult to understand?


    I think it is useful to share that 1.5m should be left. It makes sense because a cyclist may need to avoid an obstacle in the road like a pothole. I'm not sure you could make a law, maybe make it part of the highway code.

    Look at the current Highway Code, rule 163 covers the matter perfectly.
  3. The entire management of what passes for a Health Service has to go as they obviously are not fit for purpose.


    Overtime rates are a thing of the past and the staff should be paid the same rate 24/7/365.


    Problem solved.

    Given that there seems to be a problem with recruitment and retention already, I don't think that would help. I certainly wouldn't put myself thought years of study and do a demanding/stressful job to end up with less than some chinless wonder in the finance sector.

    Any skeet on the fire on the mountain that has shrouded the whole of Ramsey in smoke for the past few hours?


    Someone was burning heather according to a facebook post I saw


    What had heather done wrong?

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