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  1. ........................rest home for old MLCs ?

    The waste of energy plant would be a better place for them, it's probably the only way of getting them to give anything back


    The building is rotten from the 1st floor up and has been since the days when Bobby Gaines was manager. The Market Place facade, if not more of the building, is registered, in 1992. It's a property liability that cannot be modified and would cost a fortune to restore. So what to do? Leave it to rot a la Castle Mona without enforcement? Easy option.

    Those were very busy days. Wednesday - Saturday. All busy.

    You're not wrong. Which might then beg the question; Why weren't some of the profits undoubtedly generated invested back into the fabric of a building that has now been on the Register for no less than twenty-four years, as is legally obliged under such registration?

    I wonder what the future now is for this very public building, sited in the newly regenerated area?

    Would've made a good post office?
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  3. Let's have a progress report, please. Are the shops running out of stock? Should I go and panic buy a month's supply of food and toilet paper?


    If there's no food you might not need the toilet paper!
  4. At the risk of getting my head bitten off, it's not in the UK!




    Presumably he was the owner and had ever right to act like a twat.


    I didn't go in again. I don't suppose he misses my custom.


    I'm sure nothing like that will happen in Starbucks?

    I doubt he misses your custom to be honest and I think he's sold the place now anyway. Twattish behaviour seems to come with being a coffee shop owner though. I don't like Starbucks but if it gives me another option not to give any trade to that rude ignorant fucker at Costa then that's fine to me. He's too mean to even pay for fucking wifi at the Sea Terminal. Who the fuck expects anyone to go to a coffee shop with no wifi just because he's too fucking mean not to replace the IOMG free wifi the Sea Terminal had closed down? Typical IOM business owner who expects top dollar for tight fisted miserable trading practices you wouldn't get away with anywhere else.

    I thought they switched off the WIFI at the Sea Terminal because of the unsocial behaviour of 'yoofs' who gathered there.

    Yes they did but he was piggy backing off it. So now there's no wifi for his customers because he's clearly too fucking mean to start paying for it himself now the government one is turned off. It must be the only Costa in the UK that has no wifi. Tight fisted twat.

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    Yes, a complicated man who could be very generous and also extremely tough.


    He certainly left his mark.


    Tell that to the Chief Minister!


    It's easy to be very generous when you have loads of dosh.

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