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  1. See nothing wrong with the stocks but no doubt some bleeding heart will come along and say such punishment infringes human rights and demeans us all. Go for it. Anything that brings these cocky little shits down a peg or two would be good.

    They'd have to qualify as human, I think that test has already been failed.
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  2. Whilst I agree that the prom is in a s**t shit state and gives an awful first impression of the island, if it's been allowed to get into that state due to decades of neglect, a bit longer getting it right won't harm. After all, it's taxpayers money that's getting spent and we do live in a democracy? Whilst a couple of thousand people may not seem a lot, given the usual apathy when it ones to planning apps and governments misuse ifs our money, the strength of feeling demonstrated is unpreceden. Don't forget, for every person who make the effort to put pen to paper, there are usually many more who share their feeling but think they'll be wasting their time when its a government scheme. I personally think the walkway is the wrong place for the trams, it's called a promenade for a reason, and if a was a Douglas ratepayer I'd been asking my local representative to realize the trams have had their day, it's the 21st century,and £250-300k to be used a lot more beneficially for the borough than running a loss making tourist attraction. If people hadn't spoken out already we'd be getting a shared space that was totally unsuitable for the area and some of the vulnerable members of our society that are the very people government is supposed to assist.

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  3. A spate of accidents around the Island saw the emergency services deal with three incidents on Saturday after noon and evening.

    Bridge Road in Ballasalla was closed for around six hours last night while the MEA carried out repairs after a crash there, while the Mountain Road had to be shut for an hour following a crash at Brandywell.

    Fire crews from Peel and Douglas stations were sent to a crash at Glen Helen shortly before 6pm, after the driver freed himself from his overturned vehicle.

    No serious injuries were reported at any of the accidents.



    Be careful out there. It's crazy.

    it's probably the drivers no paying heed to the conditions that's the crazy bit!
  4. How many members of UK HMRC / Criminal Investigators are there over here? Must be a good local spend probably as much as some films.

    While they're here they could catch the burglars that our lot can't, and make the trip really worthwhile!

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  5. Sorry Monkey boy, I find your comment pathetic.


    Alf Cannan is absolutely right in pressing the powers that be for the implementation and enforcement (whatever that takes) of a reduced speed limit through the village at K Michael.


    Yes, I drive a car ..... and, yes, I also frequently risk my life walking along what is supposed to be a 'footpath' alongside this road.


    The sooner something is done, the better - before someone else is killed.

    If Alf would care to take a look near the school twice a day, Monday to Friday, he will see there is already a 20 mph limit in operation during mornings and afternoons when there are likely to be school children and their parents crossing the road. He will also notice that between 80% and 90% of drivers take absolutely no notice of it, so if it doesn't work there, why the hell should it work a few hundred Metres down the road?

  6. I suspect that the OP is referring to something called Personal Allowance Credit http://www.gov.im/categories/tax-vat-and-your-money/income-tax-and-national-insurance/individuals/residents/personal-allowance-credits/


    Its not a refund or rebate. It was introduced as a way of providing some additional cash for people on low incomes who didn't get any value from increased tax personal allowances. Allan Bell's personal idea I think. If your income is less than the tax free allowance you get a cheque - simples. Administered via the tax system, but its not a refund or rebate of tax.


    ETA - Working or not working is irrelevant. Its criteria are income based.

    The problem is, those receiving non-taxable benefits still (or used to) received a PAC even if their income was therefore over the personal allowance (sometimes considerably over), while pensioners with **** all are left to struggle!

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  7. A good point mentioned is this http://www.roadsafetygb.org.uk/misc/fckeditorFiles/file/PACTS%20GDL%20NEW%20reduced.pdf


    Nobody would expect a newly qualified doctor, straight from medical school, to make
    life and death decisions in an instant, without further support, experience or training.
    Yet this is what is expected of young drivers in Great Britain. Most people would accept
    that it takes time and experience to become a fully safe and confident driver.

    Top coat of tarmac started being laid today. They've finished the stretch from the ramp by the Spar to the ramp by the Isle of Man Bank. I believe they also did East Street as well but I didn't have time to check. They're supposed to be doing the bit from East Street to the other side of the ramp outside the Spar tomorrow so all being well, it'll be finished and open on Friday, Saturday at the latest.


    Here's a couple of snaps of the coloured tarmac.


    attachicon.gifRamsey Regeneration 20082014 005.jpg attachicon.gifRamsey Regeneration 20082014 006.jpg

    Any betting on when the tarmac is to be cut into yet? Normally there's some reason to dig new tarmac up and put pipes, cables or other object through it, especially after its been completed.

    I believe the opportunity was taken to renew/replace a lot of the services running under the street while it was dug up, so hopefully this shouldn't occur (at least in the near future). Lets just hope the next high tide doesn't was the colour out of the tarmac!

  9. I would not support this idea (not that Joe Public, who actually pay for the Island's roads will get any say in it), It will just turn the Mountain Road into a race track, like TT fortnight. Those people who have to work in Douglas, but choose to live somewhere civilized (the North) get a 10 minute journey to work, and a 60+ journey home. I also think it leads to many bikers speeding around the rest of the course, to get more goes over the mountain.


    Whilst I enjoy the atmosphere and life (and money according to DED, who I wouldn't trust to run a bath) these events bring to the Island, between ever increasing practice sessions/road closures and disruption, I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking we make enough concessions as it is, and the good will and support of the general (tax paying, voting) public will only stretch so far!

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